Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Soft summer colours

Like so many others I have been wondering for a long time what season I am. I don't know anyone around here that performs colour analysis so I have bought a couple of books and follow some blogs on the subject. Today I have finally decided that I'm a Soft Summer.

I have done the lipstick test, based on the recommandations by Truth-is-beauty.com and finally determined that I'm not a cool summer, but a soft one. And I should wear grey often. Today I'm wearing my best grey. And one of the lipsticks I tried on. None of the blogs or books have mentioned fur and it's a bit early in the season, especially since this autumn has been exceptionally warm and dry. But I liked the colour combination - very soft summer as I understand.

Will this change my shopping habits? Not untill I have a budget like Sarah Jessica Parker's who is another soft summer girl!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Grey and Yellow

Today is the perfect fall day, warm for the season, sunshine and no wind. I had to take a couple of photos. Since I feel this dress is a bit on the short side I decided to wear it with a skirt. Maybe not the most common of skirts... I think it works. The fur jacket turned out to be too warm, but it looked good!

I would also like to point out that I still have blue flowers in the pot next to me - totally out of season!

After giving it some thought I have decided to wear my bangles any way I want since my fellow students do make a bit of noise too - after having spent quite some time together now. Everybody is more familiar with each other and way more relaxed. A very nice feeling. Tomorrow will be hectic so I doubt there'll be time for pictures - so have a nice weekend everyone.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Travelling outfit and my new shirt

Finally I have a photo to show from our fall vacation, from the airport. My daughter took it - my husbands photos are not ready yet!!! Taking the advice from Four Seasons One Wardrobe I decided to travel in a dress. This dress has been a bit too tight for me, but now I think it fits rather well. It's a cheap Missoni knock-off, but I love the colours. And it was very comfortable to travel in!

As mentioned in the header I've got a new shirt.  Unfortunately I had problems with the ISO settings on the camera so my photos are all grainy, Sorry! But the colour shows all right and I'm very happy with it. For the first time I've managed to find a beige that doesn't make me look sick.

Next time I would like to pair it with a cardigan in dark chocolate and some strong pink accessory or nail polish. But since those items are not yet to be found in my wardrobe I had no choice but my dark plum very cropped cardigan and the green bracelets - see the close up:

Beige has never been a favorite colour of mine. But I've been searching for a top with a good fit and suited for going out. So although the colour ins't perfect at least it's fitted and can be combined with some great colours. Now I just need some invitations!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dark wash jeans - school and age approriate?

Many months ago I gave up on wearing jeans. I thought I looked terrible in them. But last week I bought a new pair, dark wash and with straight legs. Have a look:

And here's a few more - from yesterday - in September like weather!!!

The fit of the jeans could be better. It's just so time consuming to keep looking. So these ones will have to do for now. Anyway, does one ever get too old to wear jeans? I don't feel too old yet. And I find these darker ones more dressy than my old jeans.

The gold and yellow bracelets are new too, ordered from a UK internet shop that sells not only larger size clothes but also larger rings and bracelets (my hands are enormous!). The yellow colour is perfect for fall and I wore them again today (with my only black dress)

The necklace is made of light cognac citrine, freshwater pearls and sapphires that match the bracelets just as I hoped when I placed the order.

Now, some weeks ago, before the fall vacation, I went to a small dinner party with some friends. My husband took these photos (of a really poor quality!). The (second hand) jacket has a real fur collar that just makes me feel like a diva, I can't wait to wear it again.

I don't know which photo is worse. Hopefully the photos from our fall vacation will turn out better. My husband took all those as well, and hasn't had the time to share them yet. Something to look forward to!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Outfits for the older student

It's no secret that I'm back in school at the moment. And of course I'm the oldest. There's 29 years between me and the youngest person in my class. Of course we dress differently! But to my surprise a lot of the young girls are far more feminine and ladylike in their style than I am.

When I visit other fashion and styleblogs I see the same difference. I haven't yet been able to pinpoint the exact details, but I think it's important since it's one way of narrowing in what my personal style is.
I also need to determine the appropriate dress code for my age for a future job hunting situation, in a (to me new) creative work environment. All very scary.

Anyway, on Saturday before last I had a school reunion. I was so focused on what to wear, my new haircut and not being late, that I forgot to have my photo taken. So all I have is the corner of one of the official photos where I'm the only one sort of visible. Enjoy!

Monday last week I wore this to school:

I'm not proud of the jeans, but I needed something easy. Monday is also my Dress your best day. This particular Monday I dedicated to my eyes. At the hairdresser's just recently I had my eyelashes and brows done as well, and I'm trying to show on the next (awkward) photo:

The rest of last week was too busy so no more photos. Untill Saturday night when my husband and I for the first time in YEARS!!! went out to dine on our own. It was just wonderful. The photos are taken amongst the parked cars in our basement, maybe not the most romantic place.

Only very rarely do I wear black but like the rest of the week I was in a hurry. Saturday night was quite cold so I just threw on an old knitted dress that I have had for many years which works every time, especially  with this jacket.

Since there were no classes yesterday at school I have no photos. How lucky, because the weather was wet and cold unlike today as the photos show:

Another black item from my wardrobe! With my silk scarf and the blue top the outfit doesn't become too sad. I did feel like a bit of a gypsy with the gold bangles, but I couldn't help myself!

Friday, 30 September 2011

3 kinds of wild spots

First of all: Thank you to everyone for your nice comments. Apparently there's something wrong with the "followers" button, I'll have a look at it in the next few days.

