Saturday, 31 March 2012

Dressed for lunch date with best friend

Friday was a day off, both for me and my best friend - so we had a lunch planned, with a bit of shopping if we weren't too stuffed. Comfortable shoes and a dress to cover the belly - perfect!

After a beef burger de luxe and a huge strawberry cake I managed to buy a new mascara, a small bottle of perfume and three pairs of tights!

As usual there's a close up of the bangles of the day:

This is it for now - tomorrow is going to be tough - visiting a close family member in hospital, again, in a very critical condition. I desperately want to be strong and instill hope, but fear that I will break down in tears instead. I realize that this is a part of life we all have to face at some point, and that I have been blessed so far. But that doesn't make it any easier.

Hope everyone's weekend will be better than mine!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Korakia courtyard outfit

The week before last Vix from Building A Colorful Life did a post on her latest trip to warmer climates, and the place she stayed, Korakia in Palm Springs. Her photos are so colourful - and the one of the courtyard inspired this outfit:

This is also my contribution to Visible Monday at the Not Dead Yet Style blog. Since I was leaving the house shortly after this photo I couldn't help bringing yet another photo of my pink coat:

Last week I wore the same dress, well in red, with the same jeggings (i bought two pairs in pink):

The socks were slightly different, see:

On one of the really cold but sunny days I remixed my favorite disco knit:

The pearls and the pink watch:

I'm sick of seing myself in boots - my silver shoes would have been so much nicer. Maybe I should get a pair of silver boots for next winter?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How my white Marni bracelets saved my day

For several reasons I woke up this morning in a dreadful mood. On top of that the weather turned out to be so awful (who can belive we've reached spring equinox when it's so dark and gloomy outside?) that I couldn't wear what I had planned. In my world there's just one universal solution to that: Jeans! So there I was - in jeans and some random top. Should I add a scarf, my orange bangles or maybe a cardigan? No - something new and a bit crazy - the white Marni bracelets. My worries didn't disappear but I had something pretty to look at which did brighten my day.

Good thing I'm such a law abiding citizen, I mean: Try handcuffing this!

Monday, 19 March 2012

A most inappropriate dress for daytime wear

This new silk dress is so low cut that it should only be worn after dark! And I will as soon as I get the chance ( my husband will love it!). In the meantime I wanted to wear it today, during daylight hours, as a break from all the colourful outfits I've worn lately. So, in grey, brown and black, with lots of sparkling silver lurex, here's today's very proper and visible outfit:

A close up of the bangles, and a bit of lurex knit (once I get to wear it for night time this kind of close up will not happen).

Of course I'll upload my photo to the Not Dead Yet Style blog, as it's Visible Monday!

Friday, 16 March 2012

white Marni bracelets have arrived!

Here they are, just home from the post office:

I think these bracelets are going to be perfect with my summer outfits.

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, I managed to turn a few heads again, mainly because of my bottom half:

The top half looked like this:

With a few select bracelets:

Today, when I went out the door, this is how I looked:

Yesterday I was inspired by Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen. My trousers have white in them so I'm not entirely convinced that a black top is the best choice. I should probably get myself a white top just to see...  And while we're at it, maybe also a green one and a red one!

As many of my outfits show I often wear dresses. In Denmark everybody wears trousers - especially in winter and on public transport. But trousers just don't accomodate my hourglass shape very well. So I'm compromising by wearing trousers with dresses.  However, sometime next week or the week after I'm going to see a tailor. I've tried that before but this time it's a more expensive one with good recommendations. It has for a long time been one of my biggest wishes to have a pair of well fitting trousers - I'll let you know how it turns out - maybe you even get to see the result!

Have a lovely weekend everyone - and see you on Visible Monday!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Super Green!

With today's lovely spring weather this outfit was just right.

Even the socks were green!

I don't have a green coat  (yet) but as soon as the weather permits I have a couple of green jackets that I look forward to wearing.

Now I can't wait to see the other participants at Everybody Everywear ...

Monday, 12 March 2012

Visible Monday in a bright neutral

The theme today is being visible - and boy did I succeed! Every Monday on Not Dead Yet Style blog is dedicated to women being visible. Hardly anyone passed me today without staring at me or commenting my top, mostly positive! Not bad for a beige top.

It was too big so I took it in, about 6 inches, at the waist, and I could probably take a few more. Jeans are not the best choice for a buttom but the only one for now. The pearl necklaces were originally meant to go with something else, but they looked nice with the silver and beige I think.

Tomorrow's outfit will be green since I'm participating in the Everybody Everywear challenge.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Thursday's Marni Mania at H&M

Like so many others I wanted to get something from the Marni collection and I was prepared. From 09:00 I sat ready to click "buy" on the page of the desired item. At 10:00 I hit the button - and was put in a queue! For more than an hour I hit the refresh button. Suddenly I got through - and I got my bracelet (which was about the only thing not too small for me). A school friend next to me got through as well. She bought a dress and asked if I wanted anything else. I did, so another bracelet was added (a set of two...).

