Wednesday, 22 February 2012

In addition to the pink and red capsule

YES, my new coat arrived today. I had completely forgotten about it, but on my way out the door this morning I met the postman, with this (forget the model!):

And here is me wearing it:

It was a very dark afternoon so the colours are not good. The professional photo above shows the colour exactly as it is.I think this will prove at very valuable addition to my red and pink capsule, which I have a picture of here:

Underneath the lovely coat I looked like this, as I also did two weeks ago:

Trying to make some significant difference I added a yellow bangle:

Yesterday was such a bright and sunny day so I decided to wear something with a bit of colour:

And the bangles of the day:

Finally I have a photo that I found somewhere on the internet last summer. As soon as I saw it I wanted those nails! I have been hunting for that nailpolish for months. But now I know it's not polish but the wraps that I mentioned in my last post. Don't you just love it?


  1. That coast looks so good on you. Love the scarf with it. Actually I love both scarves. I need to wear them more often. Do you think scarves are ok to wear in warmer climates? I always confuse myself on that. Your nails look great!

  2. Congratulations to you new coat - it is adorable! The nails are fantastic too!

  3. Thank you so much again to the both of you. During summer I often wear scarves, in a light fabric like silk or thin viscose.

    Sadly the nails on the photo aren't mine, it's what I'm aiming at with the newly bought wraps.

    I wore the coat again today since the weather was so lovely. Unfortunately I was in such a rush that I didn't have time for a photoshoot. I'll try to find time tomorrow.

  4. Thank you sooooooooooo much for having me in your blogroll, I am sooooooo honoured. I am following, and adding you to my blogroll too.
    I love that nail polish. If you find out how it is done, do let us knoe.
    have a grand weekend

  5. I would also be honoured to have you amongst my Google followers.

  6. Thank you very much Sacramento - I did sign up as a follower on your blog, but I made a mistake an used an old name (Tine Jensen). Now I have signed up as Kaffesoester. Having an extra follower ins't a problem, right? If my name stil doesn't appear anywhere it could be my Spanish that isn't good enough! Please let me know in that case and I'll try again.

    A great weekend to you too!