Thursday, 7 May 2015

Out of the blue...

Came two invitations that I had to accept :-)

Kaffesoester in her new rain coat

First one (Wednesday afternoon) was a workshop with the leading trend forecasters in Denmark, the second was a "Spoil yourself" sale event in the Triumph store in Copenhagen. With goodie bags and special offers!

The weather has been extremely wet and windy, what better excuse to show off my first proper raincoat in 5-6 years! And it's blue (the only colour left in the outlet), matching the blue skies I'm dreaming of, and the rain I'm getting instead.

Under the coat I'm wearing a new dress, also bought on sale, from Phase Eight. It matches the coat's lining :-)

Kaffesoester showing the lining of the rain coat

The workshop was aimed at professionals in the fashion industry so I went for a corporate feel in my outfit.  I don't feel professional, and I don't have a fancy career. So I wanted an outfit with built-in power and self confidence - or as close as I can get to that.

Kaffesoester in grey Phase Eight dress

This dress is so comfortable, the material is thick Viscose jersey, and it's lined in the upper front. This is already a favourite on colder days, when I need to cleanse my mental colour palette :-)

Kaffesoester's bangles of the day

A few good bangles are mandatory! I would have worn grey tights, or nude fish nets, but both couldn't catch any smaller fish anymore :-(  How lucky I had these blue tights, matching the rain coat so nicely!

The workshop turned out to be more of a sales talk about the company's products (busy designers shouldn't be bothered with doing his/her own trend research...). However, they had brought books and reports from a few of their international partners, among those Li Edelkort, who I personally consider The Best!

Among the many trends she sees on the horizon is "Advanced" - as in Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen. She predicts that old older women with wrinkles, fun and stylish clothes and some great bling, could become a major trend around 2017 and on! She particularly mentions the 40+ bloggers community!

We will be style icons :-D

Or could become style icons... maybe.... Anyway, there's some recognition here, that we shouldn't overlook. For now, lets pat ourselves on the shoulder for "good work" and "great style"!

Tonight was the second invitation - at Triumph, well know German lingerie company. I got the invite from the shops assistant manager, the gorgeous Janne who also models, and is a former school mate of mine.

There was a minibar:

The minibar at the Triumph Store in Copenhagen

I stayed away until the candy had gone, wise when slimming! There were bubbles in the wine :-)

I got a new bra, with Magic Wires. The underwire is made of silicone instead of steel, and will take shape after your body. It is perhaps a thousand times more comfortable than regular underwiring!

The Magic Wire bras in Triumph Store

Above is the model I got. Normally I don't like lace, but it was so little that it didn't matter.  Below is a picture of the inside of the bra. See how smooth it is?

The inside of new bra from Triumph with Magic Wire

The cups are shaped by foam, but still has strength to hold it all up! With the tight cocktail dresses 48 hours away I also got a pair of shape wear knickers. They were at a reduced price, like the bra, and equally comfortable. On Saturday we'll see how well they perform :-)

Kaffesoester's new knickers with tummy control

You all know I have a transom above average, so no need to enlarge this photo...!

The goodies were both from Triumph and from the Body Shop:

The contents of the goodiebag from the Body Shop and Triumph

Hand lotion, body butter, perfume samples, cream samples, loofa, small bag for toiletries... And a gift card for a full make up for me and five friends at the Body Shop, nice!

Knowing I would be in a small changing room, getting in and out of too small pieces of shape wear and underwear, not forgetting the trip home in the cold rain and wind on trains and bicycle I decided on a highly functional outfit, in blue :-D

Kaffesoester in East top and Marks and Spencer trousers

The top is by British brand East, bought on sale last summer. The trousers are the Cellulite-revealing jersey-type from Marks & Spencer, in a pinstripe. Shoes are by Irregular Choice!

Kaffesoester in East top and Marks and Spencer trousers with wind in hair

The fabric of the top is very light... My hair is light too.

Kaffesoester in East top and Marks and Spencer trousers with sun in face

We did get a few sunny spells :-)

Tomorrow I'll be going to Copenhagen again, shopping for ingredients for Petit Four, tiny cakes, that I'm bringing to the cocktail party. Years ago I brought some to a party, and have now been asked for a repetition. I'm also going to pick up some wonder herb remedy for tightening and tucking skin... If I don't have any party photos next week, you know what's gone wrong!

Have a great weekend all, enjoy yourselves - I will :-)

Lots of Love 



  1. Loving that gray dress, tine - it's wonderful at showing your curves and still looking professional. Lovely, comfortable-looking bra too. My secret: I don't wear bras, only camisoles; guess I won't start wearing bras now at 60!

    1. Dear Patti, I wish I could do the same! So far bras have been nearly as hurtful and annoying as shoes. As soon as I get indoors at home I kick off my shoes and remove the bra! Well, today I've worn my new bra, and it's still on - more than ten hours later!

  2. Let me say that's a properly colourful raincoat, one of the best I've seen. (Let me post this first to see if it goes through)

  3. Yay! I can comment!! So, as I was saying, love the raincoat. Your power dress exudes powers. And I've never worn an underwire, but silicone sounds so much better than STEEL?! Clearly your cakes made an impact for you to be asked for an encore.
    I'm looking for that herb remedy myself! How did the weekend get here again so fast?

