Saturday, 10 March 2012

Thursday's Marni Mania at H&M

Like so many others I wanted to get something from the Marni collection and I was prepared. From 09:00 I sat ready to click "buy" on the page of the desired item. At 10:00 I hit the button - and was put in a queue! For more than an hour I hit the refresh button. Suddenly I got through - and I got my bracelet (which was about the only thing not too small for me). A school friend next to me got through as well. She bought a dress and asked if I wanted anything else. I did, so another bracelet was added (a set of two...).

Judging by the sad leftovers in the online shop and by the tales from relatives to H&M staff not everyone were that lucky. I heard of fights in the changing rooms, mobile phones being thrown at others. Is a piece of Marni clothing really worth more than an iPhone?

These are the bracelets that are already in the mail:

White bracelets have been on my wishlist for a long time. And these look just perfect! I'm considering myself very lucky.

As I told my Swedish blogger friend Anna of fourseasononewardrobe I often end up with nothing. When that happens I always tell myself that if an item is sold out it means a lot of people will be wearing the same thing, and who want to look like everyone else anyway? Another good thing about sold out items is that not having spent your money leaves you with cash for something else.

Earlier this week I wore my silk kaftan for the first time. Since I was going to see a specialist about my knee I imagined that I had to take off my trousers. So not to feel too uncomfortable doing that I figured that the kaftan would be a nice cover up from the knees up.

Next time I would like to pair it with my green jeggings - and weather permitting - mint green ballet flats (having had snow this week ballet flats are still out of the question for some time). The fabric:

On Tuesday I wore an old grey dress with a new pair of pink jeggings. Because of the weather I had to wear boots.

In case of a change of weather however, I have these beauties lined up:

Usually I don't like to wear black but the knitted dress is in a lovely sparkling lurex so it's not black black. Ever since I got a book about pearls (the expensive saltwater kind) I've been wanting to wear some. This is what I ended up with:

Yesterday the temperature had gone up a bit and my feet really benefits from a low heel these days so I wore some of my favorite shoes, and got quite a bit of attention since they are way out of season!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

P.S. The pearls are plastic, the "stones" are glass and the "silver" brass


  1. Wow your kaftan is beautiful and it suits you so well! Do you know that it is a green challenge at Everybody Everywear March 13th? You should link up one of your green outfits. People do link up older posts, so if you don't have any more green outfit photos in store you can use one of your recent posts. And once again congratulations to your Marni bracelets!

    1. Thank you so much, I'll have a look straight away - or tomorrow morning, at Everybody Everywear. The bracelets will appear in a blog post as soon as I get them, I can hardly wait! See you on Everybody Everywear?