Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Jeans go with everything, right?

In all the styleblogs I read, jeans are always recommended as a wardrobe staple. I'm not sure that goes for me...  I have had several close looks at these photos, and bought myself a pair of grey linen mix trousers. Due to my hourglass shape wellfitting trousers are very hard to find. New photos will follow.

 Black shoes are also a must according to many stylists, as are nudes. A pair of red flats are on their way! As the photos show my feet are not the smallest. Living in a small country means a very limited range of footwear to choose from. In fact it is so limited that nothing fits me. So I buy from international web shops. That can be tricky, as many have experienced. The new red ones will be from Irregular Choice, UK, my favorite brand! Since I bought my first pair my social life has changed, I don't just sit down in order to hide my feet.

For many years I thought I looked boring because of my size. Seeing these photos I realize that it has probably more to do with the lack of colour, as well as ill fitting clothes. How do I get colourful clothes that don't cost a fortune and fit a UK size 18 hourglass?Well it's not going to happen in this country i fear!  I can't help feeling discriminated. There are 5 million people in this country, and quite a large portion are overweight. But only very few shops cater for us. That forces people to buy abroad, many go to Berlin or London or one of the Swedish cities close to Denmark, where I live. That can't be good for the economy of the country. Or people will just by anything that will cover their body, like I did for years.

The lesson I have learned from the above photos is that I love wearing colours, from top to bottom! That is one step closer to finally being able to define my personal style!

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