Wednesday, 10 June 2015

One necklace, three outfits...

The most incredible pony ever with Kaffesoesters hand

This is my hand in the photo. Isn't this Peony the most magnificent flower ever? I just had to show you right away :-)

Beautiful and gigantic peony

Pink peony

The pictures were taken on Sunday when I visited a garden fair in Copenhagen. Before the weekend I had time to show off my new necklace on a number of occasions. First I went for drinks with my neighbours (happens often!) at some other neighbour's - in a rare trouser outfit:

Kaffesoester in trousers and pink shirt with Monies necklace

The photo quality is lousy. An unmotivated teenage photographer and an iPhone...
I've had the shirt for two years, but I have doubts about the colour. Is it too warm?

Friday wasn't too warm, it was perfect!

Michael Quist photo of Kaffesoester in CC dress with neon clutch

Finally - time for sandals!!! Friday my neighbours and my family went to the anniversary celebration of one neighbour's work place.

I got to wear sandals :-D  If I could I would have worn some neon coloured shoes, inspired by Sacramento of Mis Papelicos. Instead I took this fun clutch. The photographer here is my lovely husband Michael. He took the shoes and the semi close up below as well :-)

With the unpredictable Danish weather it could be a while before I get to wear sandals again, so better enjoy it with this close up!

Kaffesoesters grey Rieker sandals by taken by Michael Quist

The very bright sun light changes the colour of my nail polish, it's really a very dramatic dark cherry.

Kaffesoester photographed by Michael Quist wearing her new Monies necklace

I really enjoyed wearing my new necklace again. It's certainly a conversation piece! The dress is an old CC (also seen here and here), the sandals are by Rieker and unworn (bought on sale at the end of summer last year), very old jacket and new clutch both by H&M.

The necklace is of course by Monies!

Not only did the company get the Danish top pastry baker Mette Blomsterberg to give a crash course on Chocolate mousse, they also had a free bar :-D and absolutely divine little canapés. They're about half an inch in size - little master pieces! This is just a fraction of the whole spread. Next day I had to wear something very loose fitting!!!

Canapes at Wodschow anniversary on Friday 2015 06 05

Saturday I went to a friends birthday party. Top and skirt are both jersey...

Kaffesoester in jersey skirt and t shirt with new Monies necklace

It's the third day in a row that I'm wearing this necklace - is it getting boring?

These sandals are also by Rieker, and just as comfortable as the grey pair.

Kaffesoester in jersey outfit seen from behind

The skirt has been hanging in my closet for more than a year. I've tried building outfits around it many times, but given up. Every time it just turns out wrong, until now. I think this works.

And now to Sunday! Again a sunny day - but not at all warm! The forecast said warmer temperatures and blue skies. So I dressed in a lovely summer dress, ballet flats that allowed me to be on me feet all day, and a few bangles. No jacket...

Kaffesoester ready to go to Copenhagen in CC dress and ballet flats

Again a CC dress, my Clarks ballet flats and an assortment of bangles. I carried my bag across body to have both hands free for all the lovely free food samples :-D  which meant No Necklace!

CC dress outfit seen from the back

Even though I'm not a flower pattern girl, I do like the fit of these dresses so much that I'm compromising. I've worn this particular one with white jeans in winter (here) which I actually prefer. As it turned out, that's also what I should have done on Sunday!

Here's a close up shot of my bangles:

Kaffesoesters bangles of the day

The large cream coloured is by Kenneth Jay Lane, it only comes on/off with baby oil! The rest is a mix of second hand and cheap finds on holidays down South (Spain!). Like my feet I have size issues, and need at least 68 millimetres in diameter (2,75 inches) to squeeze my hand through.

As it turned out, sunday was very windy, got cloudy too, so very cold in the end. I had to cut the visit short and hurry home, with hands and feet turning blue from the low temperature :-(

Before I left I took lots of photos, the essence (apart from the peony up top) is brought to you here, by Picmonkey:

Kaffesoesters photo collection from "Mit hjem er mit slot" garden fair

The watering cans in the lower right corner are leather covered! In the mid left, an art installation is inspired by later years flooding problems - I guess!

Monday morning I had an appointment with my optician. The wind had died down, so I went out in sandals again :-)  this time wisely carrying a jacket. I look quite ready for the jungle here, Khaki and animal print...

