Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Easy come, easy go

In a resent post I complained about my waistline.

Today those two inches have gone - celebration?

No! Since Wednesday last week I've been sick from a bad burger. Not the ideal way to loose weight. There's still a few annoying side effects to battle, but in general I'm fine again. Except for the missing appetite. Luckily I'm well padded...

Today's pictures are from last week and last month. It turned out that I missed a planned posting. So, here are the photos

Extremely comfortable outfit

Not so long ago I bought the book Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange. That's where I got the idea to match pearls with a t-shirt. As it's still winter up here in Scandinavia I added a denim shirt on top.

Sadly my 15-year old daughter thought I was trying too hard to look young. Well, I just think I'm expressing on the outside what's on the inside :-D

I wore the outfit at a meeting in late February

A few days later I attended yet another meeting, in a slightly more colourful outfit...

Phase Eight dress, Clarks ballet flats all summer 2014

This dress has been quite a favourite of mine. The colours are right up my alley, the drape is very flattering on my figure, and the quality is a light viscose that allows breathing even with a hot flush.

A longer line cardigan would have been better!

So, the wonder is on the other side! It's by UK brand Phase Eight, now a regular name on my bank statements.

The usual big bangles and a silk scarf by Gudrun Sjöden

Just a bit gold in the accessories are perfect, warming the cooler colours up. The dress also appears in an outfit from last summer, in this year's very first post

Last week, on the day that I had the Bad Burger, I went to a business meeting in the morning. Those pink suede shoes from the previous post demanded to be taken out for walk!

Old dress from CC, hardly ever seen on the blog

This dress has been in my wardrobe for years. I've worn it once or twice. It's proven harder than I imagined to style.

Again, my pink shoe-stars are the perfect companion to a difficult dress

I love seeing the heels from behind

This just proves that investing in a great pair of shoes is one of the wisest investments a girl can make. I think maybe even better than diamonds? Well, maybe not!

Sorry about the name tag, I was still tired!

In the next few days Denmark has been promised snow, frost and dark clouds. Sad, when all I want to do is start digging in my garden. Like every year I've already sown the majority of my seeds so I NEED good weather NOW!

Please Sunshine, come back to Denmark, and bring your  friend Warmth!

Have a lovely Easter everyone!



  1. Those shoes are stars, for sure! So sorry you were sick - I've had food poisoning and I think i prayed for death (at the moment). Hope you're 100% better soon. xo

  2. Thank you very much Patti! I thought I was going to die when I chewed on that foreign bit! I haven't touched meat since :-(

  3. Oh Im so sorry to learn of your illness, Im not familiar with food poisoning but Ive had my fair share of stomach bugs and its just awful!! I imagine food poisoning is even worse so poor you. I hope you are on the mend and hopefully wont stay off meat forever. Love the phase eight dress on you, it really show off those beautiful curves of yours. :) Wish you and your family a lovely easter!! And NO we certainly wont have any snow this late, its freezing cold in Norway as well and snow is lurking around the corner. Its still bare where I reside, hopefully it will stay like this. And please please turn up the heat in two weeks time when we are headed for Copenhagen, would love to revisit Copenhagen in sun! :)

  4. Thank you very much Monica! I'm on medication but not all fine yet. However, we've been promised sun in the next few days - and below freezing during the nights. Great for walking in the city, bad for planting. Still, what's most important? Shopping!!! :-)

    Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend who's really into Danish Designers, and I'll get a good update on reasonable priced, highly talented Danish designers that will supply you with heirloom gems to wear!

    A great Eater holiday to you too Monica!

  5. Oh no, food poisoning is the worst! Hope you feel better now.
    On the plus side, that Phase Eight dress is beautiful, and I LOVE the pink shoes! xxx

  6. Sorry to here of your illness due to a bad burger!! I too hope you feel 100% soon. Sunshine will be a huge boost. I love your denim outfit, by the way. Too young? Never!!

  7. Thank you Curtise, yes I'm getting better although there's still a few side effects.

  8. Thank you so much Melanie! My next denim outfit will be inspired by yours: Top to toe!