Monday, 30 July 2012

test driving colours for a new capsule wardrobe

In my previous post I reviewed the "book" 15 to 50 - a stylist's tool to explaining the concept of a capsule wardrobe to clients. As a result I've now decided to give my wardrobe a serious overhaul.

The book advices that three neutral colours should be the basis for a capsule with just one accent colour. Since it makes sense to use things I already have I've therefore found a combination that I want to try in a few outfits before I make my final decision. For now I'm testing black, burgundy and cream with magenta. What do you think?

Sunday afternoon outfit

My husband took the photos while we were taking the dog for a walk. The temperature had dropped but we still had lots of sunshine, allowing me to wear a cardigan.

Seen from the back

I'm not terribly happy with these pants but they're the best I can find. That's why I've decided not to include any pants in my capsule but only skirts! But more on that in a later post! As promised there's also a close up of the necklace I bought on holiday.

Necklace bought in Mallorca

My husband had so much fun taking pictures - so here's another one:

"Say cheese"!

Now I'm going to link up with Not Dead Yet Style for the Visible Monday rendezvous hosted by Patty.

Have lovely week everyone, and for those still on holiday - Enjoy!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Book review "15 to 50" capsule wardrobe

While waiting for the Olympics opening ceremony I thought I'd do my book review of the "15 to 50" book which really is meant for professional stylists. To tell you the truth it isn't even a book. It's 15 laminated sheets and one not laminated. You're supposed to show your client the plastic covered sheets, accompanied by an explanation. The last paper sheet gives a few keywords to help you explain things - and if you've read other style books that's also all you need to understand.


The purpose of the "book" is to explain what a capsule wardrobe is, and how it works. The photos show how just 15 items (accessories not included) can be mixed into 50 different outfits. There are examples of day to evening outfits, same item dressed up or down and why it's important that you have more tops than bottoms. It also emphasizes how vital lots of accessories are to a capsule wardrobe.

On the paper sheet everything is shortly explained. Suggestions for other colour combinations are given and a list of the accessories used in the photos.

This is all very No-nonsense, just as I like it! Words have been used economically and the photos are of a great quality. Authors are Aston + Hayes image consultants (London, UK).

What I learned from this book is that for a capsule as small as this getting the colours absolutely spot on right is crucial. Also, when there's only fifteen items to choose from everything has to fit perfectly, and with the frequent use, poor quality will soon show. On the other hand, if you only have 15 items in your closet you can probably afford to pay a bit extra!

Looking at the photos I'm impressed with the result, turning 15 items into 50 outfits - amazing! The way the "book" is presenting it, and explaining the theory is almost purely visual. Lots of other books pay far too little attention to the pictures and have way too many complicated explanations. For me this is absolutely perfect!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

summer accessories

Real summer has finally hit Denmark! It's fantastic not to wear socks or tights but sandals  and bare legs. It's so hot today that I can't be bothered to think about how much skin I'm showing which I normally do. The dress was bought from Evans, at half price. Instead of the usual cardigan or shrug I decided to pile on as many bangles as I could, and my new favorite necklace.

Evans dress

I bought the necklace on our holiday in Mallorca. These days there are many immigrants from the African continent on Mallorca, and some of their crafts end up in the shops around the hotels. This is one of these pieces. It's made of horn so it's never cold, and it's very lightweight.The colours are rich reddish browns. To match it I'm also wearing a new lipstick that is a bit darker than my usual.

New necklace and lipstick with lots of bangles

Since our daughter is away on the biggest scout camp ever in this country I'm a bit depressed. She's only twelve and hasn't been away from her family before for more than a couple of days. Now we can't even call her since they're not allowed to bring their mobiles. It's so overwhelming to think that she's surrounded by 35.000 people at the other end of the country, without her mom and dad!

Therefore I've done some shopping - for purely therapeutic reasons of course, and I'm already beginning to feel better! Well, jokes aside, I've been going through my capsule wardrobes to spot trouble items and gaps. After many hours of research I've come up with a list of items that I need. Trousers ought to be on top of my list, but I've given up. I can't find any that fit me, in this country or abroad. My best jeans only look good from the front, and other trousers that I have only look good from the back.

What I ended up with was a couple of long skirts (can hopefully be used in winter too), four t shirts - one for each capsule, two sweaters - on coloured and one neutral, a tunic, a ring, a bracelet plus a pair of shoes and a pair of boots. I do seriously doubt though that the boots will fit since it's not one of my usual brands.

However, what I'm most excited about is the book I've ordered from Amazon: 15 to 50 it's called.

Bought from Amazon UK

As soon as I've read it I'll review it to let you know if it's worth the money and time. It's supposed to teach you how professional stylists work with capsule wardrobes. I've also ordered a colour swatch wallet with soft summer colours, in the hope that I can streamline the choice of colours to be found in my wardrobe.

Now, although I'm late, I'll link up with Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday. It's so rare that I get to wear a summer dress in this country so I can't miss this opportunity to show the world!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Holiday outfits

I really didn't want to come home again! It was my fifth or sixth visit to the beautiful Spanish island Mallorca, and as always it was too short! The weather was perfect, clear blue sky, temperature in the eighties and nineties (Fahrenheit) or between 27 and 37 degrees Celsius, with a light breeze. The Mediterranean was unbelievable - so I'm all wrinkled now because I stayed in for hours! I don't have tons of outfit photos as most of the time was spent in my swimsuit, playing with the children in the family. But I do have a few:

Leaving Denmark

Monday evening

Wednesday at Porto Christo

Friday on the balcony

Somehow I've lost a couple of outfit photos, so I'm just adding a few shots from our Wednesday tour to the caves and around the lower mountains in the North of the island.

