Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Warmer times

Have I been Trumpified?

Regular readers will know that I have many issues with my hair, and with hairdressers. My last haircut was a disaster! I had brought an old photo showing how I wanted it. Apparently no help at all!

Old photo of Kaffesoester on the left and new on the right
What I wanted on the left and what I got on the right

The photos also reveal that my skin colour has changed. Since last summer I’ve become addicted to sweet potatoes. The result is an orange tinge to my skin.

After months of hair horror I went the extra mile, or two, to see my old hairdresser. Fantastic! She cut and coloured my hair, so it’s no longer gray and white, but a slightly golden blonde. Adding the facts and you get Trumpification!!! 

Photo of the orange skin and yellow hair
Luckily I have more hair and less wrinkles!

Photo of Kaffesoester after new hair cut
Although the weather is really awful it's not quite as bad as the above!!!

With my new and warmer look came warmer weather too, and new outfits. In early April I had an appointment on a sunny Monday morning. I decided to celebrate with sunny colours that have always looked awful with my old, cooler skin colour. 

Kaffesoester in yellow coat
Enjoying warmer weather and colours

In all the colour and style books that I have, skin only goes cooler with age. Imagine the chok when I realised mine had gone warmer. Liver failure and bad kidneys were my initial thoughts! With so many other health issues it only seemed too believable. 

Kaffesoester in yellow coat
The coat is from Next, the trousers Evans and the scarf is from East

Fortunately the newspaper had a small article on the benefits of a diet containing lots of vegetables. It said that a healthy and sexy skin colour was one of the benefits! 

Taking advantage of good/not so bad health

With both liver and kidneys in great condition I saw no reason not to go to the cocktail bar (Mikropolis) with the mothers. Somehow I got dressed up to match the cocktail perfectly! The cocktail is called Pink Slip and is based on raspberry.

Kaffesoester at the Mikropolis bar in Copenhagen
Now with matching cocktail!

The bar may not look the most glamorous, but the cocktails are out of this world! The necklace is by Monies, from November 2016. I have quite a collection now. With another sale coming up at the end of May, it’s likely to grow. 

Kaffesoester at the Mikropolis bar in Copenhagen
The trousers are new from Asos, the knit is old from Bonmarche!

Collector's corner

To enjoy my necklaces on a daily basis I have organised my collection in plain view. The shorter necklaces are presented on professional displays like in a jewellery store, next to my shoes. 

Kaffesoester's collection of Monies necklaces
The shoes are my entire collection, including those sadly worn out

All the long pieces are hung on a tie hanger (the two necklaces to the right are not Monies). Only two very heavy Monies necklaces are stored flat, in containers. 

Kaffesoester's collection of Monies necklaces
Cheap hanger from IKEA

With the current arrangement I have easy access as well as a lovely view of everything. Plus, as you see: There’s room for that extra hanger that I keep in my closet!

Sunshine yellow

Due to illness I haven’t been out a lot, but managed to go to Louisiana this past Sunday. 

Same Evans trousers as above, New Look kimono from 2017 and H&M t-shirt

Louisiana is our top Danish museum for modern art. There’s an exhibition of Picassos ceramics on - and it was fantastic!

Kaffesoester's photos of visit to museum Louisiana North of Copenhagen
Sorry for the poor photography - and rather casual arrangement of the photos!

Lousiana also has a few pieces by Per Kirkeby, probably our most talented painter in my time, who sadly passed away last week. As I was so incredibly dressed to match (by coincidence) I had to have a photo!

The necklace is of course Monies and the bag a Mango from 2017

Since I'm no great model, here's a chance to really see what I'm wearing, except for the very simple red and pink outfit:

Kaffesoester's first ever outfit with yellow and orange
My first ever outfit with yellow and orange
Finally a chance to air my platforms from Yours Clothing, size 6EEE!

Now, if any Monies fans get to visit Copenhagen in late May, the sale is on May 31st. from 10:00! As always I will be first in line, from around 09:00!

See you there?


  1. Firstly, I must say your hair looks lovely. Interesting how your skin tone has changed to warm, mine hasn't really changed , it's always been warm but can be sallow.Your yellow and orange outfits suit you perfectly. Good luck with the jewellery sale.

  2. glad that you're feeling better and also looking better! glad that you've styled those awesome colors! I love your yellow coat and the pink and red cocktail-like ensemble!, and that last outfit is so cool and elegant, love your tunic and how fabulous you look with the backdrop of some amazing pictures!. Those Picasso ceramics look really stunning, kinda archaic but also modern and wild.
    I'm admiring your necklaces collection, so nicely displayed!. I think I have to do something with my bijouterie! (mwahah)

  3. Oh no! You don't want to compare yourself to that person in any way! Your initial before and after pictures look like 2 different people! How intriguing is the change in skin tone. You look healthier and happier now. When you said you took a trip to Louisiana, I was like wow! she's been in the States. Who knew the Danes had a Louisiana?!