Thursday, 28 June 2012

My first maxi dress!

Inspired by so many bloggers I've decided to give the maxi dresses a chance.This one is from Country Casuals, or CC as on the tag. It has a strong bohemian vibe and the fit is great on my hourglass shape.

New maxi dress from CC

I wish it had been made in viscose instead of polyester, but most of the maxi dresses I looked at were polyester. This one is also lined so it doesn't show lines from underwear, not even the bra on the back...

Rear view

Although we have lots of sunshine the temperature isn't that high. Going to Copenhagen this morning I wore this old jacket with it:

New maxi dress with old H&M jacket

This outfit was extremely comfortable, and I'm looking forward to wearing it on holiday soon. Today I'm wearing it with my new ballet flats, but I plan to wear it with my black sandals next time.

Bloch ballet flats

It may not show on the pictures but I've got a cold - isn't that just typical? After being stressed for weeks, then it's finally time to relax, and there's your virus! It has to be gone by Saturday - there's a birthday party, and I haven't seen our friends for a long time!

Yesterday my husband and I took the dogs for walk, and Michael took these photos:

Emma and Congo

It's Emma that we're dog sitting , on the stone, and Congo, our own dog sitting in front of it.

A work of art

They're so cute, and very well behaved! Some people say that Alaskan Malamutes can't be trained like other dogs. I disagree, these two walk nicely next to me - even without a leash! They mix well with other dogs, and they love children. They're living in an apartment with my family and me - something that all books on polar dogs warn you about - and we really don't have any problems due to lack of space!

I don't think the dogs noticed - but I did wear my favorite rings...

Favorite rings

And now I'm off to blow my nose...!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Walking the dog on a wet day

In between showers I managed to get a couple of shots outside - quite an accomplishment these days! I'm walking the dog in this outfit, and possibly visiting a few shops.

old burgundy cardigan, pink tank and new ring

From the hair you can tell that it's windy too. On my finger is my latest addition to my jewellery collection - a red "stone" ring, from Evans. It was on sale (like so many nice things these days!) for just £ 6,25!

new red ring from Evans

I'm liking up with Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday. Not only is Patti absolutely gorgeous today, there's also a lot of lovely ladies creatively dressing themselves for high visibility - offering tons of inspiration!

A few posts ago I announced that a dress that I bought online from Marks and Spencer' was going back. Shortly after I got a couple of good new bras - and then the dress fitted perfectly! I'd love to recommend this brand - Primadonna.

It's Belgian and not exactly cheap. Some of the bras are quite expensive but their new line Twist costs less and doesn't have as much lace decorations, just as I like it! And they do larger sizes as well.

My dogs and I wish you all a great Monday - we're off into the rain now!

Friday, 22 June 2012

New blue dress and best friend - plus my favorite online shops

I passed my exam yesterday - not with the best grades - as expected - nor with the worst. I'm grateful that it's over and that my summer holiday has started.

At the exam I wore a fantastic new blue dress. Right after the exam I was going to my cousins 40th. birthday, so I had to look a bit festive. We ate lunch outside in the yard, and the weather was amazing - for once!

Margot dress

At my feet you can see part of my new best friend - Emma. She is a Malamute like my old dog, Congo. Her owner is hospitalized at the moment so Emma has come to stay with us for a while. She is a bit shy, but she's very sweet and my male dog loves her! I think she's more into shoes...


These have always been my best heeled shoes. They're from Irregular Choice, and they're incredibly comfortable and soft. I've worn them at many parties and danced the nights away in them...

Blue suede shoes

And from another ankle...

Cute soles

Of course I wore my best rings, and a few bracelets. I was looking for a necklace too, but couldn't find a suitable one. Luckily the weather was warm and sunny so I didn't need a jacket. Non of my coats or jackets seem to go well with this dress

Rings and bracelets

As I promised Anna of Four Season One Wardrobe last week, I've made a list of my favorite online shops:










The first three shops are all part of the Arcadia Group in UK, as is Topshop. The last shop is Irregular Choice's outlet shop.

