Kaffesoester - is the nickname for a lady who drinks a lot of coffee.

In my family we would rather loose the car than our coffee machine! We "drive" a Krups for whole beans. It also has a  steamer function. Our beans are from the Veloso Estate in Brazil, in the Carmo do Paranaiba. The plants are grown in 1050-1200 meters altitude. The company has an agreeable CSR-profile which is important to our family. 

What else will you find on my blog?

Although I don’t mind quality photos where I look as good as possible, my aim is not to produce eye-candy.

Issues with body shape, budget and dressing for the local climate are important to me. So are topics like ageing and women's rights. These will be regular themes on my blog.

With a body and a budget (and maybe mind too?) that denies me the delights of high fashion I'm focused on style. What works for me an my personality? What do other women do? That's my main focus.

My feet, oh Dear...

Shoes can make or break an outfit. They can change the way you walk or dance, your height and the way you look people in the eye and how fast you can chase the bus. I love shoes!

BUT, I have extremely difficult feet! They are a UK size 6 EEEE fit. However, most ultra wide shoes are also quite flat in the front, and I have really "fat" toes. The result is that I'm nearly always in pain due to squashed toes. Most of my shoes are an extra wide size 7 or a wide size 8. Occasionally I stumble. So far the best fitting brand is Irregular Choice, with Rieker and Ecco in second and third place. 

My past, oh Dear...

Blog life: I started out as the invisible woman. Trying to follow every rule and theory out there I often found myself looking at a stranger in the mirror. As my collection wrinkles and belly rolls grew I often managed to disguise everything nicely, but the sum wasn't speaking the truth about ME. My personal style was missing. The journey down flower and frill mistakes, ill-fitting separates and HUGE A-line skirts disasters can be followed with a dive into the archive of this blog (consider yourself warned!).

Private life: My husband and I met in early 1998, and had our lovely daughter in late 1999. We married in 2001. First we lived in a small semi-detached house in Copenhagen, then we sold it in 2000 and bought a house in the country side. We sold that in 2004, and moved into the suburbs South of Copenhagen, moved again in 2007 to North of the city, where we live now. In 2013 we did move again, but only to a better flat in the next block :-)

Professional life: Decades ago I was educated as an office clerk. I worked many years for IBM in Denmark. Then I needed a change. So as a stewardesse on a freighter I sailed the Seven Seas - well, I crossed the Atlantic a number of times :-)

After that I had a go at Art History at university, worked as an optician's assistant, worked in a call center, was an architect student, a sign writers student, worked as a substitute teacher, worked in a florists shop, had a small jewellery company and work shop, wrote a book on how to make your own jewellery, was educated as a Multimedia Designer, finished my Bachelor in Communication Design - not covering everything and in a rather random order!

My passion for pretty stones has stayed with me. I'm also fascinated by corals, pearls, shells - and fossils! And my family can't escape this:

Kaffesoesters china cabinet will shells stones glass ware and inherited china

This cabinet is in the dining area. It contains inherited pieces as well as thrifted, gifted and found objects.

I'm a collector

Some of the stuff in the cabinet is expensive and hundreds of years old, some is cheap and brand new. The wooden head on the left is a reasonably new Tupilac from Greenland, that my in-laws brought back after spending 1963 up there. The necklace is one my own pieces in silver, fresh water pearls and rock crystal.

Books are another passion that is visible on many outfit photos. I have books on cooking, gardening, style and fashion, living and art history as well as crime fiction, classic novels and a poem or two! There are books in most rooms as my husband share my "disorder". I don't think we have any doublets... 

What I'm not telling you:

I will not tell you about all the things that I hate. There's so much negativity in this world, why bring more if it isn't necessary?

My date of birth and other facts that may invite identity theft. Just a precaution!


You're always more than welcome to place kind comments on my blog. However, if you're nasty, negative or a nuisance I will delete your comment as I'm the Executive Editor here!

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