Monday, 20 June 2011

Not quite a style revolution!

After a few hectic weeks the evidence er here: No jeans in any of the outfits! There are both day and evening outfits. For one dinner party I managed to put on nail polish to match my jewellery. A first time in about a decade! But it felt great. For an afternoon family gathering I wore harem pants - my first pair EVER. They were so comfortable that i wore them for another dinner party later. I find it impossible to find trousers that fit properly. On one photo I'm wearing a grey pair of trousers, my best, and they are no where near perfect. Therefore the harem pants may be a solution for now. If only they were a bit longer...

The photos: My 11 year old daughter took most of them, some in a hurry which shows!

As the photos reveal I also had a haircut, that could be better!

In my last post I mentioned Imogen Lamport. Since then I have read her book Wardrobe Secrets Revealed. She recommends starting a capsule wardrobe that can be added to later. In the next couple of days I will be posting photos of the items I have chosen.

Finally, on one photo I'm wearing a cobalt blue shirt. Friday night I was going to a birthday party and had another outfit planned, but the weather changed so I had to find something else to wear. I wanted to wear this shirt but had difficulties deciding what to wear with it. I remembered having seen Ariel from Artfully Aware (look a my favorites) doing an outfit with International Klein Blue. That was just the inspiration I neeeded. The jacket I have at one arm is a red Chinese brocade that doesn't photographe well as it's very shiny, but it ended up looking great, Thank You Ariel!

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