Monday, 29 October 2012

A beige dress - how exciting!

For the remaining amount of my restricted monthly clothes budget, I've bought a beige dress. Guess what: It's  another CC dress, on sale!

Just add pink accessoreis!

This beige, which is more like camel, has never been even close to my best colour. The old trick of adding a "good" colour in form of a scarf has worked beautifully so many times, so why not on a Monday too?

Even the tights are pink!

Of course I'm matching the tights! After seeing the photos I'm sort of regretting that I didn't go with the mint green tights. Next time, I promise!

Again an excellent fit

I was quite unimaginative this morning when I chose jewellery for the outfit, but there's both gold and silver in there - following the mini-blogger-trend of Joni (Walking Colors) and Curtise (The Secondhand Years), although on a minimalist scale!

One gold ring, one silver ring = mixed metals!

Now I'm all ready to join the Visible Monday fun at the stylish and elegant Patti's Not Dead Yet Style blog. It's so nice having Visible Monday to look forward to when the weather outside is cold and wet, with strong winds and too little daylight.

Thank you Patti!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Boycott H&M!

Now I've really had it with H&M. After seeing a Swedish TV program (in Swedish unfortunately) on how other companies like Inditex (Zara), Marks & Spencer and Philippa K, manage to demand a fair pay for their workers, and H&M not, I'm done with them!

One thing is how they make a fat living by exploiting others - but their sad excuses are the worst!

Like bloggers in Norway (and Sweden too, I believe) I will boycott H&M from now on. My hope is that other Danish bloggers will join me, and spread the word.

At the end of 2012 when I get my coupon (yes, I found out Anna, that we do get one here too!), I'll ask H&M to donate the money to their Cambodian workers who really need it more than me. I know they'll refuse to do so, but I like sending a message!

On Thursday I wore this bright and colourful outfit, with only one item from H&M!

Coat and scarf from Marks & Spencer

Although I had a fever I was at school, so I thought some bright colours would make me look less sick, including a fair amount of red lipstick! The sweater is from H&M.

I can't get enough of this coat!

It was so cold on Thursday, and Friday we had snow! Last time we had snow this early was in 1997 (which I remember vividly: I was at a party that lasted the whole night. It was a theme party, a trip to Mars. We entered Mars in late afternoon, and arrived on the North pole in early morning!) - my memory hasn't all gone yet! Sorry I don't have any old photos!

Without the coat

I even remembered to take a close up of the jewellery!

Lovely bangles!

I hope other Danish bloggers will follow the Scandinavian trend and boycott H&M, and non-bloggers too of course!

Tomorrow there's Visible Monday at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style blog, where lots of gorgeous ladies will be dressed in inspiring, creative and stylish outfits. I'll be joining - in a non-H&M dress!

See you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A quick remix

Last week I showed an outfit that I wasn't entirely happy with. The accessories weren't quite right. So, here's another go:

Dash dress remixed, with dog

I didn't have the heart to send my dear old Malamute away, he loves being near his Mom! The accessories in this outfit are in more subdued colours and lots of silver, than the previous.

Pale green, white and silver jewellery

We've been warned that the nice weather we were promised a few days ago, is cancelled. Instead we're in for some arctic cold = time to get out the fur!

My old fur jacket is losing more hair than my dog!

With a few age-related hot flushes the fur jacket soon became too hot, but by then I was on the bus, just typical!

I clearly forgot something important here: A bone for the dog!

This is it for now! My throat is very sore, my temperature is rising and the nose is starting to drip, I'm off to bed!

Hope you're all feeling better than me!

Monday, 22 October 2012

How to wear yellow - autumn edition

About two months ago I wrote a post on how to wear yellow when it's not your colour. Now I'm covering the issue again, only in a warmer version - in another new dress from CC.

Black, yellow, pink and turquoise

At first when I saw this dress, I thought the colours were all wrong for me. But I couldn't get it out of my head, so I decided to take a chance.

Either I looked like a warning sign, or I looked surprisingly good: A few people were actually staring at me with open mouths!

Monday morning warning

Maybe it's the small town syndrome that makes people stare at me. They're just not used to such brightness on an early Monday morning.  Never have I felt so Visible, making this outfit perfect for the Visible Monday party at (now almost NY based) Patti's Not Dead Yet Style blog.

 Just to get the Monday party going I'll show you what I'm wearing (well, part of what I'm wearing) underneath my dress!

Lovely orange tights

Last week I promised to show photos of the weekend cooking. First we were going to make sushi, but most types of fish had sold out. Then my daughter planned to bake more cakes, but she ended with toothache from the appearance of her new teeth and thus no photos!

Instead I'm showing you my new official portrait photo that my husband took some time ago. He hasn't done any retouching, and I'm wearing my (first pair of) reading glasses.

