Thursday, 30 June 2011

Red and pink H&M dress

A long time ago I bought this wild skirt, and it's been used over and over. I love the colours. Originally I bought a pink and red striped cardigan from the same brand to go with it.

I wore the cardigan out long before the skirt since the material wasn't as durable. Now my beloved skirt is showing signs of wear and tear. It needs to be replaced somehow. During my research I have come across this picture:

And later this beautiful Yves Saint Laurent vintage dress, way out of my price range, and size too!

Finally, a few days ago Kendi from Kendi Everyday did an outfit in the same colours, called Loud and Clear. Hers were two pieces, t-shirt and skirt. I haven't been able to find a red skirt in my size anywhere, so I have thought of a dress from H&M:

Now, I don't look anything like that model!!! But I'm going to give it shot anyway. Only problem is what to style it with. I guess that will be something for you to look forward to, and any suggestions are more than welcome!

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