Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Hourglas rule number one: Wear fitted clothes!

If there's a bible that I live by, it's the Body Shape Bible by Trinny and Susannah! According to the book I'm an hourglass, and that's also how I see myself. Usually I make sure that my clothes aren't shapeless. Usually! Today I thought I'd wear an old cardigan from H&M, that I haven't bothered to take in at the sides - and see how disastrous that is:

Bad news from behind

Yesterday I wore my striped dress, with the tweed jacket. The difference is significant. Shapeless clothes are a crime on my body!

The reason I often buy both jackets and cardigans that aren't fitted, is that it's hard to see on the photos when I buy online. At the same time a lot of clothes in my size doesn't come in a fitted version! The bigger the size, the more boxy the clothes become. At UK size 18 (I think it's a US 14...?) I clearly haven't lost all shape - H&M!

Somewhat fitted tweed jacket

Today's skirt isn't exactly helping things, but the cardigan is definitely the worst. Now back to the front of the striped dress outfit:

Pearls and tweed

This is the most lady like outfit that I can remember ever wearing! The weather is still too warm for tights, but patience isn't my biggest virtue, and I've been so eager to wear these! I nearly had a heat stroke yesterday - today was a tiny bit better.

Yesterday's jewellery was as real as it gets, when it comes to Freshwater Pearls!

Chanel style jewellery, real pearls - fake stones!

For the last year I've been searching for a tweed skirt to wear with this jacket, preferably a pencil shape, since that's what suits me best. Somehow the black and white type of tweed isn't very common. Anyway, I think the dress is an alright substitute.

Missing the feet

I've managed to photograph the feet separately from the body - so here comes the rest of me...

The missing feet

These shoes are from Irregular Choice, and they have the cutest decorations underneath!

Aren't they cute?

Returning to today's outfit - from the front things weren't that bad. The cardigan and the skirt are both part of my capsule wardrobe that I've been wearing a lot lately. The pink top fits right in, and could count as a "spare part"!

Good outfit with bad cardigan

The necklace isn't worn often, it takes a certain framing, and a certain mood. The tights are new, and I love the pattern. However, they're made of a material with only a little stretch. After wearing them for half an hour they become loose, and start gathering at the ankles. Very aging!

Genuine, high quality plastic jewellery

My camera decided to be difficult after this shot, so I don't have a close up of the tights, other than the one from H&M. I love the colours and the Tartan inspired pattern!

New tights with too little stretch

If you don't mind adjusting your tights regularly throughout the day, these are great. If you do mind - don't buy!

Yesterday's outfit still surprises me. I thought the ladylike style with pearl necklaces would make me look older. It doesn't - so, wouldn't a hat be great with it? 

An almost real Lady

Today's lesson: Always listen to Trinny and Susannah! Jokes aside, they've helped me a lot, identifying my assets and disguising what I'm not so happy about. The fact that they operate with 12 different types allows more body issues to be addressed, compared to books that only have four or six types. If you don't have it , try finding it at the library.

Tomorrow I'll be going to Copenhagen to pick up a new bag for my laptop. I hope I can control my urge to visit those wonderful little shops, filled with locally produced, well fitting and gorgeous dresses, that are way too expensive for my restricted budget!

A Sweet Thursday to everyone!


  1. Now you see I find T & S very irritating. It's not so much what they say (although all that body shape stuff is rather too prescriptive for my liking) as HOW they say it. Perhaps they are less like annoying posh bullies on the page than they are on TV!
    I agree that fitted clothes look good on an hourglass figure though, and your striped dress is a great example. I think the problem with jackets is finding one that fits right. I also find it hard to get a jacket that fits across the boobs but isn't too big and boxy in the body. The tweed jacket is lovely. What about belting the cardigan to create more shape? And I wonder if the claret coloured skirt could be shortened to knee length? You have great legs, it's a shame to hide them!
    I think you have got really sound instincts about what flatters you, you don't need a rule book! And sometimes, an outfit can be so break-all-the-rules, it's fabulous!
    PS. My wide brown belt has leather ends around the buckle, but the rest is soft elastic, so it's really comfortable to wear. It was £1 in a charity shop and I have SO had my money's worth from it! xxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you so much Curtise! I think there's a difference to reading the books and to seeing the pair on TV. Spoken language is always different to written. Maybe I should consider myself lucky that I haven't been on their shows!

      The boob issue doesn't seem to be high on the designers' agenda, for all price ranges. It's really annoying!I've sometimes tried to make darts at the waist area, but it's difficult getting the lining right, so I've dropped it for now. My waist is also very high so many fitted items will not fit around my hips, because that's where the designer has places the waist.

