Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Soft summer colours

Like so many others I have been wondering for a long time what season I am. I don't know anyone around here that performs colour analysis so I have bought a couple of books and follow some blogs on the subject. Today I have finally decided that I'm a Soft Summer.

I have done the lipstick test, based on the recommandations by Truth-is-beauty.com and finally determined that I'm not a cool summer, but a soft one. And I should wear grey often. Today I'm wearing my best grey. And one of the lipsticks I tried on. None of the blogs or books have mentioned fur and it's a bit early in the season, especially since this autumn has been exceptionally warm and dry. But I liked the colour combination - very soft summer as I understand.

Will this change my shopping habits? Not untill I have a budget like Sarah Jessica Parker's who is another soft summer girl!


  1. I recently figured out what color i should be wearing and I have to say it does make a difference. The gray does look good on you and I am happy you are still wearing the jeans!

  2. Thanks Barbara, those jeans are just so damn easy to wear with everything. But being a colour addict I would love to have them in all colours! I saw your wardrobe capsule post, it looked very professional. Well Done!

  3. Hej Kaffesyster!

    I thought I would send you and invitation to pinterest (it is really fun) but could not find an e-mail address to you. Let me know if you are interested.
    Happy Friday in about 5 minutes!

  4. I think the color looks great on you and will look forward to seeing you in more of the Soft Summer options -- it's a beautiful palette.