Monday, 16 February 2015

I'm Danish - and I will speak!

Of friendship and democracy, of art and religion, of tolerance and politics.

I will agree to disagree with my opponents. And we will continue our debate.

No terrorist is going to take that away!

In front of the Synagog in Krystalgade

Here's a fairly early picture of the flowers people are bringing. I know many more have been added since.

We were not exactly warned that this would happen, but we all knew it was only a matter of when, not if.

While I Condole the families of those killed, I'm also grateful for the safety of a friend who might just as well have been doing guard service this Saturday. It was just pure coincidence that he wasn't on duty this weekend.

As the hours pass we learn more and more about the terrorist.

Among other things we've learned that he had help. Two of these helpers have now been apprehended. Before the shooting he also uploaded a Jihad video on Youtube.

Somehow The IS has succeeded in a mail order war, using some ultra violent gang members without much brain power. If it weren't for the IS this one would have been just another common criminal.

I believe that for every successfully defended event, the IS looses. With only two people dead and five policemen wounded, the "winnings" in Copenhagen have been so much lesser than in Paris.

And by locating the terrorist within 14 hours the policeforce have proven their capability and efficiency. We are all very proud of them, and thankful.

Unfortunately, this is probably not the last attack on Europe, or Denmark, or Copenhagen.

But we will get through it, and we will carry on exercising our democratic rights, even if it kills us!

In memory of Finn Nørgaard and Dan Uzan

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My attempt at a masculine outfit with a full bodied figure

Since Patti at Not Dead Yet Style recommended the book "Parisian Style" by Ines de la Fressange, I've been fascinated by the masculine/feminine outfits. It can look so elegant.

With my somewhat Barbapapa-like body shape, it's a bit of a challenge not to loose all my curves in boxy clothes.

Here's how it turned out:

In all natural daylight - unusual in the dark Danish winter!

The masculine parts are the trousers and the shoes. The jacket is fitted and in velvet, so it's not that masculine. But that's how it has to be with a voluptuous body.

Although the trousers are a drapey jersey, the pinstripe pattern add a certain masculine feeling.

Under the (vintage) jacket I'm wearing a ruched, gray, sleeveless top, that help disguise my stomach
The shoes are from Irregular Choice.

Irregular Choice black leather shoes

Around the neck I added my favourite necklace these days, from Monies:

Made of darkened brass and Chrysocolla, by Monies

I'm quite pleased with the result - and plan to wear it in spring. It' still too cold to leave the house in a jacket like this so I changed into a nice warm knit:

Same trousers and necklace, old knit and bag

The sweater has a great shape for me. The v-neck takes focus away from my double chin, and show off my waistline. It's a viscose blend which is perfect for me since I can't wear any type or amount of wool.

I use this bag a lot, it's roomy, it's thick leather and it's gold!

The bag is by a Danish brand, Merete Fonnesberg, and bought second hand. As gold goes with everything - I use it whenever I don't have to drag my laptop along!

A closer look

The rings are the same old rings I've worn for years! Although I don't particularly like the sight of my behind, I'm just quickly going to show you how it looked:

Odd bumps are appearing with age - not fair!

As you can see I'm suffering from a severe case of bibliophilia, so not only did I order the Parisian Chic book (which I haven't received yet, but sneak peeked in on, that Patti recommended. I also got Style Clinic by Paula Reed and The Style Mentors by Elyssa Dimant.

Style Clinic and Parisian Chic are both about classic style dressing and creating a capsule that forms a basis for your wardrobe in a reasonably economical way. I have high expectations from Parisian Chic. The little I've seen has already had an impact on me. I've totally underestimated these masculine elements in feminine dressing. At job interviews I have to make an impression. And it has to be powerful too, which is easier with a bit of masculinity.

The Style Mentors is a bit like Trinny and Susannah's Who Do You Want To Be Today? T&S work with 12 different types and Elyssa Dimant have 8. There is some similarity between the types they describe. Besides that Dimant includes a lot of fashion theory that I really like.

Now some people might think that I'm well off, buying all these books. But I'm not. I buy used, and one of them (don't remember which) only cost 0,10 £! The rest was a few pounds more but still VERY cheap indeed.