Official portrait

Now I hope I can persuade a few of you to go visit Not Dead Yet Style where lots of beautiful women are showing the best of Visible Monday outfits!

Have a great week everyone!


Thursday, 18 October 2012

In a Dash dress

My twelve year old daughter loves to cook, desserts in particular! After watching Masterchef, Junior edition, the regular desserts won't do. So today, on a beautiful and warm autumn day, we went to Lyngby - a larger town nearby, to get those special baking tins she desperately needed.

She was wearing her jeans, and I was in a Dash dress that I bought on sale in early spring. It was bought from one of the UK web shops. As soon as I got it, I thought the colours were more autumn than spring. What do you think?

Dash dress, usual boots, SUNSHINE!

Next time I may wear my silver boots instead of the black, which look a bit hard with this dress. The cut is quite similar to those CC dresses I've been wearing at every opportunity lately!

Maybe a mustard bag next time?

The dress has a sort of fixed waistband that I think do wonder for my lumps and bumps.I haven't tried it with my jeggings, but I imagine that will look fine too.

Red, purple,silver and clear jewellery

I'm not all that satisfied with the accessories. There's something about the colours that aren't right. I think I should have kept everything in autumnal colours only.

Still enjoying the weather

The dress is made of Viscose, and it's from the UK brand Dash. I remember waiting for months to see the price drop before I bought it.  I'm glad I did, and I'm looking forward to remixing it with the right colours.

Saffron-orange-chocolate dessert

After dinner we had the first test dessert. The next dessert she has planned is little treasure chests made from chocolate cake, covered in chocolate creme, and filled with sweets!

In a sun shaped pool of saffron orange sauce there's a chocolate-marzipan bottom layer with  vanilla and orange mousse, nicely shaped and decorated with a piece of chocolate lace! This is a test drive for her birthday party, where she'll be cooking the whole three course dinner herself!

The taste was fantastic! I hope this is the dessert she'll serve for us on her birthday!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Booted ballerina

Inspired by the lovely bloggers Curtise (The Secondhand Years) and Melanie (Bag and a Beret) among others, earlier this month, I decided to put on my ballerina skirt today.

All fall colours

 This outfit always creates a bit of a stir so I thought it would be great for the Visible Monday party at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style blog!

Everything is wet, and I haven't got any steps to sit on, but I'm holding my favorite cup. It's really a coffee mug, that my daughter decorated when she was in kindergarten many years ago. It says "Mom" at the bottom! She's so sweet!

 Remember you can enlarge the photos with a click.

See Anna, I'm wearing mustard!

For the benefit of Anna of Four Seasons One Wardrobe  (and everyone else interested) I'm showing how well my pumpkin tights go with my mustard skirt.

Enjoying my coffee

Some years back I was on a family holiday, and I wore this skirt. I'll never forget my mother's face when she saw it - I think she nearly had a heart attack! Not that she said anything, she never would, but she did look very surprised!

Watching a vintage plane flying by

One of the dog owners that we
frequently meet when we're walking our dog, is a pilot. He's also a member of a club of vintage plane enthusiasts. As I stood on the balcony his plane just passed, and I couldn't help look up!

Now I'm going see how visible everyone else is on this typical wet and dark Scandinavian autumn day!

Come join the party!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Summer dress to winter tunic

Earlier this week we had our first nights with frost, and some very cold mornings! Since I haven't worn my striped dress in a couple of weeks now I thought I'd try it with the warmer jeggings instead of tights.

Boots, jeggings and a long cardigan=warm!

These boots are getting a lot of  exposure! Wearing the dress this way allows me to wear it year round, and not having to pack it away for winter. I really like that!

The ever present coral and crystal necklaces

Next time I'm wearing this dress will be a pink version of this outfit - because I have pink jeggings too! I promise it'll be a while though.

Hair rearranged by the autumn wind

Last week I got a new blue dress from CC, remember? The fit was incredible and the colours just what I had been looking for for some time. I couldn't resist wearing it again!

Since the mornings were rally cold I also got out my brand new wool coat - with matching tights! Do you think it's too much?

Not showing legs, just tights!

During the day the sun heated everything up of course, and I nearly had a heatstroke! That just proves that the coat is warm enough for most winter days.

Cool warm coat

The way this dress is cut is just brilliant! It flatters my body and is unbelievably comfortable. So, I ordered another little dress from CC, a little black dress. Well, almost black.

LBD with yellow spots!

It may take me some time to figure out how to style this one, but in the meantime, here's how I wore the blue dress, without the coat.

Look! No coral and crystal necklaces

The silver cardigan is a bit boring with the blue colours so next time I'll try pairing the dress with the gold one. Funny how I get obsessed with anything sparkly in the dark seasons.

New "gold" ring from Evans

Next week is Autumn Holiday - and sadly no school... Yeah!!! On Tuesday I plan to revisit the Indian art exhibition, this time with my daughter. I promise not to bring any more photos!

