Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The (senior) graduate

Last week turned out to be insanely busy!

Tuesday was Graduation - and my lovely photographer husband was there with his camera...

Another CC dress - and Monies necklace and bangle

I'm probably the oldest graduate from Copenhagen Business Academy, ever! But I had such a great time there and never felt my age being an issue. And I don't feel one bit like Mrs. Robinson although I'd love to look like her!

On Friday a friend and I went shopping for Saturday's dinner party. On the way we passed one of the many charming inner courtyards of Copenhagen

Bamboo, herbs and Helleborus (Click the photo to enlarge it)

Bamboo is one of my favourite plants, and I'm going to try planting again this summer. I've killed a few on our old balcony, but I think the new place is more protected from wind and sun. So maybe they'll survive this time

Later on our tour through the city we just "happened" to visit a jewellery workshop - a true gem :-)

Jack Sparrow would just love an earring from Lene Vibe!

Lene Vibe's pieces can be bought from a couple of shops in the US - but you'll have to see her website about that.

As we were admiring and trying on a few things we were offered a glass of port, in beautiful vintage glasses - and I had to take pictures to prove it!

Just the place to get the creative juices flowing

My favourite was a two strand necklace of Tahitian pearls, worn on my shoulders and joined on the front and the back with a gold ring and a large drop shaped pearl

It's going to take time to save up for this one!

Luckily my own ring (from another jeweller) was ready to pick up. That was the proper consolation for having to leave this incredible necklace

My hands are actually blue from Danish winter weather!

I have been collecting stones for this ring for a couple of years, when I visit the annual jewellery fair in Copenhagen.

The largest stone is a Gold Rutilated quartz, the orange one is a Cognac Citrine and the smallest one is an Ethiopian Opal, surrounded by gold dots made from and old ring I inherited from my Grandmother, who passed away recently.

As you can see I have extremely large hands with short thick fingers. With the large stone placed this way, it gives the impression of slightly longer fingers. A great trick from my jeweller Trine Starup

On Saturday we had this serious dinner party - with the "Gourmet Club", in the evening. But first we went for a birthday lunch with my cousin and her husband. I didn't have time for pictures of my lunch outfit, but I managed to get a quick one of the evenings outfit.

Apart from my new ring I built an outfit around the usual recipe these days: Dress and jeggings. This time in winter white:

Yet another CC dress, pearls and the RING

The shoes are soft suede ballet flats from British Clarks bought on a trip to London in June 2014.

I'm always very careful about how I wear pearls. They seem to age me very easily. But with the jeggings the whole outfit is dressed down which tones down the ageing effect.

The shoes were a bit of a life saver with all the running around that a gourmet dinner demands!

This week is going to be quite busy as well with lots of meetings and job hunting. I hope I'll find time (and light!) for more photos of each outfit, some close ups too, maybe? Anyway, the Scandinavian winter is upon us with snow and freezing cold wind, so I'll be demonstrating my layering skills.

Stay warm everybody and have a great week!


  1. Hello again! I've just seen your comment over at Melanie's blog, I hadn't realised you had started blogging again this year. Welcome back! And back with a great dress, a gorgeous ring, and a new qualification - many congratulations! xxx

  2. Thank You very much Curtise! Yes, I have discreetly entered the blogging world again :-) It's great to be back, and not just concentrate on home work and work at home!

  3. Velkommen tilbage. Det er dejligt at se dig igen. Jeg har tit tænkt på, hvad der var blevet at dig. Og jeg troede, at du havde droppet helt at blogge. Men du er tilbage i fantastisk stil og med fart på. Tillykke med alt det nye. Det lyder så spændende. Tak for din kommentar på min blog. Glæder mig til at se mere fra dig. Endnu engang velkommen.

  4. Congratulations on your milestone! And your ring is simply gorgeous. Love the winter whites look too. xo

  5. Dear Tine,
    I am glad you are back again, and so stylish and vibrant! You look fabulous!
    Congratulations to your graduation and good luck in job hunting.
    I am a little bit a lazy blogger at present. But I will stop in from time to time to see you lovely lady.
    Sabine xxx
    Btw the ring is gorgeous!

  6. Cool harness necklace. It does look expensive.
    One of my favorite stones is rutilated quartz. I could stare at it for hours. Your ring looks very unique, love it!

  7. Congratulations on your graduation!! There are so many good things ahead, I can feel it. Good luck job hunting, but I'm sure your fantastic style will get you lots of points. How lovely to share an unexpected glass of port while admiring jewellery. Your new job will help you buy those amazing pearls.