Friday, 30 September 2011

3 kinds of wild spots

First of all: Thank you to everyone for your nice comments. Apparently there's something wrong with the "followers" button, I'll have a look at it in the next few days.

During this week I have been very busy and stressed. My studies are taking up all my time these days. That is until today. Because today I went to see a new hairdresser, and had a haircut! The old one was so awful with so many mistakes that the new haircut can't quite hide it. But in three months time it will be better, Susanne promised.

As for my outfit it's all accidental. I had placed the top on my table to put it away later, next to the jewellery that I was considering getting rid of. On the chair by the table I had hung the trousers to dry. I just liked the combination of the different sized similar patterns, both reminding me of my snakeskin purse. Getting dressed in it I liked the way it looked, and how comfortable I felt. And it worked perfectly in the SUMMER heat in Copenhagen. For the season we are experiencing the best weather in years, and I love it!

The close up is actually me having trouble setting the timer on the camera! As for the patterns, well, the purse is snake skin, the trousers look like a bleached cheetah print, and the top, maybe a shrunken bleached cheetah? Something wildlife...

Last weekend the whole family went to the christening of my cousins daughter. Here's how I looked.

My daughter took the first two photos, my husband the last. I think the skirt is too long, although it did look fine with my boots the week before last. Maybe I shall keep the length for this coming winter.

Tomorrow I'm going back to the village I grew up in, for a school reunion. I'm very excited, and a bit nervous too. What to wear? We did a reunion a couple of years ago. Some of us were slightly over dressed, but I prefer that to being under dressed (I hope it's the right expression - I'm NOT talking about half nude people, you know!). However, I think I looked older then than I do today. Since I started this blog most of my wardrobe has changed. Like my hair colour and the style. I have planned to wear my navy pencil skirt with one of the new cobalt ruched tops (an outfit that actually is so much more 50's than 40's Vix!) paired with turquoise tights and red suede low heeled shoes. And of course there'll be photos! Anyway, have a great weekend all of you!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Hot mermaids

Today my best friend and I had a fantastic day in Copenhagen. The weather was great, only with a few clouds every now and then, one or two little showers, and for the season high temperatures. We saw lots of blue sky, beginning of fall colouring on the trees, and hardly no tourists! Visiting such a place as the Little Mermaid you can usually count on meeting masses of tourists.

The other day Vix of Building a Colorful Life talked about how hot mermaids are at the moment, as well as 40's colours and dresses. Inspired by this I had to take advantage of my proximity to this, the most famous of all mermaids.

I gave my friend permission to take all the photos she wanted, and she kind of went berserk. Here's a few to give you an idea of the wonderful day we had.

This last mermaid is NOT the Little Mermaid but some souvenir shop's way of catching people's attention, and it works!

The day also included a very delicious seaside lunch and a visit to a very special jewelry shop. I wish I could have taken photos of the jewelry but I couldn't bring myself to asking for permission. The sales assistant was extremely service minded. She even let us into the studio to see the stock gemstones as well as future pieces. Since I don't have any photos of my own of the jewelry I have found some on Google. These are all statement pieces, over sized and expensive. But they have a great sale in November. I'm not buying anymore clothes until after that!

The name of the jewelry company is Monies and the name is after a Portuguese ancestor. Check out their online shop, it's something special.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sometimes having a dream come true can be a punishment or reviewing the knitted, blue H&M dress

First have a look at the dress as presented by H&M:

It looks as if there's a bit of a shape to it, like it's a tight fit. Now look at me wearing it:

Only on rare occasions does the sun come out these days, so it took me by surprise!

Now, I don't see nearly as much shape on this dress as the photo suggests! The backside is especially problematic. It's so disappointing since I love the colour and the quality seemed really good. It could be that I should go down a size, but I suspect that it will be too tight over the bust. The blue tops however, were an instant hit:

Only minutes after this photo was taken it started raining so I had to change my shoes. Suede and rain is a bad mix. I'm so happy that my top has a twin, then I get to wear it again tomorrow! And tomorrow I have something special lined up!

The weather is always changing in this country, and yesterday was dark and gloomy. Quite the opposite of today. My outfit was a perfect match, unintended though.

For some reason I hardly ever remember my handbag on the photos. But yesterday I was a bit more awake than usual, so enjoy!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pink and purple on top

Finally my new plum/purple replacement cardigan came. The old silk one looked like this:

The colour on the new one is almost the same, and that's where the matching stops. I have seen Sally from Already Pretty wear this type of cropped cardigan many times, and it always looks really great. Now her body shape if very different to mine so I was unsure weather I could wear it or not. But here's the result:

I like it! Next time I'll try it with my pink pencil skirt. I'm also considering buying a duplicate. It's not a colour that often comes into fashion so it has taken me years to find this. Speaking of duplicates:

In my blue and purple capsule wardrobe I have a light blue version of this. Every time I put it on it has surprised me has well it enhances my waist and bust, and diminishes my stomach. A miracle to me. And a few days ago I see that now it comes in this cobalt blue, that is one of my favorite colours. So, I immediately ordered two! Since they are from H&M they are very affordable, and I hope they will continue this style in even more colours.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Purple trousers remixed

A short post, showing my new trousers, worn twice within the same week. As I've bought them from an Internet shop I had no idea how they would fit. They are not perfect, but I have given up in that a long time ago. My body is just too feminine for trousers! However the Scandinavian climate calls for trousers so...

The first pictures are from last Thursday, when the weather was cold

These next three pictures are from today, with sunshine and higher temperatures.

It's also my Dress your best Monday, and today I'm focusing on my skin. Being in my late forties with no real wrinkles I consider myself very lucky in spite of all the other problems I have with my skin. I think the deep v-neck top does a good job even without any jewellery.