Since a friend of mine is going to the US on holiday in a few weeks I promised her to ask, if any of you Dear bloggers can recommend  good second hand, thrift or vintage shops in the Orlando and Miami Beach area.

Without knowing for sure my guess is, that there's a Goodwill somewhere close, as they cover the whole country! And if my friend is going to find a few treasures to bring home, it'll most likely be from Goodwill - where the good second hand fairy rules!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, 8 October 2012

What to wear for a christening

My cousin's daughter was christened today - and although it was a cold day I decided on wearing another dress from CC - formerly known as Country Casuals.

Sale item from February

Ideally I should have worn nice heeled shoes, but our old churches are so cold! The cardigan is gold lurex - which doesn't show very well in the photos.

Windy day!

The Danish village churches are the oldest buildings in the country. The one where the christening took place was built around 1150-1200, that's 800 years ago!

I love the windows in these thick walls, the light is always incredible! Only problem is that the walls are made of stone - keeping the temperature very low, at all times!

Huge window and thick wall


In many of the churches you can still see the typical paintings in the ceiling, dating back to the Middle Ages, around 1400 (we were always a bit behind up here in the North!). These decorations were meant to have an educational effect on the common people who were illiterate.

Medieval paintings

These paintings were uncovered during the 1970's, and had further restoration work done after a fire only five years ago. Other parts were uncovered in the late 1800's, where it was customary to repaint them. The "damages" from that has been removed too.

Old building new lighting and organ

To get a feeling of the size you can see a person in the lower left corner of the photo. The baptismal font is made of granite and typical for the 1200's.

Originally for full immersion

Once the ceremony was over we had a couple of minutes for another quick photo - freezing in the strong wind!

Almost as tall as her Mom!

With lots of people around us we couldn't get a good photo of the church, so I borrowed one...

The church on a sunny winter day

Now is Sunday night but tomorrow we have Monday - and Visible Monday at the Not Dead Yet Style blog, where Patti is inviting everyone to join the party, and I'm joining!

See you there - Happy Monday!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Back in blue

This summer I've "lost" a few dresses, including this blue jersey dress:

Cheap blue jersey dress - gone!

The fabric was just too cheap, and was showing signs of wear after being washed only a few times. As a replacement I bought this (judging by the price) more durable dress:

Another Country Casual dress

The cut is similar to my favorite maxi dress from the same brand, and the fabric is viscose. This I how it looks on me:

Today worn with boots

My best friend and I were going to Copenhagen today, visiting a few nice shops.... Although I've reached the age of hot flushes I couldn't go without a jacket - and a bag!

Matching too well?

Next time it could be fun to wear the dress with magenta tights and black shoes, or black tights and blue heeled shoes. I'm trying hard to justify the purchase here - and spending most of this month's restricted budget on one item.

The mix of blue colours can be worn in all seasons, and with short sleeves I can add cardigans for warmth in cold seasons, or go without in summer. It's really such a versatile piece, right?

Red rings are missing here...

I even looked alright from the back too! 

The back of me and the dress

Yesterday was a whole different story! I wore old favorites - the red top and the vintage jacket, with the burgundy skirt:

Flexing my remixing muscle

It looks odd with top hanging so low - but that's not how it looked in the morning. And I have proof! I took some early photos - with some setting error, but you can still see how the top sits where it's supposed to!

The top looks alright here

The top is obviously also made from a cheap fabric, like the blue dress. Now who would have guessed that they're from the same brand?

On Sunday my cousin's daughter is being christened and I have another Country Casual dress lined up. It's been waiting in my closet since February, for the right occasion! Now all I've left to do is to decide if I should wear it with my new gold heeled leopard print shoes, my silver shoes, or the above black lace up boots!

See you all on Sunday? Have a great weekend!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Pink Pattern Mix

For the first time ever, I'm in patterns all over! Funny that I never noticed until I saw the photos a short while ago. Maybe I've become accustomed to seeing wild pattern mix from all the blog reading?

Paisley - Chevron - Flower

I'm sorry that the same jacket is appearing in two posts in a row, but it's so versatile, I love the colours and pattern, plus I don't have that many to choose from! I see this as an exercise in remixing!

See the matching plant?

The dress hasn't been worn with boots before, but I wanted to extend the maxi season, and  this was what I came up with.

In the winter season I'm planning to wear it with a wool jacket with fur collar and some lovely coloured gloves - and thick tights underneath! If it works there's no reason to pack away the maxi dresses for winter - they will be a year round pleasure to wear!


Today we're all invited to the Visible Monday party at the Not Dead Yet Style blog, hosted by the lovely Patti - and I always wear my best jewellery for parties!

With a nasty backache today I had to cut school short, so now I'll go over to Patti's for consolation, inspiration and motivation...

See you all there!