Monday, 4 May 2015

Cocktail party outfit - but not the LBD please!

Kaffesoester's Cocktail party adornments

A selection of my cocktail party adornments

Oh yes, I'm going to a cocktail party with some really good friends next Saturday!

Oh no, what am I going to wear?

First of all, everything feels too tight even though I've been dieting for weeks. Second, I don't have many cocktail dresses - because there aren't enough cocktail parties on my social calendar :-D

So - help me decide, please!

Although many of my "style bibles" recommend the LBD, I'm in a spring mood and NEED colour.

I've boiled down my dress choices to three dresses: 

1) Biba leopard print which you see styled for daytime here.  I wore it on New Year's Eve 2013 as well, and some of the guests are the same. It doesn't necessarily require a cardigan on top, only if it's cold.

Kaffesoester's Biba dress with leopard print and accessory ideas

2) Kaliko teal silk/linen dress that I've also worn at a dinner party in April 2014, again with part of the same crowd that will be there on Saturday.

Kaffesoester's teal Kaliko dress with accessory ideas

3) Pied a Terre purple silk dress, never worn! But - it's a bit tight around the waist :-(

Kaffesoester's purple Pied a Terre dress with accessory ideas

My choice of shoes is very limited, especially for evening since I've always prioritised daytime footware. Depending on the weather I might add tights, nude fishnets with the leopard dress, and teal green with the two other outfits.

It's no secret that I'm dying to wear the new dress, but I fear the tightness will prevent me from having as much fun as I can. However I can wear this one without a cardigan. A huge plus.

It seems so shallow to be worrying about an outfit a week ahead. But I know that in a well-considered outfit I'll be able to relax and enjoy myself, and bring my bit of fun the party.

And isn't outfit preparation the essence of blogging?

Anyway, tell me what you think, Teal, Purple or Leopard?

I'm taking all three dresses to another party this very minute - Patti's Visible Monday party at the Not Dead Yet Style blog. Maybe I can get some more ideas for Saturday's party :-)

Have a lovely week all

Love Kaffesoester


  1. No bad choices - the teal silk is my personal favorite. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  2. Thank you Patti - one for the teal dress :-)

  3. Tine, they all are beautiful! I would say, wear what feels the most amazing AND comfortable, then you sure will shine! It's important how we feel in the clothes we wear! It's probably the most important! And I love the teal dress very much, and those colorful slingbacks. Gorgeous! And you will be gorgeous, no matter what dress you decide to wear! Have fun with your friends! :)

    I also wanted to mention in case you don't know about Dana's fun project - please read in her post, she is looking for participants!

    1. Dear Natalia, thank you very much! Since the teal dress gets the majority of votes I'm probably going with that - and the slingbacks :-)

      Thank you for the link as well - I'm going to have a look later today, maybe you'll see me there :-D

  4. Teal gets my vote Have fun

    1. Thank you so much - there'll be a full report later :-)

  5. Teal for me, I think! I love that sneak peek at your cocktail bits, its like a pirate's treasure chest.
    Have a fab time and tell us what you chose! xxx

    1. Thank you so much Vix, of course I'll tell - and show photos! I do love jewellery and shiny things, so this is just a fraction... One day I'll do a post on my collection, a long one :-)

  6. I am always a sucker for a leopard print but I also can see you shining in the teal.Whatever you choose, it will be a winner. Have a great time , will look forward to seeing you choice. Remember those bangles.

    1. Thank you very much Jill :-) It's clearly the teal that gets people's votes - and there's no way I'm turning up anywhere without a few well chosen bangles!

  7. I love all three options, and usually I would vote for a print, but if the Pied a Terre dress might feel too tight, then my vote goes to the Kaliko teal dress. I would love to see that with the Irregular Choice sling backs.
    An LBD has its place, but I think colour has more impact for an evening party, and you'll look stunning in any of these choices, Tine! xxx

    1. Thank you so much Curtise! The teal dress is almost everybody's favourite. And the slingbacks. So now it's just a question of deciding which bangles, cardigan, clutch and so on... The easy part :-)

      Hopefully I'll be able to wear the Pied a Terre soon, I do like that rainbow of colours!

  8. What about the teal dress with the leopard shoes? I love teal with that golden tan color in the shoes.