Thursday, 2 February 2012

how to wear a dress when it's freezing cold

So December was hard to get through. Sadly January was even worse - one close family member in hospital only just surviving - and my daughter down with pneumonia for almost two weeks. On top of that we are experiencing some very cold weather:  -12 degrees Celsius which is around 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Today is my second day back at school after my exam which I passed! Before leaving the house I added my skiing outfit, fur hat, scarf and gloves (not a pretty sight), all to be removed once at school.

I tried to do a close up of my necklace, but the lighting is all wrong so I had to take it of and place it on the table.

The stones are untreated in any way, just as they are found in nature. The cuffs are snakeskin. I have had it for a couple of years but haven't had much clothes to wear it with. Then a couple of weeks ago I found these jeggings that were cheap, are extremely comfortable and in just the right colour.

I tried ordering some lighter green ones from H&M but they were sold out (I ordered them the first day they were sold online - either they only had half a dozen in stock or they didn't have any at all and lied about it...). Anyway, the colour on these is much better.

At the same time I noticed that a lot of shops had a sale going on. The following items are now in my possession:

On top of this I'm looking forward to see this one in may mailbox:

I have to say that all of it was ridiciously cheap, less than a third of the original price. The only thing is that everything is bought from webshops abroad.

My country is so small that it's very hard to get clothes that aren't mainstream. Being a UK size 18 is not mainstream here! I find it frustrating as well as discriminating. There are a few shops that sell larger size clothes but everything is very boxy and tent-like. A few international chains are represented but only with a limited range. Being only just above 5 million inhabitants in the whole country I understand the problems for the shops. But that doesn't make it easier for me and others not of standard measures. Whenever I go shopping for clothes or shoes I always end up with yet another scarf!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the illnesses in your family. I hope all goes well. And I just heard today about the cold y'all are experiencing. I don't think I would survive that! But on a brighter note, your outfit is darling! I love those jeggings. I just discovered jeggings recently but I only found two colors, black and dark blue.

  2. Thanks Barbara! Today the weather is even worse - around 8 'F. As usual I'm thinking of emigrating, which is the only way to deal with weather like this. At least the sun is shining beautifully. About the leggings: I had to do a fair bit of research before I found these. I found them in a shop for teenagers, and quite uncommonly in my size too. They carry them in red, pink and purple as well. Next project will be finding coloured, plus size, opaque tights, in Europe! By the way, I was thinking, maybe you could just read a lot of blogs instead of watching TV for the next month or so..