Thursday, 8 March 2018

The fight goes on

On International Women’s Day

Looking at women’s situation it could seem that things are just fine here in Denmark. Yes, we have come a long way. But there’s still room for improvement. 

We still lack in wages, we need more female politicians and board room executives, and we need more fathers to go on baby-leave and be responsible for house work.

The #MeToo movement has uncovered harassment here too. And just today the trial of Peter Madsen for Kim Wall’s murder starts. All the sickening details are coming out now and I can hardly bear to hear it. She isn't the first woman to die this way (apart from the submarine) and I fear she isn't the last.

Looking at our neighbour Sweden, I find a remarkable paradox. The two largest companies, IKEA and H&M both pride themselves of working for equality, however with so much in common the companies handle things very differently. At IKEA they focus on their workers, as well as starting up projects that results in products sold at the IKEA stores, at fair prices.

H&M have the H&M Foundation that help women start up businesses in poor countries, as well as providing skills training. That sounds all right, right? 

However, last month Swedish public television revealed that H&M are paying the workers in Ethiopia 2 kr per hour, which is like 0,35 USD. It’s a sad repetition of their conduct in East Asia, and quite unnecessary. The Persson family is extremely rich, worth billions. Also, the prices of the t-shirts sewn in Ethiopia is so low that I would gladly pay double the money, if I knew it meant fair payment for the workers.

When Danish women think that we’ve come so far that it’s hardly worth the bother to fight for further equality, think of your sisters around the world! Buy Fair Trade if you can, support organisations that focus on women’s rights so that we can all share the freedom to live however we like - have an education, pursue a career, have hobbies, dress the way we like… 

The fight for women’s rights doesn’t end at your doorstop!

On my own situation

I’m fighting to keep my body fully working. Especially hands and feet. Besides that my family have picked up every virus and germ that have been in circulation this winter! We did however manage to have a lovely Christmas - and my husband made a small video of the table before dinner! 

I do have a few pictures of days out with my BFF. But only with her since most of my other friends have suffered from illnesses and injuries causing major surgery on all! 

Kaffesoester's BFF on the bridge crossing Copenhagen harbour
In November: BFF on the bridge crossing Copenhagen harbour, for bicycles and pedestrians

Kaffesoester on the bridge crossing Copenhagen harbour
Same day in November: How coordinated are we, in colour and pattern. Not planned though!

Kaffesoester at Norden restaurant in Copenhagen
In December, having lunch and buying Christmas presents

Kaffesoester out buying Christmas presents in December 2017
Still out buying presents - wearing my new coat, a birthday present from my mother!
Kaffesoester's BFF having lunch at Mad og Kaffe restaurant in Copenhagen
At lunch last month at a cafe. Doesn't she just look great? 

Kaffesoester having lunch at Mad og Kaffe restaurant in Copenhagen
And the other side of the table - with poor lighting. 
Kaffesoester at Toto concert in Copenhagen feb 2018
At the Toto concert - the tickets were part of my husbands Christmas present from me!
Dessert with strawberries, grapes, chocolate and ice-cream
The "healing" dessert that my husband made for me when I was down with the flue - he's the best!
Snow in Denmark on 8th March 2018
Spring in Denmark - 8th. March 2018 - could the Beast from the East please go home now?

With friends in hospital, the Beast from the East and my own family in bed, blogging has not been my priority - I apologise. I’m hoping everything will improve soon. Not just for me, but for every sister in this world!

Happy International Women’s Day!