Friday, 17 August 2012

Meeting with the bank in beige

As the name of my blog says, my style is really highly irregular! Many of my outfits are very colourful, and then a few are absolutely not. Sometimes I wonder if I suffer from a split personality... Yesterday I went to a meeting with the bank in beige, head to toe.

Lots of beige!

The scarf is new, and I've been wanting to wear it, but felt it was too hot for scarves. However, the meeting was late in the afternoon so the temperature had dropped a bit. The top is new too, and a sister to the black, printed one in my previous post. And yes, the skirt is also new, bought at a ridiculously low price at Marks and Spencer. I thought it was way too long, but it looks alright here. I may still cut off the lower part since I'm planning on wearing it with these boots in the colder seasons.

Silver boots from Irregular Choice

Since my husband was already home from work he took the photos, and lots of them!

By a pine tree

By the neighboring block

By the willows - smiling as requested!

Of course there are photos of the details - bag, bangles and scarf. The fabric of the top has a light shimmer to it. It hardly shows on the photos, but is quite beautiful in real life.

Angel Jackson bag, Charlotte Sparre scarf

Silver nail polish!

Another shot of the bangles

I apologize for the messy hair. My hairdresser is extremely popular, as she's one of the best, so she's fully booked at the moment. It'll be weeks before I can get a haircut - it's driving me crazy! Of course I should have thought of booking before I even left the salon last time. Another lesson learned.

In the past couple of days many bloggers have been discussing a post on the online community of fashion bloggers called Independent Fashion Bloggers. The original post offended many bloggers by stating that the reason why only a few blogs were very popular and got top ranking was that other blogs weren't of a good enough quality, and the blogger wasn't looking good enough (too fat, too old, too poor...), all due to lack of discipline!

My first impulse was to create another online community. However, after thinking things through I've changed my mind. A community will always in some way be limited. Not all can join, you have to qualify in some way. That's not how I see the internet. I love the idea of total freedom (within the law of course!). I love how anyone can approach me on my blog, link to me, leave comments or just browse.

If some people can make a living out of blogging, then congratulations! They can still inspire and entertain me. Explaining the popularity and success by everyone else being not worthy or good enough reveals however, a very arrogant attitude, born out of fear of the unknown perhaps?

The original post was re-written, after a huge amount very critical comments. In my opinion the only right thing to do would have been to apologize - and not trying to turn back time and "hide" the problem. It's such a childish thing to do! Everyone makes mistakes, it's how you handle them that makes the big difference.

Is there a lesson to be learned from this? That probably depends on who you are. For some people it's very important to have a prestigious position in the fashion world, or hold a top ranking in the blogging world. Does a lot of comments on your blog mean that you're popular? In that case the IFB has top ratings now! Or does quality count more than quantity? Well, most of the comments weren't from happy readers! As I've read, a lot of the members are cancelling their membership now. The end result could be a significant drop in their ratings. Not quite what they were looking for, I expect!

Judging by the response to the first post the majority of bloggers appreciate diversity, and that should include these very popular blogs as well as those with poor photography, misspelling and non-designer clothes by bloggers that are rich, poor, fat, thin, old, young, from all parts of the world, of all political persuasions and genders. That's a very important lesson to be learned - by the fashion industry and others!

I'm wishing you all a great weekend!


  1. Oh man. Those irregular Choice boots are amazing. I love this look on you, you look very stylish! I think variety is the spice of life, and I actually find the smaller, quirky blogs, with the people who aren't slick and dressed head to toe in designer duds much more interesting, as they tend to be run by the people that I can relate to the most. To suggest that someone shouldn't be blogging because they don't fit some standard is ridiculous. If i wanted airbrushed perfection I'd be reading a magazine.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm thinking, the minute you appear on someone's payroll you've lost/sold your independence. You will have to wear certain items and promote products. These people have lost their freedom, they can no longer speak their mind like the two of us, so maybe we should pity them? I'll take inspiration from them, but I wouldn't want to be in their shoes (as if they would fit me!)!

  2. I didn't know anything about all this IFB furore till I read Bella Rosebud's post. The blogs I love are the ones where I feel I can build a relationship with the blogger, as well as admiring their style. Personality over size/age/money/designer labels every time for me!
    So from this undisciplined blogger - bravo!
    I don't really do beige, but I am loving that skirt (I would keep it long, but then you would expect me to say that!) You do look very elegant, love the shot of pink.
    And the smiley photos are beautiful, I think Terri observed previously that you really shine in pics taken by your husband, and I have to agree! xxx

    1. Thank you very much Curtise! The reason I want to cut the skirt is that winter in Denmark involves snow and sleet and muddy sidewalks. If the skirt is shorter there's a fair chance that it'll stay clean/not so dirty! The boots will be easier to see as well!

      When I take photos of myself it's just not that easy to smile, plus my husband does everything to make me laugh! He is a great husband - loving, warm and helpful. On top of that he's tall, dark and handsome! I know I'm the luckiest girl!

  3. I did not read the post as I have been busy enjoying the warm summer weather after work, so I can't not really judge, but given from what you have written it seem like really cowardly behavior to rewrite the post instead of apologizing and admitting that their were wrong or to stand up for their opinion and being willing to take the discussion. I must say that I am sometimes torn towards the famous style bloggers, and there is just a few I follow on a regular basis. In general I prefer those blogs that are more down to earth and that I can relate to, which I seldom can to those that have a body like a super model although there are some exceptions.
    I just have to agree with Curtise, you do shine even more when your husband have taken the photos! :-) I also look forward to see how you will style the skirt with the boots, but please not to soon though ;-) Have a great weekend and enjoy the warm weather!

