Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My attempt at a masculine outfit with a full bodied figure

Since Patti at Not Dead Yet Style recommended the book "Parisian Style" by Ines de la Fressange, I've been fascinated by the masculine/feminine outfits. It can look so elegant.

With my somewhat Barbapapa-like body shape, it's a bit of a challenge not to loose all my curves in boxy clothes.

Here's how it turned out:

In all natural daylight - unusual in the dark Danish winter!

The masculine parts are the trousers and the shoes. The jacket is fitted and in velvet, so it's not that masculine. But that's how it has to be with a voluptuous body.

Although the trousers are a drapey jersey, the pinstripe pattern add a certain masculine feeling.

Under the (vintage) jacket I'm wearing a ruched, gray, sleeveless top, that help disguise my stomach
The shoes are from Irregular Choice.

Irregular Choice black leather shoes

Around the neck I added my favourite necklace these days, from Monies:

Made of darkened brass and Chrysocolla, by Monies

I'm quite pleased with the result - and plan to wear it in spring. It' still too cold to leave the house in a jacket like this so I changed into a nice warm knit:

Same trousers and necklace, old knit and bag

The sweater has a great shape for me. The v-neck takes focus away from my double chin, and show off my waistline. It's a viscose blend which is perfect for me since I can't wear any type or amount of wool.

I use this bag a lot, it's roomy, it's thick leather and it's gold!

The bag is by a Danish brand, Merete Fonnesberg, and bought second hand. As gold goes with everything - I use it whenever I don't have to drag my laptop along!

A closer look

The rings are the same old rings I've worn for years! Although I don't particularly like the sight of my behind, I'm just quickly going to show you how it looked:

Odd bumps are appearing with age - not fair!

As you can see I'm suffering from a severe case of bibliophilia, so not only did I order the Parisian Chic book (which I haven't received yet, but sneak peeked in on, that Patti recommended. I also got Style Clinic by Paula Reed and The Style Mentors by Elyssa Dimant.

Style Clinic and Parisian Chic are both about classic style dressing and creating a capsule that forms a basis for your wardrobe in a reasonably economical way. I have high expectations from Parisian Chic. The little I've seen has already had an impact on me. I've totally underestimated these masculine elements in feminine dressing. At job interviews I have to make an impression. And it has to be powerful too, which is easier with a bit of masculinity.

The Style Mentors is a bit like Trinny and Susannah's Who Do You Want To Be Today? T&S work with 12 different types and Elyssa Dimant have 8. There is some similarity between the types they describe. Besides that Dimant includes a lot of fashion theory that I really like.

Now some people might think that I'm well off, buying all these books. But I'm not. I buy used, and one of them (don't remember which) only cost 0,10 £! The rest was a few pounds more but still VERY cheap indeed.

Now last week I had a few meetings - and here's how I dressed:

Wednesday evening meeting on the Marketing committee

The colours are awful, but I was in a rush so a quick shot in the hallway with my mobile was all I had time for. The dress is an old CC, the cardigan is another old thing - silk knit from H&M. The boots are from last year, and fur lined! The warmest and most comfortable boots I've ever owned.

Thursday evening meeting with the Structural Committee

The trousers are the same striped pair as above, the black bracelet is made of horn and bought in Barcelona this summer. The brass one is old, and the cream one is Kenneth Jay Lane. It's the largest size I could find, and I need baby oil on my hand to get it on/off!

The work on these committees is part of the democratic process where I live, and it's voluntary. It gives me great pleasure though, to be able to help improve living conditions for my neighbors.

Now, I was going to write all this yesterday. At the same time I was going to prepare dinner (multi tasking...). But I cut my ring finger on my right hand - the tip, while I was chopping onion!!! As soon as I could I rushed to the sink to put it under cold water. Stressful as I were I opened the hot water tap! I jumped up and down, screaming with pain. And no one else was home to hear it, which only made it worse! I felt really sorry for myself, so no writing last night.

Let this story be a warning - keep cooking out of blogging!

Finally I'm linking up with Patti, that inspires me so, for Visible Monday on her Not Dead Yet Style blog. Feel free to check it out, or better yet: Join!

Love to you all from Kaffesoester


  1. I think you have applied the concept of masculine and feminine in a most beautiful way! And, you have given me two more books I must order and read. Thanks so much for sharing your great look with Visible Monday, XO.

  2. Isnt it great to experiment with clothes? ;) I must admit Ive never heard of those books but then again Im not particularly interested in masculine dressing, on the contrary. ;) Im sorry to hear you cant wear anything wooly, its what gets me through the scandinavian winter. I swear by my underwear in wool, keeps me warm from the inside out. If Im terribly cold I have to dig out my heavy wool sweaters. :) Im so sorry you cut your finger, hope it doesnt hurt anymore. I will keep in mind not to cook while blogging. ;)

  3. I think you've taken elements of masculine tailoring and applied them really well to your shape. I know what you mean, if you have boobs and hips, the whole long'n'lean Marlene Dietrich vibe is kind of hard to achieve! It's not a look I aim for, for that very reason, but I like a nipped-in jacket and occasionally wear drapey wide-legged trousers. That's as far as I can go!
    Love that green velvet jacket, and there's nothing wrong with your bum at all! xxx

  4. I'm so happy to see you after such a long time! I've had a lot going on and haven't been blogging or following blogs nearly as much over the last year, but hopefully things will settle down a bit. I enjoyed your post! I love the colors and textures, and your joy in putting yourself together. :-)

    One book you might like as well is I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks. It's been out for awhile so I suspect you can get an inexpensive copy.

    Sending love,


  5. Hahaha… keep cooking out of your blogging. You have not lost your sense of humor! I think you did great with the masculine/feminine style. I have a very different body type after giving birth, so I would probably need some of those books too.