Stalactites in all sizes, the Porto Christo caves

Streets of Porto Christo

My husband and I taking photos

My daughter and my husband checking the results

My lovely daughter

One week just passes so fast. It's just not enough! And with the weather that greeted us at the airport when we got back we're seriously considering emigrating - to somewhere HOT!

Meanwhile I'm consoling myself with all the lovely Visible Monday outfits at the Not Dead Yet Style blog - come have a look!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Colour blocking for the beach

On the way to the beach in my new bathing suit, very casual pants and an old shirt as a light jacket:

As on all Mondays I'm linking up with Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday, and tomorrow with Everybody Everywear, for a colour block outfit.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Food, art and a Dorothy Perkins maxi

Sorry for the test posts - they were meant to be deleted, but they got commented, so now I've decided to leave them as they are!

Earlier this week I took my daughter and her best friend shopping. The weather was nice so I decided not to wear jeans but instead another new maxi - from Dorothy Perkins. The irregular stripes and the colouring was what attracted me to this dress - and then the price.

Dorothy Perkins maxi

It doesn't look bad at all - but it's not nearly as flattering as the other maxi I just bought - or as comfortable! This one is made of a much thinner fabric, it's not lined and it's a lot tighter although it's the same size.

A rear view

I should really have worn  a slip underneath it, but it was too hot. Had I not put on the cardigan lines from my bra would have shown. The sandals are a gift from my mother a couple of years ago.

Gabor sandals

Since shopping calls for a large bag I chose my new blue bag, and a few of my favorite bangles!

Adax blue bag and bangles

In the evening the girls made us a lovely meal of Andalusian soup, Salmorejo and Zucchini Tots. The recipe for the soup came from Mis Papelicos and the little Zucchini Tots (baby muffins) from The Frugalista Diaries.

Here's the result:

Salmorejo and Zucchini Tots

It was so delicious that we were fighting over it - they should've made a double portion of both! The girls are usually very picky and will never eat fresh tomatoes, but this way - No problem!

The day after we took my daughters best friend home to her parents. They live in a straw bale house that my husband and I helped to build (mostly my husband!). It was finished five years ago - well sort of finished. There's always something to improve on a house!

Relaxing with a glass of white wine

The "carpet" I'm standing on is the wife's old horse, Moda (an Icelandic name as they breed Icelandic horses). The floor is made of stone bits that actually was scrap from a company that makes kitchens.

Yesterday I went shoe shopping - something I do very often but almost always with depressing results. But luck was on my side yesterday - and I got a pair of walking sandals. With these on, my feet are almost pain free! There's certainly nothing stylish about them but I really do need them for walking the dog (and being a tourist on my vacation!).

New sandals for long walks

At the bus stop on my way home there was an art installation. It's just for the summer, but the idea of book shelves with lots of pretty plants as well as people's old books and magazines to help kill time when waiting for the bus, is brilliant! It looks great and it looks as if people really like it.

Book shelves with plants at the bus stop      

When you get closer you can see that it's not built to last, although I wish it was! Anyone can donate books and magazines, and anyone can borrow as well.

These shelves are hanging inside the bus stop shelter

A close up of the plants that people are free to water. The bus stop is in front of the train station and the shopping mall, with lots of people passing through every day.

Plants at the bus stop

This installation will certainly brighten many people's day, and reduce graffiti and other types of vandalism. On top of that it adds to CO2 reduction and recycles old books and magazines - a true winner!

Have a great weekend everyone and see you on Monday for Patti's Visible Monday at the Not Dead Yet Style blog, and hopefully a colour blocking outfit on Everybody Everywear on Tuesday. 

So long!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

A bag not from the Marc Jacobs shop in Copenhagen!

Recently I visited the Marc Jacobs shop in Copenhagen, and wasn't impressed with the level of service that I was met with. I swore that I wouldn't buy anything from that shop, so I bought from instead! Their sale items included this lovely little silver bag at half price, from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It felt so good to place my money elsewhere!

Leather handbag/clutch

It's my first ever designer bag. The quality is incredible - I love it. And luckily I had an occasion coming up where it would be very appropriate to bring it along! I decided to wear it with another sale item, not a designer item though!

New bag, new dress, old shoes and very old scarf

The old blue suede shoes are really a couple of work horses, as is my old silk scarf. It's probably around ten years old!

The draping at the side

The draping at the side adds a bit of personality, and ensures a great fit while disguising a thigh issue. It's also lined so no lines from underwear are visible.

Rear view

It's the only dotted item in my wardrobe - maybe it's not the last?

Favorite rings and bracelets

A small close up of the bag and the jewellery. The occasion was an 18th. birthday party yesterday, starting with lunch, then coffee and cake - and finally ending with a light supper! The weather was lovely and the food fantastic with lots of home produce (these people live in the suburbs and still manages to brew their own beer, grow their own vegetables and keep chicken in the back yard!).

This outfit will also appear on Patti's Visible Monday at the Not Dead Yet Style blog where I'll be looking for some great outfits myself, to be inspired by!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend, and personally I'm looking forward to the week ahead - due to real summer weather promises!