Wednesday, 30 January 2013

First skirt outfit in 2013

Within the last 48 hours the weather has changed dramatically in Denmark. Going from minus 15 degrees Celcius to plus 10! Of course I had to take advantage of this by wearing a skirt.

Another new top from CC

It's hard to see but I'm wearing teal tights, trying to match the colours of the top. What I'm not showing is, that I'm wearing bicycle shorts underneath the skirt

The jewellery

It was not so easy to find jewellery for this outfit. I guess I could have worn my teal and turquoise rings too - well, maybe next time!

Badly in need of a re-colouring of my hair!

My days are crazy busy at the moment - so I have to cut this post short. Hopefully the weather stays fine (above freezing!), so that I don't have to stuff myself with extra layers, making me feel like a teddy bear!

Hope to be posting again soon - take care everyone!