Sunday, 28 October 2012

Boycott H&M!

Now I've really had it with H&M. After seeing a Swedish TV program (in Swedish unfortunately) on how other companies like Inditex (Zara), Marks & Spencer and Philippa K, manage to demand a fair pay for their workers, and H&M not, I'm done with them!

One thing is how they make a fat living by exploiting others - but their sad excuses are the worst!

Like bloggers in Norway (and Sweden too, I believe) I will boycott H&M from now on. My hope is that other Danish bloggers will join me, and spread the word.

At the end of 2012 when I get my coupon (yes, I found out Anna, that we do get one here too!), I'll ask H&M to donate the money to their Cambodian workers who really need it more than me. I know they'll refuse to do so, but I like sending a message!

On Thursday I wore this bright and colourful outfit, with only one item from H&M!

Coat and scarf from Marks & Spencer

Although I had a fever I was at school, so I thought some bright colours would make me look less sick, including a fair amount of red lipstick! The sweater is from H&M.

I can't get enough of this coat!

It was so cold on Thursday, and Friday we had snow! Last time we had snow this early was in 1997 (which I remember vividly: I was at a party that lasted the whole night. It was a theme party, a trip to Mars. We entered Mars in late afternoon, and arrived on the North pole in early morning!) - my memory hasn't all gone yet! Sorry I don't have any old photos!

Without the coat

I even remembered to take a close up of the jewellery!

Lovely bangles!

I hope other Danish bloggers will follow the Scandinavian trend and boycott H&M, and non-bloggers too of course!

Tomorrow there's Visible Monday at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style blog, where lots of gorgeous ladies will be dressed in inspiring, creative and stylish outfits. I'll be joining - in a non-H&M dress!

See you all tomorrow!


  1. The only time I bought in H&M was a few years ago, and everybody had the same top, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I hadn´t worn it since.
    You look so fabulous in pink and green.
    I hope you feel better.
    Keep as warm as you can.
    here, we had a day of rain and it is sunny agai, but 18ºc, so cannot complain.

    1. Thank you very much Sacramento! Oh, to live in Spain (if one isn't unemployed) during the winter...

      I'm feeling fine today, well as fine as a cold, dark and rainy day allows!

      The top selling H&M items never seem to fit me, so mostly I don't meet people in the same top or dress. But even if it was so, the styling would be different. What annoys me about H&M, are the excuses they come up with for not paying people a fair wage. At least the should acknowledge their responsibility, and the consequences of their choices.

      I hope a boycott will spread, forcing H&M to do like Calvin Klein,Tommy Hilfiger and Marks and Spencer, and pay the price. I know I'm willing to pay a fair price, so why can't they?

  2. I hate H&M. They whore themselves to the population of trendy young people who don't make a lot of money and don't have a lot to spend. But they go in there anyway because they get sucked and seduced into the stores. When those buyers really take a closer look at what they're doing they'd realize that the crap they bought doesn't even last for more than one season, thus chucking all their hard earned money out the window. But the sad thing is when they ask themselves, "How do they sell it for so cheap?" The fact of the matter is that people and our environment are mistreated along the way just to get that crap on the shelves, so really it's not a good deal for anyone. Though the seduction would tempt you otherwise. And that's my soapbox! Sorry to rant, but I think style blogs are the best place to talk about this stuff.

    On a good note, I truly love that coat!

    1. Thank you so much Joni! I think a good rant is in order every now and then.

      I do think that young people, still experimenting with their style, are happy to throw most of their wardrobe out every year. And they will always look for cheaper clothes, and not care much for quality.

      At the same time they should have respect for the effort and time some else have put into making the garment, and be willing to pay a fair price for it. Of course environmental issues should be considered too, but that's an area where H&M are doing better than average - for now! The thing that really scares me though, is that young Danish people are coming up with excuses like 'it doesn't help the workers not to buy the clothes' or 'others are worse'.

      Just because some else is robbing a bank doesn't mean I should do so too! And when we start buying our clothes from companies that actually pay their workers enough to make a living, then we're changing the lives of those workers.

      Part of growing up is starting to make your own choices. How do we prepare our children to make informed, responsible choices? I think good role models are a good place to start, so I'm discussing this with my daughter now, hoping it will rub off!

    2. You know, I just found out yesterday from someone who works at Nordstrom that they are now buying from Top Shop who is much like H&M. The stuff they're selling under this brand is horribly cheap and highly priced and are purchased from sweatshops all over Europe and China. It's such a shame but I suppose these big stores must provide what the buyers want in order to stay afloat.

    3. According to the British Organization 'Labour behind the label' the Arcadia group is doing better than H&M. Not that they're angels!

      I think it's important that we discuss these issues openly and frequently. The more awareness the greater the chances are that someone will agree, and change their shopping habits.

  3. It's fairly certain that any store that sells new items at prices too good to be true has access to EXTREMELY cheap labour somewhere in the world - although expensive high-end brands are guilty of exploitation as well. There's so much research required to be a conscientious consumer these days. This is FREE trade.

    Extra points for dressing in colour and taking your photos when you are not well! But I hope you feel better soon and manage to get enough rest.

    1. Thank you very much Melanie! I think the British organization 'Labour behind the label' is doing a fantastic job. I know it's only a few companies that have been evaluated so far - but they're among the largest in the world, and extremely powerful!