From Dorothy Perkins I have bought jeggings and a couple of dresses.

From Wallis I've bought a few tops.

From Evans I've bought my new swimsuit, all my rings and a few bangles.

From House of Fraser and John Lewis I've bought dresses and top. My favorite brands are Kaliko, CC and Phase Eight. I've also bought a lovely snakeskin clutch by Angel Jackson.

From Marks and Spencer I've bought my pink coat and and a dress, plus underwear.

From Asos I've bought bags and jewellery.

From Irregular Choice and Lets Buy Shoes I've bought most of my footwear. Earlier this week I bought a pair of silver winter boots, on sale:

Irregular Choice Cheese n beans

Now there's a reason to look forward to winter! They're lined with thick, furry fabric so they'll be nice and warm when it get's cold(er) again.

Hopefully my list will be helpful to some of you - and remember not to spend all your money at once!

Finally I can't help adding another picture of me in my new dress - I felt so great in it, and I love the pattern on the fabric along with the very slimming cut. This is going to be my favorite! It's made by a small Danish brand, produced locally and in limited numbers. It wasn't very cheap....

Margot Capucine dress
After yesterday's sunshine and blue sky I can't believe the rain we have today - and we're supposed to attend an outdoor barbecue tonight! Tomorrow is Midsummer night and we are going to another outdoor thing, with the usual bonfire - if it will burn! If we don't stay at home I'll take som outfit photos - but I really haven't got a clue as to what I'll wear.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Meeting Anna and being visible

On Saturday the 9th. Anna from Four Seasons One Wardrobe and I met in Copenhagen. I was so exited, since this is my first face to face meeting with a fellow blogger. And I was nervous too - I thought Anna was 27 years old, and me being more than 20 years older could make communication a challenge beyond the language issue.

I was so wrong! First of all she is not 27, but slightly older although you can't tell from her looks. Second the differences in language proved to be no issue at all, we understood each other very well (she speaks Swedish and I speak Danish).

Not only is Anna very beautiful, she is also a very interesting person. She does important research in gerontology (I hope this is right Anna!) that will benefit all of us. I'm expecting to see her on the news any day now explaining her latest findings!


We spent most of the time shopping - I didn't buy much, a gift for a friend who's birthday party I was attending the same evening. But I'm glad to say that Anna did get a few nice souvenirs from her tour down Strøget, our very long pedestrian street. See more on Anna's blog.

On a very sunny and warm afternoon we did manage to squeeze in a lunch break during which Anna gave me a present, this great bracelet that I've worn every day since! Thank you again Anna!

The writing says: If you think happy you live happy

I love the words and it fits me perfectly - not bad considering my thick wrists! Embarrassingly it never crossed my mind to get her a present. I'll have to get my "revenge" when I visit her in Sweden!

Here's how the rest of me looked:

The strong sunshine nearly ruined our photos, so this is the best I can find. There's just not enough sunny days in this country for me to get trained in taking photos in this kind of light!

We finished the lovely afternoon off with coffee and more talk.

 In my last post I wrote about my experience with the Marc Jacobs shop in Copenhagen. I was ignored by the staff, leaving me feeling invisible. That would of course never have happened on a Monday! On Mondays I dress to be visible, as you can see below:

This is also my contribution to Visible Monday at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. My daughter took a few pictures right before the downpour, I mean like 60 seconds before! There's another one showing the jewellery:

Now, my exam is on Thursday so there's not going to be more post until after that - wish me luck!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Blue bag by Adax

After a chaotic week with lots of school work I finally have the time to write a quick post - sadly without outfit photos, but with a small list of recent purchases.

A nice sum of money came my way a few day ago - and I decided to get myself a decent handbag. A couple of blue handbags from Marc Jacobs caught my eye. I hurried into Copenhagen yesterday to have a quick look at the goodies.