During this week I have been very busy and stressed. My studies are taking up all my time these days. That is until today. Because today I went to see a new hairdresser, and had a haircut! The old one was so awful with so many mistakes that the new haircut can't quite hide it. But in three months time it will be better, Susanne promised.

As for my outfit it's all accidental. I had placed the top on my table to put it away later, next to the jewellery that I was considering getting rid of. On the chair by the table I had hung the trousers to dry. I just liked the combination of the different sized similar patterns, both reminding me of my snakeskin purse. Getting dressed in it I liked the way it looked, and how comfortable I felt. And it worked perfectly in the SUMMER heat in Copenhagen. For the season we are experiencing the best weather in years, and I love it!

The close up is actually me having trouble setting the timer on the camera! As for the patterns, well, the purse is snake skin, the trousers look like a bleached cheetah print, and the top, maybe a shrunken bleached cheetah? Something wildlife...

Last weekend the whole family went to the christening of my cousins daughter. Here's how I looked.

My daughter took the first two photos, my husband the last. I think the skirt is too long, although it did look fine with my boots the week before last. Maybe I shall keep the length for this coming winter.

Tomorrow I'm going back to the village I grew up in, for a school reunion. I'm very excited, and a bit nervous too. What to wear? We did a reunion a couple of years ago. Some of us were slightly over dressed, but I prefer that to being under dressed (I hope it's the right expression - I'm NOT talking about half nude people, you know!). However, I think I looked older then than I do today. Since I started this blog most of my wardrobe has changed. Like my hair colour and the style. I have planned to wear my navy pencil skirt with one of the new cobalt ruched tops (an outfit that actually is so much more 50's than 40's Vix!) paired with turquoise tights and red suede low heeled shoes. And of course there'll be photos! Anyway, have a great weekend all of you!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Hot mermaids

Today my best friend and I had a fantastic day in Copenhagen. The weather was great, only with a few clouds every now and then, one or two little showers, and for the season high temperatures. We saw lots of blue sky, beginning of fall colouring on the trees, and hardly no tourists! Visiting such a place as the Little Mermaid you can usually count on meeting masses of tourists.

The other day Vix of Building a Colorful Life talked about how hot mermaids are at the moment, as well as 40's colours and dresses. Inspired by this I had to take advantage of my proximity to this, the most famous of all mermaids.

I gave my friend permission to take all the photos she wanted, and she kind of went berserk. Here's a few to give you an idea of the wonderful day we had.

This last mermaid is NOT the Little Mermaid but some souvenir shop's way of catching people's attention, and it works!

The day also included a very delicious seaside lunch and a visit to a very special jewelry shop. I wish I could have taken photos of the jewelry but I couldn't bring myself to asking for permission. The sales assistant was extremely service minded. She even let us into the studio to see the stock gemstones as well as future pieces. Since I don't have any photos of my own of the jewelry I have found some on Google. These are all statement pieces, over sized and expensive. But they have a great sale in November. I'm not buying anymore clothes until after that!

The name of the jewelry company is Monies and the name is after a Portuguese ancestor. Check out their online shop, it's something special.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sometimes having a dream come true can be a punishment or reviewing the knitted, blue H&M dress

First have a look at the dress as presented by H&M:

It looks as if there's a bit of a shape to it, like it's a tight fit. Now look at me wearing it:

Only on rare occasions does the sun come out these days, so it took me by surprise!

Now, I don't see nearly as much shape on this dress as the photo suggests! The backside is especially problematic. It's so disappointing since I love the colour and the quality seemed really good. It could be that I should go down a size, but I suspect that it will be too tight over the bust. The blue tops however, were an instant hit:

Only minutes after this photo was taken it started raining so I had to change my shoes. Suede and rain is a bad mix. I'm so happy that my top has a twin, then I get to wear it again tomorrow! And tomorrow I have something special lined up!

The weather is always changing in this country, and yesterday was dark and gloomy. Quite the opposite of today. My outfit was a perfect match, unintended though.

For some reason I hardly ever remember my handbag on the photos. But yesterday I was a bit more awake than usual, so enjoy!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pink and purple on top

Finally my new plum/purple replacement cardigan came. The old silk one looked like this:

The colour on the new one is almost the same, and that's where the matching stops. I have seen Sally from Already Pretty wear this type of cropped cardigan many times, and it always looks really great. Now her body shape if very different to mine so I was unsure weather I could wear it or not. But here's the result:

I like it! Next time I'll try it with my pink pencil skirt. I'm also considering buying a duplicate. It's not a colour that often comes into fashion so it has taken me years to find this. Speaking of duplicates:

In my blue and purple capsule wardrobe I have a light blue version of this. Every time I put it on it has surprised me has well it enhances my waist and bust, and diminishes my stomach. A miracle to me. And a few days ago I see that now it comes in this cobalt blue, that is one of my favorite colours. So, I immediately ordered two! Since they are from H&M they are very affordable, and I hope they will continue this style in even more colours.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Purple trousers remixed

A short post, showing my new trousers, worn twice within the same week. As I've bought them from an Internet shop I had no idea how they would fit. They are not perfect, but I have given up in that a long time ago. My body is just too feminine for trousers! However the Scandinavian climate calls for trousers so...

The first pictures are from last Thursday, when the weather was cold

These next three pictures are from today, with sunshine and higher temperatures.

It's also my Dress your best Monday, and today I'm focusing on my skin. Being in my late forties with no real wrinkles I consider myself very lucky in spite of all the other problems I have with my skin. I think the deep v-neck top does a good job even without any jewellery.

Today is also my first go at a monochrome outfit. I don't know if it makes me look any slimmer or taller, but my dog seems to like it!