    1. Thank you so much Melanie! I don't know, or I do actually: The week was in large part spent with Photoshop jobs on my Mac... And that couple of fun events I mentioned above. Yes, under wires are torture! I'm testing the herb wrap this very weekend, taking photos of before and after :-)

  4. Blue becomes you, Tine! I just LOVE the blue coat with blue tights! Your outfit makes me smile joyfully. I love a good jersey dress, and charcoal gray is a great color. It fits you perfectly - beautiful shape, both yours and the dress. :) I need a more comfortable bra... so tired of steel wire, it's insane! So happy that you had good time and got some new goodies. Enjoy your weekend, dear! xxx

    1. Dear Natalia, thank you very much! Yes those steel wires have a lot to answer for! So far I've worn this new bra for more than 10 hours, and I'm not bothered by it yet :-)

      Charcoal is actually one of my best colours, when you see it next to my face. I've been looking for items in this colour for some time, and I think I have room for more :-D So let's see what turns up!

  5. That coat and those blue tights are just fab, blue is my favourite colour.
    I'm not a fan of bras but that one does look very comfy! xxx

    1. Thank you so much Vix! The bra really is the most comfortable I've ever tried. It's been on for 10 hours so far. Only improvement would be if it came in a blue version too :-) But no, I'm not a fan either, but as a 36F with a "Southern urge" is just looks so sad without :-(

  6. I love the stripey blue coat and matching tights.
    I might investigate Magic Wires bras - I am a firm fan of underwired bras for shape but am finding them increasingly uncomfortable (never have before, I probably need to get remeasured and fitted).
    If you find that wonder herbal treatment, do share the secret! But if not, who cares? You've got a party to enjoy, and worrying about weight or wrinkles will spoil the fun! xxx

    1. Dear Curtise, you're so right about the weight and wrinkles - The h... with it, give us another green cocktail :-) I have the herbal wrap, and I'll give it a try this weekend, taking before and after photos! But it'll have to be after the party.

      For the first time ever today, have I come home without removing my bra the second I've kicked off my shoes. That is really a first time ever! I definitely recommend this new type.

  7. Firstly, love your blues stripey raincoat and tights, they go so well with your grey dress, it is a great shape,
    and of course your bangles. I find it interesting that those in the industry are recognizing the "older" consumer, now they have to put it into practice. Sounds like a busy week with your invitations coming thick and fast, enjoy your weekend, Tine.

    1. Thank you very much Jill! Yes, I suddenly had a very full calendar. And with all the running around in rainy Denmark that coat has already a bit of milage under the zipper :-)

      With a larger part of the population being older in the future, and in Denmark also the group that has accumulated the greatest wealth (the over 60s own 70% of houses, savings, pensions and so on), they have enormous purchasing power, which the industry can't afford to ignore. I'm sure we'll see the evidence soon. Less 14-year-old models, more 70-year-olds! Maybe also in the clothes? Less bare midriffs and miniskirts, more supporting dresses and cellulite covering trousers?

      A great weekend to you too Jill!

  8. So cute Tine! With this rain coat a grey day turns immediately to a sunny one. I also love your grey dress, it has an extraordinary feminin and flattering shape. And I love that you wear black pants with white stripes. That kind of pants I have not seen for some years although, I think, they have a perfect match.
    Sabine xxx

    1. Thank you so much Dear Sabine! I really like the stripes too, it's more interesting than pure black, right?

  9. Monday blues looks divine on you Tine! :) heh that will be the day when we are on trend!! 😄 Style icons even, cant wait! ;) Somehow I dont believe it until I see it. :) Actually I prefer to be the underdog in style, hehehe. The bra sounds really comfortable, hope it works out for you! :) Im with Curtis, just forget about whatever remedies you have on hand and have a drink instead and laugh a lot, you are perfect in every way just being you! :)

    1. Dear Monica, you're too kind!!!But I did end up in an old and trusted friend of a dress, with plenty of delightful cocktails :-D We laughed and talked and drank our way through the evening - and there was even a bit of dancing!

      Of course we'll be icons some day! We'll be age-goddesses too! And colour-gurus :-)

  10. Det er vel nok et dejligt indlæg. Ud i regnen med stil . Den måde du har sat grå og blå sammen er lige i øjet. Din kjole er så fin og feminin og de blå strømper giver lige et spark til det grå. Jeg er også ret vild med din overdel, den er perfekt til dig, med at meget smukt snit. I det hele taget stråler du i dine grå og blå farver.
    Det er spændende møder du har været til . Jeg ser også en bevægelser i forhold til alder og modeller. Bladet Søndag har en del ældre modeller, så tommel op for det.
    Du har helt ret, de små prøverum er en pestilens og jeg mangler ofte en stol og så synes jeg altid jeg bliver ældre, i de der dumme spejle☺
    Jeg vil gerne sige mange tak Tine for dine dejlige kommentarer på min blog. Og ret pudsigt er jeg faktisk også en kaffesøster, det siger mine børnebørn.

  11. Tusind tak Anne-Marie! Det er virkelig sødt af dig. Ja, vi er nogle stykker i Danmark, der får vores rigelige indtag af kaffe :-)

    Det har været et virkelig heldigt tidspunkt at få regnfrakke på - den har været på næsten dagligt. Det gør en grå dag lidt nemmere at bære. Nogle gange må man være sin egen regnbue!