Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Starting school again

After a hectic start I have a couple of very early morning shots, of a rather poor quality. Dressing for the first day was stressful. On a first day it's important to make a good impression, but it's equally important to show personality. Furthermore I like to look as slim as possible, and younger too!

At the same time there's the rotten Scandinavian summer to consider. It's cold, windy and above all WET! So, I'm wearing my hiking boots and navy trousers (with the lovely paisley pattern). Since the calender says August I put on a bright pink t-shirt and my coral necklace, and a khaki jacket that could be removed should the classroom prove too warm (it didn't). A long time ago I participated in the Dress your best challenge, and decided to declare every Monday a Dress your best day. This Monday I thought I'd focus on my smile by putting on my favorite lipstick since that is the best ice breaker when meeting people for the first time.

Today's outfit was very neutral, not so common for me anymore. But I had made myself a new necklace, and wanted a backdrop for it that allowed it to shine.

The necklace is made of Labradorite, Carnelean and Pyrite.

With my back causing a lot of pain and feet still partly numbed it has been a tough beginning. Hopefully it won't be long before I'm fully recovered (I  have been promissed so). I need to focus on my studies. That will probably bring some changes to my blog as web design is a large part of the curriculum. Yoou just wait and see!

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