Copyright "Highly Irregular Style" by Tine Jensen, 2011

Copyright "Highly Irregular Style" by Tine Jensen, 2011

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Return of the middleaged student!

Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments, and for checking in on me! 

All though I've been extremely busy, I've also had some great times. In November my friend at school, Mette, and I decided to do the exam project alone, as a 2 person group.

The project was meant for 4 or 5 person groups. That meant double work load - but also that we controlled everything, and didn't have to wait for others.

Then last week we presented it, and got our grades. I'm happy to say that all our hard work paid off as we got a 12 which is the highest possible grade!

Now we're planning to continue studying together, going for a bachelor degree in communication design. But that's not until after the summer holidays.

This week I started at my best friend's company, as an intern. She and her husband has been in the IT business for some years now, and haven't had the time to update their website - just the job for me!

So, now I'm redesigning while I'm getting to know Joomla. If things turn out the way I hope, this blog will most likely continue as a Joomla website after our summer exam.

Enough talk, here's the first photo:

Second day at work, in new top!

Last Friday my already mentioned BFF and I went out to get me a price for top grades which resulted in purchasing this gorgeous top.

It's from the Danish brand Eva & Claudi, and the flowers are all Helloborus, a favorite of mine. I love how the zipper opens at both ends!

When do I learn to pull down my tops in the back?

The weather has been very cold, well below freezing, with a nasty wind. It feels like I've tried every trick in the book to keep warm, and nothing is good enough. Tomorrow I'll be wearing a dress, if I survive you'll see the photos later!

Can you believe I forgot jewellery?

Now I'll go and join Patti and her guests at Not Dead Yet Style's stylish Visible Monday party. My Mondays have been so boring lately - so I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody!

Have a great week everyone, and see you soon again


Val Sparkle said...

Welcome back, and congratulations on your grade and new job! You certainly deserved to have a reward. It's a beautiful top, and I also like the way the zipper goes from both ends. I wish they would do that on more clothes, especially coats.

sabine said...

Dear Tine,
wonderful that you are back and looking so cute!
The top is a good alternative to a dress, it is feminine and flattering and of beautiful colors.
Congratulations for your 12!
Have a good time and do not freeze too much!

Joni said...

Yes, I can believe you forgot jewelry. You're on a new path and so easy to forget the details sometimes. Sounds like a really positive direction too.

I've been wondering where you went to. Your gorgeous new top is just the splash of color to make your grand re-enterance!

Congrats on all your hard work!

fourseasonsonewardrobe said...

Ohhh this is the best news today! Tine is back in town and she is a gorgeous as ever, and of course she writes the best post too. Your heading just made me smile! Congratulations to achieving the highest grade, that is indeed worth celebrating! Girl, I have missed you!

pastcaring said...

Tine, how lovely to have you back! I've been wondering what you were doing, and I am very glad to hear that all your hard work with your friend has paid off. Congratulations on your top grade and your internship. Things are moving along successfully in your studies and future work plans, that's great. So of course you deserved a little treat for doing well, and the top is fabulous, what a great print.
And those jeans make your legs look SO long, have you got taller in your absence?!
Ooh, freezing weather, it's a challenge to stay warm but stay stylish - we have snow at the moment, so I can sympathise!
It's really good to have you back in our blogging community. xxxx

Marla Robinson said...

Glad you are back. I love that wonderful top!

Izzywizz said...

Weeee welcome back Tine!! :) Im so thrilled to see you! :) congrats on your successful project and your future plans for a bachelor degree sound really interesting. :) Yup, baby its cold outside, Im freeeezing too, brrrrr

Patti said...

Big congratulations on your grades and your new job, Tine! Great to see you, you're looking wonderful. Thanks for sharing your fab colorful look with Visible Monday : >

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Congratulations! How satisfying the grade and new position must be. Hate to tell you this, but few of us ALWAYS remember to pull down our shirts in back. The rule you MUST remember is to untuck your skirt hem from the waist of your tights before exiting the restroom. All else is much less important!
By the way ... pretty shirt on you!

Lisa said...

Congrats on your success in school and your new internship. I loved being a middle aged student during my undergrad and now as a Master's student, I still love it.

I prefer to work in projects with fewer students too, even if it means more work. I like having more control and not having to deal with unreliability!

pao said...

Yeah, she's baaack! And with such good tidings too. So that's what you were up to - hard work that paid off! Congrats on the best of grades and a new internship. Not to mention your well-deserved, smashing new top, for the new and improved you. Just gorgeous. And you do look taller...

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Congrats on your exam! It sounds like it was a lot of work so you should be congratulated!
Love your top! The colors are so vivid and the pattern is so pretty. Looks good on you.

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Val! You're right, I've had coats with the same kind of zippers, and it was so practical.

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much Sabine! I'm doing my best to keep warm, but it's just impossible these days. And so hard to look stylish at the same time.

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Joni. All the new possibilities in my life are a bit confusing. I never anticipated these opportunities at my age! It leaves with a lot to think about. You're right, it's no wonder that I forgot my rings and bracelets!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much Dear Anna! It's so great to be back among good friends, and such a relief to be dealing with something else than school stuff!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Curtise! It's so heartwarming to have so many bloggers greet me on my return! Yes, I've added about 2 inches to my height during the holidays...! No, it's just a lucky shot - I've more likely gained more weight - making me look shorter!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much Marla! It will reappear on the blog soon!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Monica! The worst thing about the low temperatures is that I can't wear wool, and I think fur adds so much to my already large enough figure. That makes it very hard to stay warm! Skiing underwear is a favorite of mine these days!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much Patti! Now that I've looked at myself a few times I'm just wondering if I can wear this top in summer too, Helleborus being a winter flower.

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Jan! I sense an embarrassing experience in connection to your advice! I will try and remember it forever of course!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much Lisa! It's nice to know others feel the same - it makes me look a little less difficult!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Pao! The height thing is absolutely the last expected thing to read on my blog comments! I promise you I haven't added a millimeter to my height, only to my waistline! The clever zipper on my new top is just perfect for expanding waistlines!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much Debbi! I love how there are so many different colours in the pattern, making it very easy to pair with other items. It's also incredibly comfortable to wear, so it's certainly going to be a regular here on my blog!

Style Sud-Est said...

I missed this post !
Glad to have you back and congrats for the top grades!
The top is lovely,nice colors, your colors!
Hope all goes well with your internship

Ariane xxxxx

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much Ariane - and sorry for the very late reply!