Monday, 30 May 2011

What a change of style!

Since my last post I have tried very hard to be more colourful - just see the photos...

I have also done a bit of shopping - a white t-shirt, a black one and a grey cardigan. So I have decided that I need help. In the last few months I have studied Australian stylist Imogen Lamport's blog very closely. She has so many great ideas and tips so she is who I'm turning to.

As for the outfits: It seems to be a general rule amongst bloggers on style and fashion always to state the label of each item that makes an outfit. So I'm reading names like Target, J Crew, Anthropologie, Lane Bryant etc. None of the mentioned can be bought in my country. Or maybe it's the more luxurious names like Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Prada or Chanel. These can be bought here just, not in my size. Therefore it doesn't make sense at all to name the labels I'm wearing as they are very often small local ones and/or secondhand and no longer available. So I'm leaving it out.

Hopefully the photos on the next post will be an explosion of colours!

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