Sunday, 27 January 2013

Three work outfits

Last week I started as an intern, and boy was that a dressing challenge. Not because of the place, but because of the weather! It was well below freezing and very windy. At the same time I found myself waiting 15-20 min. several times, for buses and trains.

Here's Wednesday's outfit:

Everything's old but the scarf

Under the jeggings I'm wearing skiing leggings, and two pairs of socks in my booties. The scarf is an impulse buy at half price. It also came in a green version, but by the time I got around to go sales shopping it was sold out.

My new fish scales scarf

The pink scarf turned out to be a more sensible purchase than the green would have been. I have far more pink and red items in my closet than green.

On Thursday I wore my favorite jeans (that apparently make me look taller) with another sale item, a top from CC where I also buy most of my dresses from.

New top with great fit and lovely colours

It looks alright from the back too, and this time I remembered to pull down the top on the back before taking photos!

The pulled down top from the back

I even remembered to put on a few bangles, and a large ring. I'm really proud of myself!

Now with jewellery!

Friday I wore my favorite old knit dress - sparkly black, with another new silk scarf. The fabric of the scarf was strangely stiff, although it was made of silk. I'll have to wash it and see if it's been treated with something.

Very old dress, even older boots - and A BRACELET

In the summer 2011 I wrote about Monies, a Danish Jewellery company that I'm very fascinated by. Since then I've been searching several times every week for the jewellery, second hand, as I can't afford retail prices at the moment.

Earlier this month luck was on my side, and I got a nice large shell decorated bangle. I love the shine and the colour, and the size of course!

Monies bangle

I have another photo showing the lovely bangle, and the new silk devorée scarf.

Notice the bangle again?

To show you why I love this dress so much, see the photo from behind. This dress is not only comfortable and flattering but also warm, easy to wash and dry, and doesn't wrinkle. In addition to that it cost around £10 - or $15. How much more can one ask of a dress?

Nothing better than knit in winter

Tomorrow is Monday, and I'm looking forward to join a large group of gorgeous ladies at Patti's Visible Monday party over at the Not Dead Yet Style Blog. I can only recommend taking a look, and enjoy all the creativity and beauty!

I hope I'll have more time for blogging this week - take care everyone and see you soon!