Judging by the sad leftovers in the online shop and by the tales from relatives to H&M staff not everyone were that lucky. I heard of fights in the changing rooms, mobile phones being thrown at others. Is a piece of Marni clothing really worth more than an iPhone?

These are the bracelets that are already in the mail:

White bracelets have been on my wishlist for a long time. And these look just perfect! I'm considering myself very lucky.

As I told my Swedish blogger friend Anna of fourseasononewardrobe I often end up with nothing. When that happens I always tell myself that if an item is sold out it means a lot of people will be wearing the same thing, and who want to look like everyone else anyway? Another good thing about sold out items is that not having spent your money leaves you with cash for something else.

Earlier this week I wore my silk kaftan for the first time. Since I was going to see a specialist about my knee I imagined that I had to take off my trousers. So not to feel too uncomfortable doing that I figured that the kaftan would be a nice cover up from the knees up.

Next time I would like to pair it with my green jeggings - and weather permitting - mint green ballet flats (having had snow this week ballet flats are still out of the question for some time). The fabric:

On Tuesday I wore an old grey dress with a new pair of pink jeggings. Because of the weather I had to wear boots.

In case of a change of weather however, I have these beauties lined up:

Usually I don't like to wear black but the knitted dress is in a lovely sparkling lurex so it's not black black. Ever since I got a book about pearls (the expensive saltwater kind) I've been wanting to wear some. This is what I ended up with:

Yesterday the temperature had gone up a bit and my feet really benefits from a low heel these days so I wore some of my favorite shoes, and got quite a bit of attention since they are way out of season!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

P.S. The pearls are plastic, the "stones" are glass and the "silver" brass

Monday, 5 March 2012

A spring green visible Monday outfit and weekend photos

Again participating in the visible Monday at the Not Dead Yet Style blog. Today's outfit is very close to one I wore last week. This time however, I'm wearing a new (and again cheap!) dress from H&M.

A close up of the details - my favorite bracelets these days...

As I promised I have lots of photos from this weekend. First on Saturday we visited friends. They have an old hothouse that I thought would be a great location for a photo shoot.

First with a new jacket on, then off, then my other new pair of shoes...

and again my bracelets!

Sunday was spent with other goods friends at a cafe with a dessert buffet. Once I found time to take photos the cakes had all been eaten, it turned out. And no wonder, they were fantastic (and I was there)!

The interior decoration was very personal with lots of flea market finds. Since there were a lot of other guests it was hard to get photos but here's a few, also of our friends...

The antique heating - still working! And some more cakes...

Last but not least a photo of my Sunday Outfit:

Had I lived a bit closer to that cafe my health would have been seriously threatened - those cakes were too good!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hacker attack

Friday I experienced a hacker attack using something called Cross Site Scripting (XSS). It "stole" my visitors - visitors trying to view my blog ended up on a foreign page.

After a number of Google searches I learned that it was most likely one of the recent comments that carried the XSS. Since there weren't many comments on my latest post it was easy just to delete the suspected. It worked immediately!

So, I apologize for any inconvenience and hope this can be helpful to other bloggers being attacked this way.

Many bloggers use all sorts of protection against this like word verification. I don't like that idea. The comments are the reason why we have blogs.

With the Internet and with our blogs we now have the opportunity to communicate freely across time and space, with people all over the world. I consider that the greatest invention in my lifetime! Having a conversation with people at the other end of the world, who are sleeping when you're awake, on topics you both have in common in spite of different living conditions, is a great gift. When that possibility becomes available to the majority it's a miracle in my opinion. It changes our lives locally and globally.

Therefore I like to keep limitations low - after all this attack is like the sting of a bee. It hurts a bit but doesn't change the big picture.

Friday, 2 March 2012

H&M gold knit top and outfits of the week

I was supposed to wear my new gold top on Friday but I couldn't wait, so Thursday night I caved in and wore it to the theater ( I apologize for the appalling quality of the photo, like so many times before):

I wish the neckline had been more open, and that it had been fitted. Maybe I can take in the side seems, I've done that before to knitwear from H&M. The colour is the best, I can't get enough of it!
For a so called neutral outfit it's very eyecatching, I'll definitely be wearing the top again next week.

Oh, the play, it was a modern version of Hamlet, a co-production with Southbank Centre, London. The music was by the Tiger Lillies, strange and very suitable somehow. I highly recommend it to people who don't like Shakespeare, traditional style.

Tuesday and Wednesday I had the blues:

A few colourful details:

The day after, again in some kind of blue:

And a view of the lovely bracelet that my daughter has made me, with a couple of my favorite rings:

Finally today's outfit for the presentation at school:

This jacket is the one I wore at my wedding. I've always liked the fit as well as the fabric. Seen from behind:

I promise to do my best getting some nice photos this weekend. Tomorrow the whole family is off to visit some good friends, and Sunday we're meeting another group of very good friends at a cafe with a large dessert buffet! Cakes are in general very photogenic, and if the weather is nice some outdoor photos are a possibility.

Have a great weekend everyone!