Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The depressing waistline

Menopause has struck! One annoying problem after another has been pestering my life. So, I gave up my reservations about hormones and went to the doctor to have my pills!

First it took forever to feel any effect. Then it only took ONE week to add FIVE centimeters to my waistline. For the last two weeks I have been fighting the centimeters with water and vegetables - which is against my nature!

To disguise my big belly I was forced to invest in a gorgeous but pricey new top:

Top from the Italian brand Persona

However, not all things have been bad - I have been contacted by people who want to buy my services as a freelance writer, in marketing. In connection to that I had a few business meetings. And what better excuse for a new top?

Here is a close up of the jewellery and the fabric, which is a lovely heavy viscose

Long necklace from Monies in horn, leather and brass

Today I also remembered to turn my back on you:

Backside of new Persona top

It felt lovely to be invited to business meetings, discussing cases and my PRICE! As a student this is an unfamiliar topic - but not unwelcome!

Last week I went to another meeting. Inspired by my newly purchased book Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange (recommended by Patti at the Not Dead Yet Style blog), I wore a navy dress with my vintage leather coat

Navy, royal blue and orange = Classic?

I don't think the book mentioned this exact colour combination, but it worked for me. When summer finally finds Denmark I'm going to wear the dress with my white skinny jeans and tan leather sandals.  

If you don't recognise the dress, here's a photo without the coat but with my blue leather bag by Danish Adax:

The royal blue bag is great with navy

Armed with my new hormone pills I hope to get more energy for blogging (and dressing!) as well as following all you inspirational bloggers. With other professional events coming up I'm going to need inspiration and tips for dressing this impossible body in a creatively business appropriate way - quite a challenge, right?

Lots of love to all of you!

Vintage leather coat, blue Adax bag, OLD silk scarf + bangles


  1. You look terrific (I can't see any weight shift) and congrats on the work offers! Glad you liked Ines' book, and I think navy is always good. xox

  2. Love that new top, worth every penny! I too struggle with the waistline since menopause. I fight it with a giant exercise ball and try to make myself do some exercises before I let myself watch my t.v. show at night. NOt sure if it's working but it makes me feel a little stronger at least.

  3. Great news about the work opportunities, and you look suitably professional yet creative in your wardrobe choices! Love the colour and shape of the new top, and your fantastic jewellery. xxx

  4. Patti, thank you so much - the reason you don't see the added weight is the brilliant cut of the top :-)

    Joni, exercise is another secret weapon that I'm going to include. I will do Pilates, which always does wonders for my back too, when I've been sitting down for too long (with my Mac!)

    Curtise, thank you very much! I may soon be able to get my hands on one or two more necklaces from Monies, since they have a sale in late May. So, no more tops for now, I'm saving up!

  5. Good investment! Your new top looks great.
    Menopause is not funny sometimes, but it has it's special features. It changes not only my figure but also my mind. I don't want to be anybodies darling any longer. To fight the demons I started with Pilates again and I try to eat less in the evening - sometime it works.
    I am glad to hear about your professional success.
    Sabine xxx

  6. Im so happy to hear your business is blooming! :) Ive heard a lot of the menopause issues, most of my female coworkers are complaining about feeling hot and flustered while Im freezing my ass off. ;) I hope you will take charge of the hot flashes. :) love the colour on your top, perfect tone for you. :)

  7. You look amazing, but if you are seeing that much size difference that fast, you should monitor it closely. I am finally through menopause, and I did gain weight, but slowly over time. And, I can't blame all of it on hormones. The hot flashes were bad, but I gutted it out without hormone replacement. It took eight years, and I do still have to occasional hot flash. But, I am so glad it is mostly over. I never educated myself about it, because I was 36 when it started in full swing. Being so young, I really just didn't want to commit to dealing with it. One of the things that has kept me from getting absolutely huge is having a Vitamix. I am an American size 18 and tall, so I can still be stylish. I choose styles very similar to what you are doing. Bravo. Your looks are awesome. Hang in there. Menopause doesn't have to be terrible. I feel like I really have come into my own, and six months ago, finally stopped coloring my hair and accepted my full head of grey. I love your blog.

  8. Sabine, Thank you so much - I do feel less concerned about pleasing everybody as well. So funny that it takes so many years to reach that stage :-)

    Monica, Thank You! Yes, the hot flushes aren't a joke. I woke up every two hours all night until I got my pills.

    The two of us are going to meet soon :-D

    I hope to be able to give some more info later this week. I can't wait!

    Dawn, Thank You - you're so sweet! I am watching my waistline, and fighting to keep the inches off. But it's hard with my irregular lifestyle. Luckily there're top like this new one!