Monday, 23 October 2017

Happy feet

I’ve mentioned several times how problematic my feet are. In the last couple of weeks I bought two new pairs of shoes. One from the Wider Fit online shoe shop, and one from Yours Clothing.

Kaffesoester's new patent leather shoes from
The Fife by DB shoes

The first pair is a good quality patent leather in a reasonably simpel design. I do like how there’s no decoration or embellishment. For some reason most wider fit footwear come with little flower decorations either embroidered or laser cut. I’m not a little girl - and I don’t do little flowers, so I’m very pleased with these shoes. The fit is bearable though not perfect. 

Kaffesoester wearing new patent leather shoes from
Can anyone tell me how to pose on a staircase?

You can see me wearing them in this quick photo using my phone, one EARLY morning, on my way down this cork-screw staircase. I didn’t know how to pose as you can see! The leather jacket is one of the very few thrifted items in my wardrobe.

The second pair of shoes is a trainer type with Memory-foam sole and a stretch fabric upper.

Kaffesoester's new memoir foam soled shoes from yours
They were only 32€!

This is like walking on feathers! Really, I was was in the seventh Heaven when I got these. I kept them on all day long. They only needed a little suede cushion at the heel to stay on. So when I was going to Copenhagen for a girl’s day out this Friday, they were the obvious choice.

Kaffesoester in leopard print coat and new shoes
In front of Design Museum Danmark

In this panic photo taken by my daughter using my phone again you can see the shoes and how straight I’m still standing, after walking several kilometers. I’m not sure these shoes will ever be considered beautiful but they’re so extremely comfortable that I ordered another pair straight away. Apart from that I’m a bit of a mess, the new leopard print coat not hanging straight, my hair looking like the feathers on a sick chicken! But I’m having a great day with my daughter, my mum and her sister.

Kaffesoester's cake with dried cornflower petals on top
A raspberry filled cake with dried petals of cornflower topping the icing, superb!

The girl’s day out included a coffee and cake start at Torvehallerne food stalls, a bit of shopping in our famous pedestrian street Strøget and a visit to our design museum to see dresses designed by Erik Mortensen for Balmain. 

From the exhibition I'm black velvet
The exhibition also included a number of his sketches

The exhibition was breath-taking. Erik Mortensen mastered the clean, sculptural silhouettes as well as exotic and ornate pieces in luxury fabric with lots of metallic embroidery and beadwork. This exhibition is called I'm black velvet, and it does contain lots of black velvet gowns, fit for a queen. In fact he did count several queens among his customers. If you love couture gowns this is the exhibition for you!

Up till Friday morning I worked hard on a family project, tracing the footsteps of our ancestor’s. I’ve been doing genealogy before, but concentrated on my grandmother’s branch. This time I looked at my grandfather’s family.

Much to my mum’s and aunt’s surprise I revealed that their grand father, my great grandfather, was a slaughterhouse worker. All they (and later I) ever heard was how fantastic their grandfather was. He was a talented joiner who co-owned and ran Høng Stolefabrik, right up till his death. My great grandmother had the manners of a Duchess, and cleverly bypassed the fact that she had married a common worker’s son! Also, my grandfather was born less than four weeks after the wedding - no where near comme il faut in 1915!

Ad for Høng Stolefabrik
These chairs are now highly collectable!

Apart from those fun facts, my aim is to trace the part of our family that emigrated to Argentina in the early 1900s. I know one of the women quite unusually was named Benny, so I should have a fair chance of identifying any far out relatives in the Danish community that still exists. I mean, who doesn’t want to meet their Aunt Benny?

That’s it for now - a busy week and weekend awaits, hopefully resulting in lots of outfit photos showing some of my new clothes.

The best to all of you, 

Love Kaffesoester


  1. Comfy shoes are a boon! I wouldn't swap them with pumps any more. It is so great to be able to walk for hours with no hurts and no pain. I particularly love your black patent leather shoes, Tine! You look fabulous in both outfits.

  2. glad that you found some cool&comfy shoes!, that's very important (and sometimes problematic!). That trainer style is actually quite trendy, and I like how you've worn it with your leopard coat!, cool combo!
    That exhibition looks very appealing, I would love to have a look at those designs!