Monday, 26 January 2015

Dressing smart in the Scandinavian winter

Last week I took the first little step towards regular blogging again. And made a promise

I was optimistically thinking that I would have time for another post - but no! All sorts of disturbances knocked on my door, most of them initiated by myself :-)

Anyway, here's one of my go-to outfits in winter:

Dress by CC, former Country Casuals, UK

As finding well fitting trousers are impossible for me I've solved the problem this way (for now at least): Dress over jeggings. With heavy boots, a couple of layers of underwear and a thick woollen coat I can keep warm in the Danish winter.

Yesterday my new little niece was christened. I did a light version of the same outfit, only in green this time.

An early Sunday morning smile!

The boots are the old worn out pair that have appeared many times on the blog. The dress is again by CC, and the incredible necklace is by Monies - my favourite jewellery artist.

The christening was taking place in an old stone church (dating back to 1100) so I added a dressy coat on top, and a silk scarf to keep warm in the cold church.

The bag is a second hand Jill Sander

After church there was lunch - and cake!

Inside: Heavy chocolate chip sponge and raspberry mousse!

My sister-in-law made it with the help of a friend. It was all eaten within minutes! The baby's name was Agnes as on the little bricks in top of the cake.

Now as for my life these days: In July 2013 we moved to a new flat. It was only a 150 meters move, but a whole new world. The new place is in the same housing association, only with completely renovated flats.

Not only did we get a flat with perfect walls, kitchen and doors. We also got new neighbours, and that has been the most amazing part of the move!

When I open the front door to the building I already feel at home. As I walk through the building inside, up to my own front door I'm greeted by my new neighbours. We know almost everyone of them, by name!

The atmosphere is so warm and friendly. There's always a helping hand, an invitation to a cup of coffee or a hug if you need it. It's a dream to live here! I'll be posting photos soon - of my flat as well as the rest of the building.

Today is Monday, as you may have noticed! At the Not Dead Yet Style blog Patti is celebrating the visibility of women, joined by lots of stylish and inspiring women - me too! Go have a look and spice up your Monday!

Have a great week and keep warm!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Nearly 2 years the dark!

It feels like I'm finally seeing a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. So naturally I wanted to share it with all the lovely bloggers that I've missed so much!

What happened? Well, in the last couple of years I've lost four close family members and our beloved old dog. I finished my education as a Multimedia Designer, moved to a new flat and got a Bachelor degree in Communication Design. All together a lot of stress, with a reasonably happy ending.

I also went to London with my Mother's group in June...

It's me on the right - two lorry drivers were having fun behind us

So, now I'm job hunting - trying to loose weight and finish decorating the new flat.

This is a light introduction to the thought that I have not left the bloggersphere for good! I'll be seeing you all again later this week - So long

With lots of love