Monday, 16 February 2015

I'm Danish - and I will speak!

Of friendship and democracy, of art and religion, of tolerance and politics.

I will agree to disagree with my opponents. And we will continue our debate.

No terrorist is going to take that away!

In front of the Synagog in Krystalgade

Here's a fairly early picture of the flowers people are bringing. I know many more have been added since.

We were not exactly warned that this would happen, but we all knew it was only a matter of when, not if.

While I Condole the families of those killed, I'm also grateful for the safety of a friend who might just as well have been doing guard service this Saturday. It was just pure coincidence that he wasn't on duty this weekend.

As the hours pass we learn more and more about the terrorist.

Among other things we've learned that he had help. Two of these helpers have now been apprehended. Before the shooting he also uploaded a Jihad video on Youtube.

Somehow The IS has succeeded in a mail order war, using some ultra violent gang members without much brain power. If it weren't for the IS this one would have been just another common criminal.

I believe that for every successfully defended event, the IS looses. With only two people dead and five policemen wounded, the "winnings" in Copenhagen have been so much lesser than in Paris.

And by locating the terrorist within 14 hours the policeforce have proven their capability and efficiency. We are all very proud of them, and thankful.

Unfortunately, this is probably not the last attack on Europe, or Denmark, or Copenhagen.

But we will get through it, and we will carry on exercising our democratic rights, even if it kills us!

In memory of Finn Nørgaard and Dan Uzan


  1. Brava for this! We will get through it, because the dark doesn't last forever. xo

  2. Will these types of terror never end? What terribly sad news coming across the seas. Your bravery is commendable and God bless you!

  3. Well said!! My heart goes out for Denmark, our dear nordic neighbour. We cant let the terrorists win, we wont let them get the better of us. You will get through this, take care!

  4. Yes, dark days indeed but I think there is a strong feeling of solidarity and a refusal to be scared into silence. xxx

  5. Why do these things happen? I am glad your friend is safe, but that doesn't help those innocent people who were killed.

  6. Thank you for your open and true words. Darkness, violence and ignorance must never win.
    Sabine xxx

  7. I wanted to burst out of joy when I noticed that you are back, but this is not the time and place to do that. It is sad what is happening in Europe with bigger gaps between people with different points of views, ethnic background, religion, social class, etc. Anyway, it is good that you are back! I have missed you!

  8. Dear Ladies! Thank You so much for your support! We all need to stick together facing challenges like this :-(