Thursday, 26 April 2012

3 outfits with silver shoes

It wasn't on purpose but I've worn my silver shoes for the last three days. The low heel is good for my feet and I think they're beautiful. Had they been more comfortable I would probably wear them again tomorrow!

Tuesday I wore them with my teal dress, which sadly is made of polyester...

Had it been made of some natural fiber is wouldn't cling so much, I think:

The neckline and the extra fabric across the bust makes it difficult to wear jewellery, so I kept it at arms and hands:

The turquoise tights are among my favorites, and I'm working on a replacement for these as they won't last much longer:

Wednesday I had a presentation of a school project. I didn't want to wear colours that were too bright so I ended up with a completely neutral outfit - and added colourful jewellery:

You can't see the blue ring in the above photo so here's a close up:

And the lovely shoes - now with gray jeggings:

The last outfit I wore today at school. The dress has appeared before on the blog, but never with my silver shoes, or the pants, since they're new!

And checking the rear view which I'm trying to make a habit of:

I couldn't find any suitable necklace for this dress - all the zippers make it "a busy area" so I decided to leave it at the bangles:

Finally - the silver shoes with white pants:

Tomorrow I'm going to Copenhagen to buy new shoes - comfortable walking shoes with room for my inlays. Sounds boring, right?

Sunday I'm in Copenhagen again - if the weather permits - for the annual Japanese Sakura festival and hopefully taking lots of great photos!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Return to the blue capsule

I wore blue outfits twice last week, and I'm doing it again today - and linking up to Patti's Visible Monday at the Not Dead Yet Style blog. The temperatures are still very low for the season so I'm wearing t-shirt underneath which does make the shirt feel very tight!.

To brighten up things I added my Marni bracelets (from H&M) - and if I had a pink scarf I would have added that too - but that's still just dream. Now without the jacket:

Instead of a close up I have a photo of the rear view. At school today I had to go up to the blackboard and write something and I became very conscious about my appearance - from the back.

 It could be worse and it could be better. For one thing I should always remember to pull down my top (my husband says it all the time).

My weekend was busy so I haven't planned any outfits for the rest of the week - I hate that! I'll either end up wearing jeans all week or repeat an outfit from last week, or be late for school every day!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Friday night party outfit

The party I'm talking about here is of course the virtual pyjama party that Terri is hosting over at the RAGS against the MACHINE blog. The photos are incredibly grainy due to someone else using the camera and not resetting everything (I could have checked...) - anyway, I'm wearing and old silk kimono, reversible, with a patchwork edging made from vintage kimono silks. The edges have started to fray so I'm looking for suitable fabric to repair it with.

The kimono comes from the same place as the silk scarf I'm wearing so often these days. Inside it looks like this:

And I have a close up of the outside as well:

Last night I made these delicious cupcakes:

This is the recipe:

85 grams of dark chocolate 70 %
150 grams butter
160 grams plain flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
160 grams sugar
a pinch of salt
5 eggs

For decoration:

50 gram white chocolate
50 grams dark chocolate

- First preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius

- Melt the butter and dark chocolate, together in a bowl in the microwave.

- Mix sugar, salt and eggs well in a bowl, and in a separate bowl mix the flour with the baking powder.

- Combine the egg mixture with the flour and then the chocolate.

- distribute in cupcake baking tins and bake for 20 min.

leave them to cool a bit afterwards and then decorate with the two types of chocolate and half a strawberry.

During daytime yesterday I went to the bank looking like this:

A photo of the details:

Underneath the jacket, which is my favorite!, is another of those H&M dresses I've been wearing so much lately:

I couldn't resist buying it as it was on sale at half price.

Now I'm off to the countryside to visit my brother. I'll be staying till tomorrow so my party outfit is coming along too. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

two blue outfits

Many of my outfits lately have been in the same colours, red, green, pink, purple. And gold! So - to avoid boring my readers - I decided to "pay a visit" to my blue and purple capsule. Yesterday I didn't need to bring my laptop to school so I finally had a chance to show off my new orange bag.

I thought I'd just show how great it looks with my pink coat, so here's another couple of photos, along with a close up of the bracelets and rings of the day.

I had to wear gloves yesterday so I ditched the rings. Today was a bit warmer which I took advantage of!

All the white and blue reminds of the antique china that my husband and I inherited some years ago. It's a classic Danish coffee service.

I'm so fed up with the shoes that I have to wear because of my aching feet so I'm unconsciously leaving them out of the photos. I hope it changes soon!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Golden oldie

When H&M designed this sweater I think they had a younger model in mind, not an almost 50 year old woman. But who cares? I think these colours suit me, and they do absolute wonders for my visibility! So, this is my input to Visible Monday at the Not Dead Yet Style blog.

I'm also wearing one of my favorite rings, red plastic, from Evans - the only place I've found so far that carry jewellery in really large sizes (both rings and bracelets):

I also dressed in gold on Friday (I think it was Friday...), when I remixed my green jersey dress, again with jeans:

For contrast I added my red ring:

At the end of this week I'm attending a pyjama party - online! - hosted by Terri at the RAGS Against The MACHINE blog. I can't remember ever attending a pyjama party in my life - so I'm really exited!