  4. Thank you very much Anna! I promise not to bring out the boots for a long time, well not until frost appears on the thermometer.

    The few famous fashion bloggers I do follow don't take up much of my blogging time. As you say, you can't relate to them like you can to "real" women. They're still great to get inspiration from though.

    Have a great weekend too, and do allow yourself just a small ice cream, now that summer's finally here!

  5. Oh, I like you in these colors with the soft pop of pink. Hope the meeting at the bank went well.

    I have only learned of the IFB brouha second hand. I've been a member, but never a very active one. I suspect that the writer of the article assumed that many people were blogging to monetize...and that couldn't be further from the truth.

    1. Thank you so much Terri! The meeting went very well!

      I don't mind people trying to monetize from their blog, but if they think that's a stamp of quality, they're wrong. And if their motivation to have a blog is to monetize, then I pity them, because they're missing all the fun of blogging!

  6. I like your idea to hack off the bottom of the skirt if it means showing off those spectacular boots!! Beige grows on trees, although you wear it spectacularly, and you don't want your banker to have a fit if you wear too much colour. I want your hubby to take photos of me too! You shine here.

    I like your IFB comments here. I didn't know about the furore until I read Bella's post at Citizen Rosebud. Power, money, fame, who knew personal style blogging was so turbo-charged? I guess I'm too undisciplined to run in those circles, or run around in circles...? Um, actually, I'm so undisciplined that I DO run around in circles... Okay, better sign off here.

    1. Thank you very much Melanie! You're so right - I want to show off my silver boots! Where else are people going to see silver boots?

      You're right about the banker's fit as well. I expect bankers are more conservative dressers than me, so I wanted to be as bank appropriate as I could.

      I don't know any top tier bloggers personally, so I can't tell what's driving them, but I can imagine a few things. It's like all these people that become famous after being on reality TV. They think they're rock stars. As I just said to Terri above, they're missing all the fun about blogging - the network, the possibility to learn from others and being inspired by someone both independent and unconventional. Whoops! I think I just described an undisciplined person here...

  7. I have just vaguely heard of the IFB community, Ive noticed the badge here and there. I really cant comment on the subject as I havent read the post and now its no point as its altered. However I tend to favour those less popular bllogs, the peiple behind those blogs seem more down to earth and keeping it real, not craving fame or money. I tend to stay clear off those sponsored blogs, their blog only being a product of whatever makes the most money. I might be cruel but I think of such bloggers as they have sold themselves short. I wil never ever let myself go down that route, well I think the chances are slim for ant sponsor taking an interest in me , hhehehehe. :) and Im totally on your page, the blog community should be open to everyone no matter what! :) and not to forget, you look oustandng in beige! :)

  8. Ups, sorry for my misspelling, im on my Ipad :p not the easiest to write on ;)

    1. Thank you very much Monica! You don't have to apologize for spelling or anything of that sort!

      It's not that one can't work with sponsors at all, it's the way it's done. When I never see a single negative comment about any product, then I start to get suspicious. Some bloggers seem to manage reviewing products in a very sober manner, and tell the truth. Not that I've ever tried any of the products, they're all American! But I see clear signs that bloggers differ a lot when it comes to sponsors and reviews.

      Some bloggers don't give reviews, they just wear what they receive from the sponsors. If you only see them in these items they loose creativity and become boring, or they end up looking like the magazines, too polished and in outfits of the latest trend. Kind of boring too, I think!

  9. As I've said it before, you have awesome taste in shoes and I can't wait until fall and winter to see your styles. I haven't been blogging long enough to go through my favorite seasons so this is something to look forward too. I love this all over beige and your skirt would also look great with a beige sweater.

    I really shy away from the "perfect blog" as some would say. They almost rape my eyes with commercialism and predictability.

  10. Thank you so much Joni! I just found a cream sweater that I plan to wear later. Is winter a favorite season of yours? Our winter is so long that I get fed up with it less than half way through! I do expect though, that my new silver boots will help me through the coming winter.

    All the advertisements on some blogs can really have a discouraging effect. It becomes hard to look stylish when the blog itself is no longer stylish!

    1. I love the fall and winter both but I can imagine where you live the cold can drag on for months. Although, where you live is someplace I'd love to explore one day.
      I just adore every single one of your pairs of shoes and boots. Even the comfy sandals. ;)

  11. Well given how good you look in that silvery beige/driftwood shade, no wonder you like a break from the color-color every so often!

    [I know you say you're lucky to have your husband, but I assume he knows how lucky he is to have someone who lights up like a firecracker when he's behind the camera.]

    I've been mercifully unplugged on my summer vacation, and thus have missed the IFB dustup.

    If the blogging world has room for the too young, too rich, too emaciated, too vapid, and too humorless then I would hope there's room for their opposites to monetize if they choose to do so. Or to choose to answer to no one....

    1. Thank you very much Vix! I never pass a chance to tell my husband how lucky he is!

      Through history it seems that whenever there's some kind of movement in the art world, it also produces a counter movement. Let's hope that applies to blogging as well.