Friday, 10 February 2012

The fat Adele and her number one fan...

During the last few days the story about Karl Lagerfeld's view on Adele's body has been in all the media. Being "too fat" myself I have to respond.

Some years ago I went to the doctor for an overall checkup and had various tests done. The conclusion was that I'm in excellent health (not counting the injury to my knee and my feet). I asked the doctor how I could be healthy since I'm overweight. The answer was that I'm not obese and we're not all built to be stick thin. So Yes, it is possible to be perfectly healthy and "fat"!

I think Adele looks very healthy - also in comparison to the much thinner Mr. Lagerfeld who claims to be her biggest fan.

It isn't the first time Mr. Lagerfeld has revealed his negative view on the female body, calling Heidi Klum fat too!!! I'm just wondering - when did he ever enjoy a woman's body? To me it seems that the more boyish the better is his preference?

Apparently there aren't enough underweight models with a masculine body so now we are seing male models showing women's clothes on the catwalk. I'm wondering if it will sell more clothes? And it is hard enough as it is finding well fitting clothes in my size without having to be ashamed of being born as a woman.

Enough words on that old scarecrow! During the week it has been very cold again. Luckily I didn't throw out my Svoboda jeans that are too big. Now I could wear them with thick tights underneath and keep (almost) warm. This is a piece of valuable advice for everyone living in cold climates: Keep a few pairs of trousers that are too big!

The neckline on the top has always been annoying since it is too wide and deep. It falls of my shoulders and shows my bra. Until last month when I got my hands on a packet of fashion tape. Below is a photo of the top without the tape.

Not even the brooch could fix the neckline. Only on delicate fabrics would I choose another solution than fashion tape. It was easy to apply and lasted the whole day.

My new dress with my old boots and my black coat. I'm not a fan of black so I'm looking for a new coat. Maybe the next one should be shorter?

 Yesterday's outfit, like all the others, is displaying my most feminine feature - my tits - because I'm proud of them. There is no way Mr. Lagerfeld or any other fashion designer is going to make me ashamed of being a woman!


  1. Well said Tine! I admire that you are able to say important things and be funny at the same time! I also must say that I have loved all the new pieces you have bought and showed on the blog in the last posts. Are you satisfied with the HM bangles, I have been thinking about buying them (if there are any left!!!). Your new profile picture with the tights and shoes is also just adorable and have to admit that I am jealous of your shoe collection! By the way, I did see that Dorothy Perkins features jeggins right now if you are interested, but no mustard ones though! Happy Friday!

  2. I meant bracelets and not bangles... it is Friday!

  3. Tank you Anna, yes it's Friday, and thank God for that! I was hoping to speak my mind on a serious topic with a laugh at the same time. My green jeggings are from Dorothy Perkins and I like them a lot, and was just going to get the mustard-brownish ones as they sold out. I'm considering the pink ones but I'm not so sure about the colour. The H&M bangles are fine at the price. They are probably not that durable, but very cute. They come in all colours and I plan to mix them with my other bangles. Beware that some colours are with gold lining and some with silver! About the shoes: They are so comfortable and very reasonably priced, especially at the outlet. I can only recommend them. Besides, it's about the only brand that I can get me feet into! Have a nice Weekend.

  4. How odd people can focus on someone's looks yet not see the talent they posses. But speaking of looks....that coat is marvelous! I love the longer coats because it keeps my legs warm when I wear dresses. I also like the clean look they provide.

  5. Thanks Barbara. You are right about the lenght. It's not a bad coat, but the waist is actually way too low on the coat, or me waist is too high for the coat... And I'm tired of all the black. How nice that Adele had such success, there is still a bit of justice in the universe.