      No matter how we're feeling, how depressing everything is, there's a cure for it that never fails - colour! I'm more or less back to normal, mostly thanks to my green, pink and red outfit!

  4. Brilliant use of these fuschia purply articles. You look fantastic.

    I only have one item from H&M, that floral dress I wore last week - but it was thrifted for $6. We just got an H&M here this summer, but the one time I went in, I found the quality to be non-existent, so I haven't been tempted to visit the store again.

    1. Thank you so much Lynne! I'm afraid the scarf is in use again today - as to be seen later in the next post! Pink is becoming a neutral in my wardrobe!

      Quality has always been low at H&M, because low prices were their main priority when they started the business decades ago. Not all their items are of poor quality these days though.

      But poor quality in clothes is one thing, poor payment of your workers is another. When workers are kept under slave-like conditions and exploited like we haven't seen in the Western world since around the 1930's - and the companies only have sick excuses for letting it happen,then I've had it enough!

      We all know better now, so we should do better too.

      I live in a very small country with a limited choice of clothes in the shops. I buy most of my clothes from web shops abroad.

      That's how I can deal with the boycott. But the brand is so big here, with branches in nearly every smaller provincial town. It's going to be hard work to change people's fixed habits of just running by the local H&M shop when they're out to get new clothes. Habits are tough!

  5. You go Tine! I don't really like any of those high street pile-it-high sell-it-cheap stores, and never shop there for myself, although I have bought the odd thing for the kids there at H &M in the sales. But naturally cheap prices means exploitation of workers somewhere down the line, and poor quality as well. That's why it's vintage and thrifting all the way for me!
    You look lovely, despite feeling unwell and cold! The colour of your coat is gorgeous and suits you so well. xxxxx

    1. Thank you so much Curtise! I'm feeling fine today, probably because of all the lovely colours I'm wearing!

      H&M can sell any cheap and poorly made clothes they like to, for all I care, or expensive, high quality.

      To me it's important that they don't pollute or damage the environment, and that their workers are paid a fair wage, and work under safe conditions. I will under no circumstances support slavery!

      If only I had access to vintage stores larger than my own closet, and with clothes in my size, then that's where I'd buy my clothes.

      Then I would be supporting a charity organization, be kind to the environment and dressing uniquely, all at the same time, plus saving money!

  6. I have not seen the documentary, yet, but I suppose I have to after reading this. Until I have seen it I pass. But, I don't agree with the other ladies, about bad quality, I have found some extra ordinary things at H&M that I worn for years. Of course, not everything is good quality at H&M, but you can usually tell when you buy it. And I have bought pieces from more expensive brands (read especially Esprit) that have not last for long.
    Whether or not, you look gorgeous in those colors. The combination of purple/pink and the turquoise is brilliant! I hope you feel better!

    1. Thank you very much Anna! I'm already feeling so much better today!

      I do agree with you, there are definitely good quality pieces to be found at H&M too!

      But after seeing how the workers live like slaves I can't support it any more. And seeing how the H&M staff come up with one excuse after another makes me downright angry!

      When brands such as Marks and Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein and Zara can pay decent wages, and still run a successful business, then H&M can too!

      So, I'm going to suggest that they open a possibility to donate the yearly coupon to charities, and thus avoiding buying from them any time soon!

  7. I'm sad but not surprised to hear about H&M. I will avoid going there. I don't shop retail very much, but I have gone there for inexpensive items. But really, as mentioned above, it's obvious that when clothing prices are "too good to be true" someone is suffering to pay the price.

    You look so pretty in your colors!! Feel better, sweetie.

    1. Thank you so much Jean! I'm really almost back to normal again - it must be the best wishes from all my blogger friends!

      If an international boycott got started, and people began to buy from competitors instead, then it would have an immediate effect. Money speaks so much more than words! I hope I can win some of the other Danish bloggers over, and get them to 'vote' against slavery!

  8. You know, I think H&M is very hit or miss so I don't generally shop there. I try every so often, but usually anything that's on sale is an outrageous style that I can't wear to work.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Narda! The style of H&M is always very fashion forward, and directed towards younger customers. I don't buy a lot from them anymore, but most Danish people do, and I'd love to change that!

      People should certainly dress in whatever they like, but they shouldn't support slavery! Hopefully someone reads this and change habit, then I've accomplished a small step towards more fairness for the workers in the fashion industry.

  9. I adore your colour combinations, especially this coat and your rings today! Beautiful pictures, I hope you can rest and feel better soon - sounds like you really toughed out the day.

    I only tried going in H&M a couple of times when it was new-ish in Canada, and I found the experience grating and distasteful - I didn't like having to wait a long while in line to try things on, even when the store didn't seem busy, and combined with the lighting, music, and cheapy-stuff it was a total turn-off. I am never surprised to hear this kind of news about any large company - thanks for spreading the word.

    I'm not so short of thrifting options as you, but I can relate!

  10. Ups, I just bought a skirt from HM. I have already heard of the documentary by the most popular and influental fashion bloggers in Norway. I have not seen it yet though but Ithink its a disgrace for a company of this size to make money on way underpaid workers. That said, I do like to shop at HM, Im really fond of their versatile viscose tops, the quality is quite good as well. I doubt I will boycott them in total but I will for sure think again when Purchasing any garment fm them.

  11. Heh I completely forgot to mention how lovely you look in turquiose and pinks :)