Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer holiday and fashion journalists

First of all I apologize for the yellow colour below!. The spell check has somehow caused it and I can't fix it at the moment. Sorry!

It has been a month since my last post, and what a month! On the 12th. of July the whole family went on vacation, and on the very first day I messed up my back, completely. I'm in treatment but cannot walk properly yet. And the pain! On top of that we were camping, in a rather old tent, and the weather was cold, wet and windy.... I have ONE photo from our holiday, where I manage to stand up, almost on my own.

Only one holiday has been worse than this, when our daughter ended up being hospitalized for 5 days during Easter in Australia in 2003. End of holiday talk!

On fashion journalists in Denmark:

For years it has been my opinion that our fashion journalists are absolutely worthless. This Saturday a group of experts (scientists from university) finally expressed the very same views on national TV!

In this country there is NEVER anything negative written about clothes, beauty products or accessories. All fashion journalists are so afraid of upsetting designers, brands and others that may or are placing advertisments with their magazine. So, without paying a thing the fashion industry gets free advertizing. As we all know a lot of the beauty products contain problematic ingredients. The clothes are often produced under very sad conditions. As for accessories it's only a couple of weeks ago that one of the major Danish brands had to call back several leather items, bags and belts, because they contained prohibited chemicals known to cause cancer. Not a word was written about it in the fashion magazines.

Faced with the critique the answar from the journalists was that it's not their responsibility to be critical. Their mission is only to make the reader feel good, and that their readers don't like to have "bad news" mixed with all the pretty pictures.  How good do you feel in clothes that are giving you allergic reactions, knowing that you could have been warned? Will you ever trust the reviews on baeuty products again when you've spent a fortune on something supposed to reduce your acne problems only to see it worsened. Especially since it's far from the first time. I don't believe a word they are writing anymore.

These days fashion journalisme is all about pretty pictures - nothing else. During the financial recession several of our local brands have been in trouble, and some have actually gone bankrupt. If you want to read about it you have to turn to "real" journalists. No wonder the fashion journalists are being ridiculed by their more serious colleagues.

Only on very rare occasions do I buy a fashion magazine these days. After discovering the world of bloggers I can find all sorts of inspiring pictures here. I can also find reviews on products both on blogs and else where on the internet. This is a direct result of the way fashion journalists are seing me - their reader - as an airhead! In the end they are writing their own resignation by maintaining these low standards. I'm not the only one to prefer the internet, and a lot more will follow I'm sure. It's a shame because I really enjoy the feeling of the paper between my fingers. I enjoy the glossy pictures and I love the sound of pages being turned. I even like the smell of the printing chemicals! That will all be lost because modern women don't like to be looked upon as brainless Barbiedolls (no offence Barbie).

So please give us something to READ as well as lots of pretty pictures!

How is it in your country? Is it just a Danish problem or is it more widespread? Is it really true that women can't handle "bad news" in fashion magazines like the journalists claim? I don't think so. I'm sure that



  1. Welcome back Tine! You have been missed!!!! I am sad to hear about your back. Get well soon!

    I think we have the same kind of journalists in Sweden, but it is rarely discussed if ever...

    LOL your Swedish Sister

  2. Thank you very much Anna. For some reason blogger wouldn't allow me to make a reply the other night. Anyway, I can see that your are going to be busy in the future, looking forward to hear and see all about it.

    Bedste hilsner Tine