Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Pink stars with purple dress

It's been a fortnight again - how did that happen?

Did I enjoy myself?
Yes, for the most part

Did I have time to relax?
No, not at all!

Will things be different in the future?
Probably not.

My home is a noisy, messy, disorganised place, filled with unexpected guests. Every day I try to follow my agenda, and every day I have undone chores. Instead I have some great laughs - and I do get my (paid) work done. Dressing up in this environment can be a challenge though.

This Friday my husband and I went out to dinner at our best friends. We dressed up, since they really appreciate that

See this dress in an old post here

I do love this print, quite abstract and in lovely colours - purplish grey, aubergine and pearl white.

As always with a flower print I feel aged by it, so I take care to mix it with something unexpected - like these shoes.

Bed of Roses by Irregular Choice

Magically I discovered that these never worn shoes were not at all too high or uncomfortable to wear.

I do love these mad heels

So, I have had them stashed out of site for years - and now I have a pair of totally cool, new shoes, for free! Just how crazy is that? No answer needed :-)

They're by Irregular Choice from the Bed of Roses collection, dating back to November 2012.

The upper is suede, and inside they're stuffed with soft cushions to walk on, covered in rose-printed cotton... They really are the stars of this outfit!

I really walk on roses in these shoes!

The heels are 2,5" so they're certainly not too high. I really don't know what I was thinking when I put them away!

With my terrible feet I don't have many shoes, so this is quite a miracle in my world: Undiscovered, comfortable, cute shoes that will go with a lot outfits. It was a great Friday!

In my previous post I was bothered by my waistline. But who notices that now? Here's how I looked from behind:

I only see the shoes!

These shoes (and I) will be part of Patti's Visible Monday on the Not Dead Yet Style blog because that's where these little pink stars belong :-)

Hopefully my work load will ease up a bit once I've got a routine going - I so miss seeing you all!

Have a great time where ever you are, what ever you're doing!

Love Kaffesoester


  1. Those shoes are fantastic! The whole look is lovely and perfect for a dressed-up dinner. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  2. That is a really good idea to pair an "aging dress" with some upbeat shoes. Though I don't see the dress pattern as aging at all, the shoes really do add the wow!

  3. I love a floral print, I don't find them ageing, but those shoes are definitely just right for adding some extra pzazz to any outfit! Such a fantastic colour. xxx

  4. Nothing beats going out for dinner with friends when you're wearing something fabulous, like this dress. And your shoes! How wonderful that you rediscovered these treasures, right down to the soles.

  5. I have to say, I really love your choice of clothes! And your shoes are great - I wish I could go on a shopping excursion in Denmark just to shadow your purchases. However, I feel like I won't be making it there any time soon. :-(

  6. Patti: Thank You - it's a joy to be part of your special parties!

    Joni: Thank You, and the best part is, that the shoes are really comfortable too!

    Curtise: Thank You! I just find flower pattern very difficult to wear. It always looks great on others. But Yes, the shoes twist the whole look into something beyond age - I've already worn them again!

    Melanie: Thank You, and believe me, this is not the first treasure in my home, both hidden and uncovered by myself!

    Stacey: Thank you very much! No need to go to Denmark - I bought all pieces online from UK shops, as I almost always do. Many larger provincial cities in the UK have more inhabitants than the total number of Danes. With fewer customers you get less variety in the shops, and also fewer shop :-( I can only recommend going to London - I do as often as I can :-)

  7. Thank you so much for your comment Kaffesoester. It means the world to me that you haven´t forgotten about me.
    I love, love your shoes and I do hope you can also join Share-in-Style every other Monday. This Monday 30s I count on you.

  8. Wooooaaah, those pink beauties on your feet are to die for!! :) They certainly make your outfit pop! :) heh Im with you Tine when it comes to shopping in online UK stores, the clothes on offer in Scandinavia are pretty dull. ;) oh you have no idea how much Im looking forward to travelling to Copenhagen!!! Cant wait and I get too meet you as well , added bonus!! :) Only 3 weeks left. ;)

  9. Sacramento: You bring tears to my eyes, I could never forget about you! Time and time again you've inspired me to go for the bolder and brighter outfits, to find less ordinary jewellery and just play with my look! I do what I can to be part of your Share-in-Style :-)

    Monica: Thank you so much! Hopefully you will not be disappointed with Copenhagen's shops. I do find them boring - but I see them every day so... I'm working on a list of more clothes shops, giving you a chance to look them up on the internet and prioritise. I'm crossing my fingers for some lovely, warm spring weather!!!

  10. I wish I have such undiscovered treasures in my closet! These shoes are amazing. Not only that they are of an eye catching color, they additionally have suvh a lovely bottom side. And your dress is beautiful as well. I love floral prints.
    Sabine xxx

  11. I have found some clothing gems in Copenhagen Tine so all is not lost. ;) You have for instance White Stuff, UK brand ( of course!) and some danish independent designers like Mania Copenhagen located at Vesterbro and One Off at Studiestræde, both making quirky retro style dresses. :)

  12. Well, maybe you know Edith & Ella? They have an online shop, and although they're not the cheapest, their sales prices very low!

  13. Love those shoes and tights. You look amazing!