Friday, 13 April 2012

My blog just turned one year!

One year ago I looked very different from now. Since then my wardrobe has changed and I have changed. Below is a "before" photo from April last year.

Last year I discovered that my idea of how I looked was far from reality - I wasn't as colourful as I thought, and I didn't look as polished or as original as I hoped.

Until I started this blog shopping was so difficult. My wadrobe had many orphans and a lot of items that were worn out, outdated or too small. That has changed - now I buy things that will work with what I already have.

Some time ago I decided that my colours are Soft Summer. I have visited the 12blueprints blog many times as I like the idea that any season can have any eye and hair colour - that it's all in the skin and only to be determined by trying on the colours.

Dressing for my shape was another issue that I needed to address. T-shirts without any shape or waist definition are out of the question, as are boxy jackets and high necklines.

There's still along way to go, but I've taken the first steps towards building a wardrobe that allows me to dress in a style that truly expresses my personality or how I wish others to perceive me.

Along the way I have gained confidence (and weight). I'm not afraid to stand out, and I look much like the fantasy image I had in mind before.

Looking at photos of myself has helped a great deal, but without all you bloggers out there nothing in my world would have changed.

You have inspired and encouraged me. I have found lots of valuable advice and helpful guides. Above all I meet only respect and support, so THANK YOU!

Here's a few more "after" photos:

During the next year I'll focus on becoming a better photographer - as well as being an active part in the blogging community. I love following blogs, commenting others and getting comments.

I guess all there's left to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The old bag

Pastel colours have always been difficult for me - I like stronger colours, and I think they suit my skin colour better. At the same time it's nice to have the possibility  sometimes to wear a less noisy outfit. For more "quiet" outfits this dress is perfect. I don't know if beige qualifies as a pastel colour but I belive the mint green does. I had forgotten all about this scarf because it was so cheap. Originally i had planned to wear another scarf, but it was too cold today, so I needed something heavier.

I had to take off my shoes as soon as I got home - I have some sort of tendonitis, as far as I can read the orthopedic surgeons hand writing. Last week I got my insoles, specially made for me, and it HURTS to walk on them. So, today I'm in my socks! Hopefully the pain will be over in a couple of weeks.

The bag is a gift from a good friend, for my birthday some years ago. It's pale pink leather with gold print on the outside, and with this lovely green lining inside. It's been a long time since I've used it, but it certainly deserves to be shown off.

Apart from my rings and the pink watch I'm wearing a silver necklace with green amethyst, labradorite, freshwater pearls and sesame jasper (or is it kiwi jasper?)

This post will also be linked to Everybody Everywear as my contribution to the Wear Pastels Challenge. Now I can't wait to see the other participants - it's always so inspiring.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Dressed like the Swedish flag

As I promised my Swedish blog friend, Anna of  Four Season One Wardrobe the blue dress from H&M is paired with yellow, well nearly yellow, like the Swedish flag! The scarf is really a sarong, from H&M as well, by Matthew Williamson, from a couple of years ago. The shoes are old, expensive, comfortable and rather awful, but my feet are killing me these days, and these hurt less than others.

This is also the outfit I'm linking to Visible Monday on the Not Dead Yet Style blog. The rings are old, and worn often, just not in the cold season when I'm wearing gloves - they're simply too big for any glove!

Yesterday I remixed the red version of today's dress, this time with a cropped cardigan. The shoes are not pretty, but sadly necessary at the moment.

I apologize for the photo, it's a bit blurry for some reason. To match the dress and scarf (which is another sarong, meant for the beach) I got out my red and purple rings:

Tomorrow I'm linking up to the Everybody Everywear blog to participate in this month's pastel colours challenge. I have a new dress lined up, and hope my new bag will arrive in time.

See you soon!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Red H&M dress with pink, Tricia Guild style!

One of the dresses I bought lately reminded me of the red colours used by the designer Tricia Guild. I have several of her books, including Pattern where I got this photo from:

I would love to fill my home with her silk fabrics, but I can't afford to. Instead I've come up with this outfit that has a bit of the same feeling (the scarf is silk):

And a close up of the details:

I wore it to a lunch party at our good friends house yesterday. It matched the sunny day perfectly!

On Wednesday I went to Copenhagen again, to have a haircut. I wasn't very inspired as my feet were killing me, so I ended up with a dress that I've worn quite a few times lately. It's easy to remix with different cardigans and jeggings (that are just warm enough for the outdoor temperature these days).

If you haven't seen the orange bangles before, here's a nice shot...

Last photo is from this morning. The weather was depressingly wet and windy, with temperatures just above freezing. So, back to thick sweaters and heavy boots.

The scarf is old, from around the last time pastels were the current trend. I have a matching silk dress that I'm hoping to use for the pastel colour challenge on Everybody Everywear, on April 10th.

Have a great weekend everyone - see you again on Visible Monday!