Monday, 26 November 2012

Tiger(ish) printed dress remixed with gold and orange

My closet is very small, as I've explained a couple of times. So, remixing is a discipline I must resort to frequently. Today was such an occasion.

The dress is from CC (where all great dresses apparently come from), and the orange silk scarf/shawl is old.

Isn't this the pattern of a tiger?

I also wore it two weeks ago on the Trinny and Susannah show. The fit is incredible, and I'm learning how to handle beige!

Wearing a scarf this way isn't annoying at all

As long as I can tie my scarves so they stay in place, and will lie reasonably flat on my bust, I'm okay with it. This one stayed on the whole day.

Lovely new ring from Evans

The large ring (with the white dot on)
on my middle finger is new. I originally ordered three, and received two, of which one is too small. This one fits perfectly though, and has already become a favorite. However, I do wish more shops would sell XL size jewellery!

To keep warm outside I wore my magenta wool coat again, which I like with the orange scarf - and my cobalt blue bag.

The brooch is new too, not from Evans though.

As I sort of promised I have photos from this weekend's dinner party. My daughter wasn't at home to help, so I did all the cooking myself!

I usually cook everything myself, but it may seem to some like my daughter does a lot of cooking when we're having dinner guests.

Remember to click the photos to get a larger version

I'm very proud that I've made the candles myself! Last year my daughter made some at her club, and I've wanted them ever since. I love the dramatic atmosphere they create!

close up of amazing candles

Of course I forgot to take photos of all the dishes, but I remembered at the dessert, which is a milk chocolate and mocca mousse with coconut grissini.

The cup is an heirloom form my husband's grandmother

This dessert was brilliant.
I made it the day before, and just decorated it with whipped cream and chocolate shavings when I served it.

This could easily become a classic in our house!

The weather on Friday was fantastic so I took the dog for a long walk.

A lovely November day in Denmark

The dog loved it! I don't think he looks like an eleven year old dog, and he certainly doesn't behave like one - he actually chased his tail later that day!

Congo enjoying the sun

As I wanted to make this year's first Christmas decoration, I took the opportunity to collect materials. A few hedges along the way were discretely helped to a better shape... Here's the result:

It can be placed anywhere

Here's how I made it:
First I took and old and battered gold frame, and stapled chicken wire on to the backside.

Is chicken wire the right word?

Adding the evergreen twigs was easy, a bit like weaving.

Half finished, and much faster than anticipated!

Another photo of the finished product:

Bad lighting - I know!

This ended up being a very long post, and I still have one photo I want to share.

On Wednesday my daughter's club had a 'bring your parents' arrangement. That's when I made the candles.

In addition to the candle making my daughter also taught her dad how to make glass beads (she's very good at it!),  and they had a great time!

Father and daughter making glass beads

Now it's party time! Patti at the Not Dead Yet Style blog has invited me end everyone else to join her for the Visible Monday feast. Come have a look at all the incredible outfits!

Have a lovely week and see you soon!