Kaffesoester in CC animal print dress and red Rieker sandals

Yet another CC dress (also seen here and here), the red Rieker sandals, old jacket, and horn necklace from a holiday on Mallorca, three years back.

The fit really is perfect on my body. I've considered taking it up an inch or two. However, it looks great with winter boots in this length, so keeping it as it is.

Kaffesoester in CC animal print dress and red Rieker sandals

This has turned out to be another marathon post - and the next one may very well turn out the same, sorry! My schedule is completely out of control these days. I have so many social events lined up this month, I can hardly breathe :-) The main problem is What to Wear! And how to manage everything on time.

On Friday I'm visiting Torvehallerne again, hunting down stuff for Saturday's dinner with our gourmet club - G2712. I'm already dreaming of what delicacies I'm going to eat on both days!

As a huge summer holiday bonus, my daughter's God Mother is coming "home" from Australia to stay with us for some time. Her son Marcus is coming too :-) It's so exciting since we haven't seen her for years - not since Marcus was a toddler.

I hope I can talk them into appearing on the blog :-)

I wish you all a great week and weekend!

Love Kaffesoester


  1. I enjoy your pictures, Tine, and your outfits too! You have a sense of your style and you work it. Those bracelets - love!

  2. Tine, it's great to see you! Where to begin? :) The peony is epic as they say these days. I adore peonies, such glorious bloom! Your new necklace is amazing, you have such a great eye for jewelry pieces. I think I especially love it with the b&w monochrome - great combo! Your sandals look comfy, and gray ones go pretty much with everything I bet. I have a pair of Rieker boots, they are lovely vintage inspired and comfy. Like you, I have wide feet and hands - and it's always a challenge to find well fitting shoes... as well as bracelets. Your bracelets are amazing! I haven't really started looking for bracelets yet, will do because I just love the look of multiple (but lightweight) bangles.

    I like both of your dresses, and the detail of the military jacket. I really should wear my military jackets more, they are wonderful with anything. You are such a good stylist, Tine! You look great in all of your outfits - truly your own unique style!! And you always look so genuinely happy!

    Have fun with all your social activities. xxxx

  3. All three dresses are a hugely flattering shape on you, Tine, I can see why you like them so much. You may not like floral prints particularly, but I love them, and the blue/white print dress is my favourite. Great sandals too, and your jewellery is always fantastic. And I agree, the straight skirt works perfectly with the striped top - sometimes, you just have to persevere and the right combination eventually comes along!
    Your outings look great fun, and yes, that peony is an absolute beauty! xxx

  4. Tine, the opening shot of your bangles with the tree peony is simply spectacular. Sounds like you are having such a hectic social time and by your photos enjoying every moment. Your new necklace works so well with each different outfit , I can,t pick a favourite as I like them all.
    As a gardener I loved the collage of the garden show. Enjoy your visitors and your social calender.

  5. Dear Tine, I will never get tired of that ivory necklace of yours, its just stunning and surely a conversation starter. ;) I love how you use accessories in your outfits, its like the creaming on a cake. ;) By the way you can wear a breton top ( stripes) with just about anything, such a versatile garment and a perfect companion to your difficult to wear skirt. :) How lovely to have visitors from Australia over, I bet you have lots to catch up on. ;)

  6. Hold nu op! Et sandt eldorado af tøj, smykker, sko og kager. Så kan man da ikke forlange mere som læser. Jeg kan godt forstå det må være svært at vælge. Jeg synes det hele ser godt ud Tine. Spændende sammensætninger og glade farver. Og dine smykker er fantastiske, dem er du også god til at sammensætte. Spændende med den stribede bluse til den mønstrede nederdel, det er da perfekt. Skal vi ikke sende et par (kaffe) bønder op og bede om godt vejr, så vi snart kan får noget sommer. Det øser ned lige nu, man skulle slet ikke tro, at dine billeder er taget i Danmark.

  7. You are so good at adding just the right pops of colour, I'm especially loving that bright lemon-yellow bag. It's a gift you have. The peony is huuge and gorgeous, probably the size of my face! I'm glad your toes are getting a little sunshine at last. Hurrah! I hope we get to meet your visitors.