Thursday, 7 July 2011

The capsule wardrobe and the pink and red dress

After several days of taking care of my daughter who got the flu I'm behind schedule getting ready for our holiday. We will be camping on a small island not too far away. So, I never got the chance to dress for anything or have my photo taken. But today I managed to get a blue t-shirt on sale from H&M, and it fits right into my capsule wardrobe. With the grey trousers, the jeans and the pencil skirt it will give me three new outfits, and adding the cardigan or the jacket makes it 6 new different outfits. The best part is the price: $ 6!

Remember the pink and red dress?

Yesterday it arrived, and it is going back again. It is just too short for my comfort. Instead I've ordered a red pencil skirt, a shape that i know is more flattering on me. Paired with a pink fitted top it will be almost as good as a dress. It will also be more versatile since it's separates.

Tomorrow is going to be busy as well, giving me no photo option, but on Saturday a friend is throwing a birthday party, and there will be pictures of my outfit!

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