Today is also my first go at a monochrome outfit. I don't know if it makes me look any slimmer or taller, but my dog seems to like it!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Dress your best day!

Today I'm trying to highlight my back side. I like my silhouette seen from the back, and discovered earlier that this exact outfit fits me in a way that I like. Have a look:

Last night I remembered an old silver cuff that I could wear. All work at school is carried out on the computer, and being 40 pupils in our class makes it unbearable if we all start wearing clanking bangles. Well, all the girls! Only thing is, I didn't have time to polish it so it's very dull.

Some days ago I discovered another blog: Mis Papelicos.  She is not as young as the average blogger, but certainly more colourful than most! And always very elegant too. Do have a look for yourself. What I especially loved was her Klein blue outfit from 27th. of September 2010. So much that I had to get myself a blue dress, matching my blue suede shoes. If the dress fits the only thing missing is a pair of tights. As usual the dress is ordered online from H&M, and it looks like this:

These are the shoes that hopefully will go with it:

I am planning to do other monochrome outfits as it creates a column of colour that in theory elongates the body... I'll let you know if it works.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The hairdresser dilemma

On most of the photos during this summer my hair has looked awful. Last time I had a haircut it turned out all wrong.

The problem is that my hairdresser is a very sweet woman, living next door to us. The rest of the family is happy to use her. But their hair is very different to mine which is typical Scandinavian hair, baby fine and rather sparse. On top of that it's naturally curly. Only once as an adult have I had a hairdresser that I was happy with. She got married and moved to a foreign country, and broke my heart!

How do you tell a nice hairdresser that you're unhappy with the result? Should I just go to someone else and not take the issue up with her? I can't find any nice way to do it. But I will be cut by someone else next time!

The photo from this morning:

I did mean to wear a pink top, but it was still damp this morning. After I got my new laptop I'm having trouble finding a proper bag. I'm borrowing one from a friend at the moment, and it's not pretty! That's why I'm empty handed on all the photos.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Jeans and a tweed jacket

For some reason I've forgotten how I look in jeans. Today's photo emphasizes (at least to me) that jeans are not for my body! It could be that I can't find any that really fit well. The jacket however is one of my favorites. It's been customized with black and silver brocade trimmings, all sewn by hand.

I had a photo taken from the back as well, but it was so horrible that I can't bring myself to add it to the post! Instead you can have a closer look at the jacket!

So if  I don't wear jeans what do I wear? These days I have four different pairs of patterned trousers in my wardrobe. That's not a lot. And the Scandinavian climate just calls for trousers. I don't know where to turn to. Lately I have returned many pairs of trousers bought on the internet, it's getting frustating.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Seeking silent bangles

For the first time in ages I'm wearing a black top, and black shoes. To avoid looking like a guest at a funeral I added a pop of colour. The trousers. They are too big so I can wear another pair of trousers underneath in winter. Today I just had to pull them up all the time. A new feeling to me!

A close-up:

Normally I would wear a few bangles but I'm in a classroom with more than 30 other students, all working on our computers. My wooden bangles would be too noisy so I have to find some that are completely silent. Any suggestions? I hate wearing tight fitting bracelets and watches, so what else is there?

Friday, 2 September 2011

Organized shopping?

Since June I have tried to build a capsule wardrobe. But I love colour so one capsule of two colours was too little. Then I divided most of my clothes into two more capsules, a red and pink one (inspired by the dress from H&M) and a teal and green one.

Of course all the capsules share the same neutrals like my khaki jacket, grey trousers, jeans etc. The same goes for shoes and accessories which I would like to have a lot more of, in all the colours that don't suit me but I still love (like my yellow handbag and orange flats).

Almost my entire wardrobe has now been photographed and uploaded to my computer. With the whole capsule on one sheet I find it much easier to spot gaps.  As I shop a lot on the internet I can copy pictures of items I'm considering investing in and place them in the appropriate capsule. I did that with the last pair of (absolutely mad) trousers I've bought. First in the red and pink capsules, and then realizing that they could work in the teal and green one as well. It's easy to make a print of each capsule to keep in the handbag and bring to the physical shops.

I've tried the Stylebook app on my Iphone, that does something similar. However, because of small screen on the phone the pictures don't look very appealing, and you can only show a few items at a time. I think my own solution is better when shopping.

At school today I wore an outfit copied from Ariel at Artfully Awear.

It's not the first time I've turned to her blog when choosing an outfit. She is my absolute favorite when it comes to style and colour. I think she is an artist herself, reinterpreting art and artists in her outfits.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Copenhagen Design Week

Today my school class and I went to Copenhagen to have a look at the Design Week. We have filmed the whole thing, which was easy since it was a big disappointment. The film will be more about the traditional sights of Copenhagen as there wasn't a lot of new design to be seen. In fact it felt like things had been thrown together in a hurry, and without much consideration. Nokia had a small stand, and that was most of all an advertisment for their newest phone. And that was more or less a copy of the Iphone. The only new idea I saw was that people could take photos of the event and upload them to Nokia, and the photos will then be exhibited on one of their new phones at the stand , making the exhibition both a fysical and a virtual one.

My outfit for the day had to be practical since a lot of walking was to be expected. And like yesterday and the day before I have included a close up of my necklace, this time a not so new one.

The coat is a very old one, but my absolute favorite! It's silk brocade, and I waited a long time for it to go on sale. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford it. Once I wore it to a party as a dress. When I looked at myself in the mirror at home it looked great, with black tights and lace up boots. It looked fine at the busstop as well. But when I sat down in the bus (running a bit late as usual) I realized that it doesn't have buttons all the way down the front - DISASTER!!!