Monday, 15 August 2011

Red suede shoes by Irregular Choice for Bed of Roses

Hurrah! I got my new red shoes today. In spring I ordered another pair of red shoes that turned out to be too small. I'm selling them as soon as possible. Instead I ordered these:

It has taken forever to get them over from UK, but finally they're here. I know they will look great with my blue patterned trousers, the black and white patterned ones and my pencil skirts. So still down with a very bad back, and in pain!!! a new pair of shoes does help. If someone has other remedies they would like to recommend please feel free (maybe a new handbag ?). Hope to be on my feet (and properly dressed) by the end of the week. I have a single photo from this Friday where I had to take my daughter to Copenhagen for some hours. My back was killing me so I didn't have patience for more than the one photo.

This is all for now. Had I felt any better this would have been my weekly Dress Your Best day. Today I would have focused on my legs and I would have been in my new red shoes!

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