Friday, 8 March 2013

Pink power on International Women's Day!

A pink dress is the most appropriate outfit for the International Women's Day. And thoughened up with lace up leather boots, I'm ready to fight for justice!

A bit of sparkle never hurts!

Did you know that the date - 8th. of March was decided on the meeting in Copenhagen 1910? We also had the first female minister (for Education) in the world.

Isn't this a knock out dress to fight for justice in?

I personally feel very liberated and equal to men, but that's not at all the case in the rest of the world! There's a lot to change, recently proved by the horrible murders of young women in India and South Africa.

Not the usual brand!

Apart from donating money to various charity organizations, the best thing to do is to use your vote, on politicians that actually make a difference. Too many people in the Western world don't vote!

Matching watch and tights

Even within the developed countries of the Western world do we have different levels of equality between the sexes.

I'm so fortunate to live in a country where children's daycare is affordable to everyone, giving all women the opportunity to have a career.

We even have paternity leave! That's not the case everywhere, but a precondition for true equality. Most parents now share the time off after having had children.

Sleeve length - perfect!

Thinking of those less fortunate women in poor countries I recently suggested to H&M that they give their customers the choice to donate the money on voucher you get at the end of the year.

I was informed that I could just have the money paid to me at any shop, and then donate it. In this digital era it's so easy to set up a button to click, making donation very easy.

I've seen it done at other web shops, so why not H&M? Well, they say they care, but obviously only to a certain extend!

Lots of love from the Pink Worrier!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Flower power at the office!

A short time ago I promised to show the beautiful Bella  Q of The Citizen Rosebud some more pictures of my black dress with red roses

I wore it on Friday at the office, and this time with jeggings and warm boots. Hopefully next time will be with tights and shoes!

I definitely need more red bangles!

The draping is just genius! The neckline isn't perfect, but I thought it was balanced by the great waist and the colours.

The sleeves are short so although it's lined I think I can wear it on not so hot summer days as well.

Maybe a red watch instead of bangles?

Of course Bella should have a close up of the waist details. Did I mentioned how extremely comfortable this dress is?

Remember to click the photos to see a larger version

I'm not turning my back on you - just trying to cover all angles for Bella, and everyone else!

A very colourful LBD?

Today I was at an open house arrangement at the school where I plan to continue my studies after my summer exam. I'm trying to decide between E-commerce development and Design and business.

For the occasion I wore a "serious" outfit, in black and blue. This is by far my best attempt at a black and blue outfit.

Today without bangles!

To save time I went by my favorite lingerie shop on the way to get a few things. I new I would have to get my dress on and off a few times, so I left the bangles at home - and felt quite naked!

Great colours but not quite as sexy as the other one

Last week I missed Visible Monday at the Not Dead Yet Style blog. I can't let that happen twice! So I'm off to link up while there's still time.

Tomorrow I have three weeks left of my internship. I've been very happy with the project and the people, but the extra transportation has really taken it's toll and I'll be glad to see the end of it. I haven't had time to blog, and I'm so tired that I can sleep for a week!

Looking like the sleeping beauty from the back?

I'd love to see what everyone has come up with, and hope to find time to leave comments.

One last thing: The number of pageviews on my post on a teal and pink outfit, has exploded! I've been trying to find out who has linked to it, but without luck. Does anyone have a clue? I'd like to thank the person, you see.

Have a lovely week and see you soon!