Monday, 2 January 2012

Welcome 2012!

After the most rotten December EVER I'm so happy to see the beginning of a new year and the end of the old. First of all I've have had many problems with the preparations for the coming exam, second I have problems with my feet in connection to my bad back this summer. So I've been sitting by my desk working hard every day, unable to attend any of the Christmas parties and not getting properly dressed. All very depressing.

The stress is easing now since my project is finally getting into shape, and the new pills prescribed by the doctor seem to work.

On New Years Eve the whole family, including our dog, went to our friends' house South of Copenhagen for a party and sleep over. For the first time I wore the long vintage dress I bought this summer. Since half the guests were in jeans I tried to dress it down a bit with a cardigan.

The shoes are really quite spectacular, just not on these photos (from my IPhone as we forgot the camera), so I'm including another picture of the shoes...

In the last few days I've managed to do some shopping on the Internet - and these are my new purchases:

Not all is new, some of it is vintage, some is from charity shops, and some is very recognizable H&M pieces. The more expensive items were bought at half price or less! Being a student my budget is obviously very tight, so I think I've done very well. As the colours suggest I had the spring season in mind when I shopped. Hopefully it will all fit well - most of it hasn't arrived yet - but I will keep you updated. Apart from the strong pink jacket and the bangles everything should be in soft summer colours. The teal dress is not as strongly coloured as it looks here, so I think it's just perfect. Hopefully someone will throw a party soon so I get to wear it!

This is it for now - I will do my best to be more active on my blog in 2012, because it's been a lot of fun so far. Lots of very late best wishes for 2012 to everyone!