First of all nobody offered to help me until a second visit two hours later, when I was carrying shopping bags from some expensive shops down the road.

Second, all the new handbags have rather short straps not allowing me to carry across my body. That's the designers choice, but one that makes me look elsewhere.

However, the blue colour sort of stuck with me... Here's my choice:

 This bag is from the Danish brand Adax. The colour is very close to the bags by Marc Jacobs, and the straps are very long and adjustable. Typically the only one in the store was damaged, so another one is on it's way next week. Hopefully I can pick it up on Tuesday.

As always when I buy new things I write down how many items in my wardrobe this will go with. In this case I focused on my coats and jackets, and there's plenty of possibilities. No big surprise since I've had a blue and purple capsule wardrobe for some time now!

Last week I got a beach dress for our summer holiday, and this week I ordered a swimsuit to go with it. I really hope it fits because it looks so cute, and it wasn't expensive at all. I'd hate having to return it.

From the same place I also ordered two new rings as the were on sale...

As I saw on online shop after another announcing "end of season sale" (the season being spring?) I came across this top that I thought would be great with jeans or my navy pencil skirt - and my new bag!


It'll be the only lace item in my wardrobe so it's a bit of an experiment. As if this wasn't enough - on my way around Copenhagen yesterday I saw one of the "nice" shoe shops had a sale going on. Inside I knew there were ballet flats from the Australian brand Bloch. These shoes are highly recommended by a few of my friends, so I entered with some expectations... And left with these cute and super comfortable shoes:

This has indeed been a bit of a shopping spree. Although I love many of the bags from Marc Jacobs I certainly have my reservations about visiting that shop again! Of course - had I waited until Visible Monday they would have noticed me immediately! You might want to see for yourself what I'm talking about on Patti's blog: Not Dead Yet Style!

Also - very soon I'll be posting pictures from my first meet up with another blogger - the lovely Anna from Four Seasons One Wardrobe. She is such an interesting and sweet girl, and cute of course!

See you soon everyone!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Warm summer outfit

Although it's summer I still need to dress in warm clothes - a consequence of living in Scandinavia! Temperatures are down to the low 50's (Fahrenheit!) and we get a lot of rain and wind. A warm cardigan in a summery colour is called for...

Underneath it I've hidden the purple dress that I'm not too happy with:

The pink against the purple is a good combination, and so is adding the orange bangles, that should have been closer to the camera here:

What you can't see in these pictures is that it's tight around my hips and loose at the waist. Also: when I move my bra is exposed somewhere along the neckline so I have to adjust it all the time. Well, not anymore...

So, after saying goodbye to my purple dress I decided to get a replacement...


Have a great Thursday everyone!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Focus on legs...

Navy has always seemed a boring and conservative colour to me. When I bought this dress a couple of years ago it was only because of the slimming effect. This is my attempt to spice the dress up:

I'm very proud to show you all that I remembered to check the rear view!

I was uninspired when I took the photos, so I ended up with a shot of the details, that really don't show much detail! I think my hair's alright...

The burnt orange with the navy is definitely one of my favorite combinations, and adding burgundy, pink and turquoise took the business associations away immediately! I also think that I've managed to disguise my tummy very well, which I'm extremely pleased with!

I did take other photos during last week, but they didn't turn out that well so I decided not to post them.

 My exams project was due last week, and that certainly didn't turn out well either! Together with a classmate I'm now trying to pick up the pieces and come up with an acceptable solution. But it's depressing.

Anyway, I'm joining a lot of other very visibly dressed ladies at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday, which always brings back my good mood!

Looking a bit ahead I'm overjoyed to tell that on Saturday Anna of Four Seasons One Wardrobe is coming to Copenhagen, and we're going to meet! There'll be plenty of photos, just not in sandals as we planned since temperatures here are down to the low fifties, in Fahrenheit, with lots of wind and rain.

I'm wishing you all a very Visible Monday!