Friday, 13 October 2017

A Cinderella story

Although, not how I found my prince!

When you read my introduction on the right side of this page, it says I’m a shoe lover. Funny that I hate shoe shopping, right?

For as long as I can remember I’ve had issues with shoes. Since I usually buy them 2 sizes larger than I really need, they’re too long. And they come off! I’ve dropped shoes everywhere even with all sorts of "stuffing": On dance floors, stair cases and crossing the street. 

It’s so embarrassing, and quite dangerous! I bet there’s a few princes who’s had a good laugh over the years. They never came to my rescue...

Sometimes I buy just one size up, and live with the pain of too narrow shoes. However, just getting to the point of actually finding a shoe that I can squeeze my foot into is hard work, and painful. Well, that’s hopefully all in the past now.

A few months ago a shop assistent in a specialist shoe shop took the time to measure my feet. No doctors or specialists has ever done this before since my feet do look “normal”. She told me that I should give up trying to find ready made shoes - my feet are simply too abnormal. It turns out the length of my feet equals the width (so I’m more like the evil sisters than actually Cindarella). She recommended bespoke shoes.

Example of orthopaedic shoe
The typical orthopaedic shoe
That’s just not fair to a shoe lover!

However, I have had a bit of luck since that horrible day, finding the Wider fit shoes online shop in the UK. They’re both manufacturers and retailers.

They provide shoes in widths up to 8E, D being a regular shoe, E being a wide fit, double EE = Extra wide and so on. Not only are the shoes wider, they’re also have a deeper toe box - just what I need!

I have bought several pairs now, but only one is a near good fit, after adding extra padding in the heel. But it’s still so much better than what I had, and looks better than what the usual Danish bespoke shoe makers offer. 

Kaffesoester's new black patent leather shoe
Not the most comfortable but still quite good - and not so boring!

Kaffesoester's new black leather shoe
The best fitting, but a bit boring

Style-wise there’s a limit. Have a look at the sandals and you see why I haven’t been able to get myself to buy a pair. Boots are a problem too, and wellies are not in the range at all. 

Kaffesoester possible buys from Wider fit shoes
My possibilities - colour options are not shown here

My hope is that next summer there’ll be one or two sandals that are more to my taste. 

Normally this is where I would place a photo of me in an outfit showing my new shoes. BUT last week I had a haircut. It was a disaster! Instead you get to see the picture I brought to the hairdresser showing her the result I wanted, and an “after” photo.

Left side Kaffesoester with wanted hairstyle Right side The disaster
Left side: What I asked for and showed my hairdresser - Right side: The result!

Can you believe it? She came with good references from local customers, some also with curly hair - probably not as curly as mine though!

This is far from the first time I’ve had this experience with hairdressers. Apparently my hair is extremely difficult to cut. Even though I give a warning every time, they’re all experts on curly hair, until they’ve had a go at mine. My hair is very fine and sparse and cutting it this short allows my scalp to show in several places. Not what I had in mind. I actually think my husband does it better (he had to cut it a few times when I was very sick).

Late update

It was really my plan to update last week, but I spent all my energy on my friend's funeral. 

Later I learned that as I sat in church my BFF had a heart attack - and luckily survived! But how scary: While burying one friend another one fights for her life - is this the future as we're ageing?

Karen was 77 years old, so not unnatural to have a heart attack, but my BFF is only 57 - a bit early? It does run in her family, but still, at this age? Anyway, filled with chock and sorrow I didn't feel like blogging at all.

I hope you're all safe and well, and having a great time. In Denmark it's school holiday next week so I'll see if my daughter and I can get together with my mum and have a girl's day out in Copenhagen. And maybe a proper outfit post?

Best wishes to everyone

Love Kaffesoester

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