Sunday, 3 July 2011

Zoo night, Dress your best finale plus capsule wardrobe outfits

On Wednesday night my family and a few friends were at an open night at the zoo. When the photo was taken it was 8 in the evening, after a beautiful, sunny day. It was an amazing evening, warm, no wind and not a mosquito in sight! My daughter took this photo:

These sandals are great for walking, but I'm not crazy about the style. The skirt looks black, but it's the navy spotted one from my capsule wardrobe. I still can't talk about the haircut!

On Thursday evening we suddenly decided to go out for dinner at a nearby restaurant, and my lovely daughter did her best again:

And there's a close up, with my new specs...

Maybe it's because she's lower than me, but I'm not happy with this angle! It's the first time I've paired these colours. With the contrast of the jeans that I don't wear very often anymore, and the orange shoes, I think they're alright. Had it only been the blue and purple together I wouldn't have liked it.

This is also the last photo in the Dress your best challenge. The spectacles are hopefully bringing some focus to my nose (and taking it away from the neck area!). I like the top very much, the way it shows off my bust and waist. My forearms are exposed, however without the bangles, and I try to smile all the time! Earlier I promised to have a dress your best day every week. I thought Monday would be perfect, since it's always tough to get started after the weekend. Tha will make my Mondays more fun.

Yesterday I went shopping with my best friend. Since I'm on a tight budget I didn't buy much. In fact only one thing. I thought it was a wise investment, I count it as an addition to my capsule wardrobe...

I apologize for the  poor photo, but it was the best I could do with limitations in space and lighting :

It's floor length, lurex knit, most likely from the sixties. The colour is really quite similar to the ruched top I was wearing on the other photos. I even have three different pairs of shoes to wear with it, making three different outfits (I'm doing my best to justify my purchase!):


Very colourful and eye catching shoes, matching the lurex perfectly!

More discrete but very cute, and so comfortable to dance in!

These are so soft, and I love the colour. Maybe that's what this dress needs, a bit of contrast. As soon as I get invited to a party that calls for long dresses I will surely wear it, and post photos!

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