Now last week I had a few meetings - and here's how I dressed:

Wednesday evening meeting on the Marketing committee

The colours are awful, but I was in a rush so a quick shot in the hallway with my mobile was all I had time for. The dress is an old CC, the cardigan is another old thing - silk knit from H&M. The boots are from last year, and fur lined! The warmest and most comfortable boots I've ever owned.

Thursday evening meeting with the Structural Committee

The trousers are the same striped pair as above, the black bracelet is made of horn and bought in Barcelona this summer. The brass one is old, and the cream one is Kenneth Jay Lane. It's the largest size I could find, and I need baby oil on my hand to get it on/off!

The work on these committees is part of the democratic process where I live, and it's voluntary. It gives me great pleasure though, to be able to help improve living conditions for my neighbors.

Now, I was going to write all this yesterday. At the same time I was going to prepare dinner (multi tasking...). But I cut my ring finger on my right hand - the tip, while I was chopping onion!!! As soon as I could I rushed to the sink to put it under cold water. Stressful as I were I opened the hot water tap! I jumped up and down, screaming with pain. And no one else was home to hear it, which only made it worse! I felt really sorry for myself, so no writing last night.

Let this story be a warning - keep cooking out of blogging!

Finally I'm linking up with Patti, that inspires me so, for Visible Monday on her Not Dead Yet Style blog. Feel free to check it out, or better yet: Join!

Love to you all from Kaffesoester

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The (senior) graduate

Last week turned out to be insanely busy!

Tuesday was Graduation - and my lovely photographer husband was there with his camera...

Another CC dress - and Monies necklace and bangle

I'm probably the oldest graduate from Copenhagen Business Academy, ever! But I had such a great time there and never felt my age being an issue. And I don't feel one bit like Mrs. Robinson although I'd love to look like her!

On Friday a friend and I went shopping for Saturday's dinner party. On the way we passed one of the many charming inner courtyards of Copenhagen

Bamboo, herbs and Helleborus (Click the photo to enlarge it)

Bamboo is one of my favourite plants, and I'm going to try planting again this summer. I've killed a few on our old balcony, but I think the new place is more protected from wind and sun. So maybe they'll survive this time

Later on our tour through the city we just "happened" to visit a jewellery workshop - a true gem :-)

Jack Sparrow would just love an earring from Lene Vibe!

Lene Vibe's pieces can be bought from a couple of shops in the US - but you'll have to see her website about that.

As we were admiring and trying on a few things we were offered a glass of port, in beautiful vintage glasses - and I had to take pictures to prove it!

Just the place to get the creative juices flowing

My favourite was a two strand necklace of Tahitian pearls, worn on my shoulders and joined on the front and the back with a gold ring and a large drop shaped pearl

It's going to take time to save up for this one!

Luckily my own ring (from another jeweller) was ready to pick up. That was the proper consolation for having to leave this incredible necklace

My hands are actually blue from Danish winter weather!

I have been collecting stones for this ring for a couple of years, when I visit the annual jewellery fair in Copenhagen.

The largest stone is a Gold Rutilated quartz, the orange one is a Cognac Citrine and the smallest one is an Ethiopian Opal, surrounded by gold dots made from and old ring I inherited from my Grandmother, who passed away recently.

As you can see I have extremely large hands with short thick fingers. With the large stone placed this way, it gives the impression of slightly longer fingers. A great trick from my jeweller Trine Starup

On Saturday we had this serious dinner party - with the "Gourmet Club", in the evening. But first we went for a birthday lunch with my cousin and her husband. I didn't have time for pictures of my lunch outfit, but I managed to get a quick one of the evenings outfit.

Apart from my new ring I built an outfit around the usual recipe these days: Dress and jeggings. This time in winter white:

Yet another CC dress, pearls and the RING

The shoes are soft suede ballet flats from British Clarks bought on a trip to London in June 2014.

I'm always very careful about how I wear pearls. They seem to age me very easily. But with the jeggings the whole outfit is dressed down which tones down the ageing effect.

The shoes were a bit of a life saver with all the running around that a gourmet dinner demands!

This week is going to be quite busy as well with lots of meetings and job hunting. I hope I'll find time (and light!) for more photos of each outfit, some close ups too, maybe? Anyway, the Scandinavian winter is upon us with snow and freezing cold wind, so I'll be demonstrating my layering skills.

Stay warm everybody and have a great week!