Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Travelling outfit and my new shirt

Finally I have a photo to show from our fall vacation, from the airport. My daughter took it - my husbands photos are not ready yet!!! Taking the advice from Four Seasons One Wardrobe I decided to travel in a dress. This dress has been a bit too tight for me, but now I think it fits rather well. It's a cheap Missoni knock-off, but I love the colours. And it was very comfortable to travel in!

As mentioned in the header I've got a new shirt.  Unfortunately I had problems with the ISO settings on the camera so my photos are all grainy, Sorry! But the colour shows all right and I'm very happy with it. For the first time I've managed to find a beige that doesn't make me look sick.

Next time I would like to pair it with a cardigan in dark chocolate and some strong pink accessory or nail polish. But since those items are not yet to be found in my wardrobe I had no choice but my dark plum very cropped cardigan and the green bracelets - see the close up:

Beige has never been a favorite colour of mine. But I've been searching for a top with a good fit and suited for going out. So although the colour ins't perfect at least it's fitted and can be combined with some great colours. Now I just need some invitations!


  1. I am glad you found my advice useful and the adorable dress really suits you! I hope you had a nice vaccation!

  2. Quite late to the party but I think this dress is super-flattering on you! I