Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Outfits for the older student

It's no secret that I'm back in school at the moment. And of course I'm the oldest. There's 29 years between me and the youngest person in my class. Of course we dress differently! But to my surprise a lot of the young girls are far more feminine and ladylike in their style than I am.

When I visit other fashion and styleblogs I see the same difference. I haven't yet been able to pinpoint the exact details, but I think it's important since it's one way of narrowing in what my personal style is.
I also need to determine the appropriate dress code for my age for a future job hunting situation, in a (to me new) creative work environment. All very scary.

Anyway, on Saturday before last I had a school reunion. I was so focused on what to wear, my new haircut and not being late, that I forgot to have my photo taken. So all I have is the corner of one of the official photos where I'm the only one sort of visible. Enjoy!

Monday last week I wore this to school:

I'm not proud of the jeans, but I needed something easy. Monday is also my Dress your best day. This particular Monday I dedicated to my eyes. At the hairdresser's just recently I had my eyelashes and brows done as well, and I'm trying to show on the next (awkward) photo:

The rest of last week was too busy so no more photos. Untill Saturday night when my husband and I for the first time in YEARS!!! went out to dine on our own. It was just wonderful. The photos are taken amongst the parked cars in our basement, maybe not the most romantic place.

Only very rarely do I wear black but like the rest of the week I was in a hurry. Saturday night was quite cold so I just threw on an old knitted dress that I have had for many years which works every time, especially  with this jacket.

Since there were no classes yesterday at school I have no photos. How lucky, because the weather was wet and cold unlike today as the photos show:

Another black item from my wardrobe! With my silk scarf and the blue top the outfit doesn't become too sad. I did feel like a bit of a gypsy with the gold bangles, but I couldn't help myself!