Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Kaffesoester in navy trousers mustard shimmer knit and brocade boots
Brocade and more brocade plus shimmer and shine - makes me feel good!

Sunday the whole family celebrated Mum’s 73rd birthday. No-one can tell from her lifestyle how old she is. She’s always active, has plans and places to go and people to see. It’s a joy to watch, and the kind of old-age I wish for everyone! 

Kaffesoester with Mum and daughter
Mum doesn't like to have her picture taken, but loves to photobomb!

Had she not been widowed five years ago, everything had been perfect. But she’s found a way to enjoy herself, both with her family and on her own. All thanks to her fighting spirit. I hope all her grand children have inherited just a bit of it - it’s the best inheritance one could hope for.

We started at her home with coffee and traditional candy-decorated cake in the shape of a girl, made of Danish pastry. After a couple of hours of Hygge we went to a nice family restaurant and had dinner.

Mum's traditional Danish birthday cake
Mum's traditional Danish birthday cake

The week until Sunday was pretty rotten. Needles and knives had a go at me again - I’m not sure what they found this time, but I’m scared stiff waiting for the results. It does take all my energy, so no comments or visits to other blogs. I’m sure this week will be better. How couldn’t it be with these incredible boots and matching glitter socks?

Kaffesoester's brocade boots and glitter socks
I think purple is the new pink!

With fingers crossed for good news on my health - have a great week everyone

Love  Kaffesoester


  1. dear lady, I'm pretty late, but still commenting!, glad that your mom's looking so fabulous and celebrated so nicely her birthday!
    Wish you're feeling better and enjoying properly your fabulousness!
    (those booties and socks are so cool!)

  2. I hope all is well, Tine! You and your family look beautiful! What a lovely traditional Danish cake (I've never heard about it before). Your Mom rocks!
    Warmest hugs!