Saturday 13 April 2019


So Tuesday my daughter and I had tickets to Michelle Obama's Becoming Tour in Copenhagen.

The unused ticket - it was last minute sickness so no time to find anyone to bring instead

Due to various health issues I had been “saving myself” for the last week or two because I wanted to be absolutely fit for this evening. On the day my daughter felt sick with high temperature and all. Too bad, she had to stay at home.

I took off on my own. As I got nearer the venue, the newly built Royal Arena, the crowd grew thicker. It was a spectacular sight with an amazing amount of women beautifully dressed. It could have been fashion week!

Once inside I went to find my seat. It was my first time here so I had no idea what to expect.

It turned out that our seats were near the back, way, way UP! You could acces the area by elevators and stairs until third floor. From there it was by narrow staircases without rails to hold onto.

I fought my way up, found my seat and got myself “arranged”. 

Then I had a look at the stage. It was so far away, and there was like a whole universe of empty space in between. I felt sick! 

My view from inside Royal Arena

As I sat there, clutching the neighbouring seats I tried to imagine how I was going to get down, with lots of other people around me, maybe pushing a bit. I was terrified!

As I had been looking so much forward to this event I tried to calm myself down but felt tears pushing their way forward as well as a raised heartbeat and dizziness - just like when I’m on an airplane.

I decided to make my way down again. I must have looked really awful since security stopped me to ask if I was alright. I was too embarrassed to admit that I was afraid so I lied and said I had some virus. Really childish and pathetic.

Finally I got back home, annoyed at myself for the panic and the lie about it.

Luckily my daughter was better next day since she had exams at school.

My day always starts with a cup of coffee and a good dose of the daily news. Top headlines were the reviews of the missed show. It wasn’t good.

The interviewer was some cook, Rachael Ray, probably famous in the US but unknown in Denmark. Among the things she asked the former First Lady was what her favourite color is, interior decoration in nurseries and where to eat if visiting Washington.

Many people felt this was below the level of Mrs Obama who is an intelligent woman with an impressive CV. The Danish audience included lots of politicians, artists, executives in the corporate world - people with opinions.

It wasn’t all bad, everyone enjoyed Michelle Obama's great sense of humour and her anecdotes from the White House and her life as such.

However, being one of the most powerful women in the world she really has possibilities beyond most people’s imagination. She enjoys enormous popularity all over the world. She can get politicians to listen and at her call to action she could mobilise masses of people everywhere. She also happens to have someone very experienced and capable to lean on - at home!

I know she has continued the projects started at the White House. But I feel she has potential to go so much further. Sadly subjects such as her future plans, her views on current political issues in the US and the world were not touched. 

Being double disappointed there’s only one solution: Pyt! Along with hygge the most important Danish words!

It means “it doesn’t matter/never mind/no worries” As with hygge it’s more than just the word, it’s the feeling. What you can’t change you have to leave alone and go forward with a positive attitude. 

With Pyt! still ringing in my ears I tried on a new dress today. It was a simpel red dress that I was inspired to try after seeing   Alison Gary (Wardrobe Oxygen) styling such a dress four ways. It looked so easy! Here's how it turned out:

Dress from City Chic

Apologies for the mess - somebody unloaded photo gear in a hurry!

I don't like the way it sits at the waist!

The black stripe is a nasty silicone strip that I'm allergic to - too bad!

The dress just didn't fit me very well. The waist hit me at the top of my hips, a common problem since my waist is very short. The armholes were very large and then there was this piece of silicone sewn into the waist line. I wish they would stop doing that! 

The idea of a dress being to simple that it allows multiple ways of styling it is very appealing. Finding a dress that fits is a whole other story!

Tomorrow my husband and I are going to a family birthday in the country side. Hopefully I'll manage to get a few photos. Anyway, I can hardly wait as I haven't seen all my cousins for many months now.

With this rant I’m over any disappointments and I wish everyone a great weekend!

Love Kaffesoester

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