      Belts are not very good on me, again because of my high waist. If I can muster the courage one day, I'll post a photo.

      I've been thinking about shortening the skirt, but I wanted it to be long enough for my black winter boots. Depending on how it looks with the boots I may choose to shorten after all.

      Again, thank you so much Curtise, for giving serious feedback. I really appreciate it!

  2. I like Curtise's remark. You certainly have great instincts about choosing fabulous clothes for your body. And the hourglass concept seems to be working. You look great in those smacking red tights! And the bottoms of the shoes are a wonderful little postscript to a flirty little walk-by!

    1. Thank you very much Melanie! I have so many coloured tights laying in my closet, just waiting to be worn. I guess the red colour caught my eye first!

      All Irregular Choice shoes are decorated underneath, and on the inside - making them even more irresistible!

  3. Yes, those shoes are darn cute all the way to the cement! I must look for those myself. The perfect oxford with a bit of the feminine. I wonder if we have those here in the US.

    I agree on shortening the claret colored skirt. It's wonderful and a great color but I think a quick hem would do it justice.

    1. Thank you very much Joni! Irregular Choice has a US site as well, when you go to the main website you can change site. I can't promise you that they carry the exact same range - but their shoes are always lots of fun!

      The skirt length is now under serious consideration!

  4. I think you are brave to show also that does not work out so well. I have seen you in person and I know that you not are as big as the first outfit makes you look from behind. So this is a great illustration about what a big difference the shape of the clothes make. Trinny and Susannah was the first persons that made me aware of shapes too, and I will always be grateful to them for that! The dress looks great on you as alway! Red tights is one of my favorite things, and I would probably had bought these too if I had seen them at H&M - so thanks for the warning! Have a Sweet Thursday Evening and Great Friday!

    1. Thank you very much Anna!
      It certainly took some consideration before I used the top photo! Hadn't I done so, it wouldn't help anyone though, or illustrate how poorly these boxy shapes fit us. Most large sized clothes have absolutely no shape to them - or rather, the they're shaped like tents!

      In my next post I'll do what I can to look as shapely as I can!

  5. Hi there! I just found your blog and think it's fabulous. I love hearing about what you think works, or doesn't work for your shape. I, too, am a plus-sized hourglass and am always happy to find similarly-shaped bloggers to follow.

    Can't wait to read more!


    1. Thank you very much Gracey, and welcome! Dressing in fitted clothes in larger sizes is a bit if a challenge - there isn't much out there to choose from. Glad that we hourglasses can help out each other!

  6. Yay, great too see you join the tights brigade! :) Have you tried the tights from Sneaky Fox? Best tights ever, although a litte expensive and its a Danish brand!!! How cool is that! :) I just received some cotton ones with amazing stripes and pattern! They are onesize as well, so no droopiness. :)

    1. Thank you Monica! I love Sneaky Fox tights, but they don't love me! Sadly my thighs are too big for them. Had they fit me, I would have tons of them!

    2. Oh Im sad to hear they being a poor fit for you. Im mad about these tights, so many funky prints and colours!! :)

  7. Actually Trinny and Susannah are filming in Norway now, the second season of their show in Norway, a makeover show. They are visiting several cities in Norway, stroll the streets for locals in need of a make over. :) Unfortunately they havent visited my city yet, I would so love to see them:)

    1. Funny that they're in Norway for the second time - they'll be in Denmark later, for the first time even though Susannah is married to a Dane. I've applied for their show but haven't heard anything. I actually lied about my age! They only wanted women younger than 45 years - very discriminating! I'm going to apply for an interview as well, but haven't got much hope. I guess I'm not their primary target group!

    2. woow, really cool that you have sent in an application! :) Thats lame, drawing a age line at 45, how silly of them! I do believe we had some participants older than 45, at least some of them looked older. :P Fingers crossed for you being among the chosen ones. :)

  8. Those are great shoes, I love both pairs of tights, and the entire striped dress / jacket outfit is spectacular!

    I agree with the amazing Curtise above - to try belting the cardigan. Rather than the wide belts which I love to shorten my long torso, on your high waist see how a medium to narrow belt suits you, perhaps with a couple of middle buttons of the sweater done up. Your colours in the purple outfit are wonderful.

  9. Thank you very much Amber! I think you're right about the narrow belt, and I'll certainly look for one now! I could of course take the sides of the cardigan in, to give it some waist definition, like I usually do with my cardigans!

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